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Anime Survey

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I made an anime survey to use for an anime feud game at an anime convention. I spread it around on some forums and it's got about a dozen serious responses. I say serious because I've had just as many people answer it that were clearly trolling. One person answered everything with Cory in the house (I know it's meme, but that is clearly not what I'm after). If anyone wants to give me some usable answers for this survey, you can take it here:


  1. Fynn's Avatar

    When you mentioned trolling, in my mind's eye I saw like 70 people replying that one shota anime everywhere, as people from 4chan are wont to do.
  2. Sarisa's Avatar
    Thanks. Though to be honest, I probably am going to get something like that at some point.
  3. Fox's Avatar
    Boku n- ah... you've already covered the 4ch trolling! I guess I'll do it seriously... >_<
  4. Vyk's Avatar
    Randomly came across this and decided to participate
  5. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
  6. Sarisa's Avatar
    Thanks guys.