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G-senjou no Maou (The Devil on G-string) has been released on Steam!

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What the hell are you still reading this for!? Go buy it already!

Still unconvinced? It's a visual novel of moderate length with a thrilling story, a colorful cast and an absolutely incredible ending. It's the perfect starter VN, and still ranks as one of the overall best! And it's 30% off right now for launch week! What more do you need?

Just get it. It's good. It's in my absolute favorites, the few VNs I would put above any non-VN video game if I ever were to rank my favorite video games.

You even get a decision of voiced vs unvoiced with the unvoiced version only costing half as much as the voiced version. And you can upgrade from unvoiced to voiced if you got unvoiced and want voiced after all.