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Video Game Fashions: Conception II

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So I have been playing a game called Conception II, and it's overall enjoyable although some aspects are about as creepy as it sounds. But basically you make "Star Children" by err.. "holding hands" and some of the children are absolutely adorable. It's kind of like job classes. So here are some cute outfits from the Star Children and some of the heroine's in general.

The archer has some pretty adorable clothes, although I might be biased because I love archers

The lady blacksmith is absolutely adorable and I'm sad that I only have one. I'm kind of afraid to use her because then she'll have to retire eventually ;__;

The lancer looks like they're in some adorable winter clothes. I especially like the pompoms on their hats

The magic knight has a pretty dress

The magicians with their cute hoods and big sleeves

The minstrel I have was a special, level 99 star child and I am glad because it's adorable watching her run around the dungeons. She has a pretty bow on her back too

The ether sniper and their cute hats and bows everywhere

As far as heroines go,

Despite the giant boobs, her outfit is really pretty and I think it suits her

And we all know I love asymmetrical fashions, and Torri definitely has this covered. HER HAIR EVEN

So those are my favourite Conception fashions! I'll probably be doing more job classes soon, like FFV or X-2!
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  1. Fynn's Avatar
    Those colors are not doing it for me ><
  2. Karifean's Avatar
    I like the last one best.

    you make "Star Children" by err.. "holding hands"
    How lewd.
  3. Fynn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Karifean
    I like the last one best.

    How lewd.
    You know, this is even funnier when the school my wife and I went to literally had a problem with us holding hands in the hallway.