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Video Game Fashions: Tales Series

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I am back! Sorry I have been super busy, but since I've played new games, I decided to go by series this time! So you may see outfits I have already shown, but I will try to talk more about outfits as a whole, rather than just specific elements.

This time we will be talking about the Tales series! Which is not only one of my favourites, but also has a lot of great looks.

Tales of Symphonia - Sheena

I like the soft colous and the giant pink ribbon. The footwear is also good. Never could decide what I think of her hair though

Tales of Legendia - Shirley

A cute ensemble with some pretty flowers in her hair. Added bonus of her getting an outfit change as well

Tales of Legendia - Grune

Pretty dress, pretty hair, overall very pretty look

Tales of Vesperia - Estelle

I love this dress and hairdo but it sadly doesn't last too long.

Her regular outfit is quite pretty as well, I love pink and she is full of it.

She also has some nice alt costumes as well:

Both quite different but very pretty in their own way. I love the bun in the second one.

Another one of my favourite alt costumes, I think it suits her well. It is a bit revealing but still very nice.

Tales of Vesperia - Judith

So many things I don't like individually but together it just works

Tales of Vespiria - Rita

I already talked about this one, but dese asymmetrical boots

Tales of Hearts - Kohaku

I like the whole outfit, including the foot ribbons~

Her swimsuit is also very pretty because ribbons~~

Tales of Graces - Cheria

Cheria is a mishmash of things that should not go together but they do. SO MANY COLOURS

Child Cheria and her adorable giant boots and hair braid

Cheria's Formal outfit tones down the colours but is still very pretty

Swimsuit is quite pretty as well

Tales of Garces - Pascal

I think this is her formal costume. It's quite adorable with the little jacket and everything

Tales of Graces - Sophie

An adorable kitty swimsuit. I love her hair and I was so happy to get this because her normal hair really really bugs me

I wish I could have gotten this DLC! CUTE PINK DRESSES

I don't much like Sophie's look but the other two are adorable

Tales of Xillia - Leia

It's a shame its hard to find an image with her boots too, but the girl on the left. She has cute pom poms on her boots

It's a really adorable outfit with cute accessories

Gotta be honest, I didn't enjoy her costume in 2 at all at first, but it grew on me a lot. It's one of those so wrong its right. The hat, which I used to hate, is now my favourite part of the outfit.

Tales of Xillia - Elize

Kind of a Victoria and gothic look for such a sweet young girl!

Tales of Zestiria - Lailah

And now on to the new game! Laihlah has an incredibly pretty dress and some very nice hair!

Tales of Zestiria - Rose

Rose has a cute outfit too and a cute hairdo. I like her little jacket with the pink frills!

Tales of Zestiria - Edna

Edna has like... the best outfit. Images do not do it justice

She has giant boots, ribbons on her legs, an adorable short skirt, cute hair, an umbrella with a cute creature hanging off of it, and two giant flower bulbs on top of TWO MORE RIBBONS


And that's it for the Tales series (for now) and hopefully I can post a new edition up soon
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  1. Rez09's Avatar
    I loooooooove Lailah's outfit -- it's such a gorgeous dress.