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I hate the moneys

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Well. i have no idea what a blog is. but i asked so. idk.
anyway im just angry so move on you probably should.
I hate money. Well really its more that i hate not having monry.

so i got into college last year which is good, especially good college is free in Scotland. now it was going good. you get paid every few weeks for going, thats cool. so it costs me 13 a week to go there. 3 extra for lunch ( if im hungry ill probably fail at focusing.). i get 40 in every 2 weeks so it sounds to be ok. well no. because of my stupid mum and sister who like to buy stuff they cannot afford, im left to use my money to feed 5 of us. they use their money every week paying debts they shouldnt have. around christmas time i stopped getting money because i never went to college because im paying for food. now im screwed in both regards now. we barely get food a week and i cant get to college. So basically i see my life screwed now. im done. so smurfing stupid i am.
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  1. Psychotic's Avatar
    Advise them to seek debt advice from either Citizens Advice Scotland or StepChange Scotland.
  2. Galuf's Avatar
    I'll give it a shot but i dont know if theyll listen. never did with the kittens.