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CLANNAD Steam Release on November 23rd

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The CLANNAD Steam page has gone online and the release date has been revealed to be November 23rd!

This also means that the Kazamatsuri Bookclub will be starting on that very day. If you're interested in participating - which I wholeheartedly recommend doing - mark your calendars. The bookclub does encourage reading at your own pace, but it'd be nice if you could at least find the few hours a week to read the route we're currently focusing on.

It'd be hard to juggle university, CLANNAD and another VN on the side so don't expect many updates on my end at least until christmas break.


  1. Shauna's Avatar
    Geez, and with Higurashi Ch 2 coming out tomorrow... so many novels!

    I read Narcissu part 1 today. It was interesting!