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An interesting turn of events

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I find myself in the midst of a group hellbent on taking over this world of "Ai-zon" that I have ventured into. For some reason, this turn of events came as a surprise to me, as I've never seen this timeline before. Mayhap this self-proclaimed "Time-witch" truly is behind it all. I'm curious as to how this mechanism works.

While I had no interest in this world at the start of all this, I seem to have been allied with some very interesting people. This strange armored man strikes me as someone particularly interesting, as I sense some kind of raw, negative energy oozing from him. He keeps talking about some "power of the Void" - maybe he can teach me to harness it as well? I still need time to see who out of all these I can consider a true ally, and who will choose to betray me...

The Witch plays a curious game. Apparently, an opposing group was also brought here to wage battle with us. I know no one of the other group yet, but I expect our paths will cross soon. And I believe I sense a familiar presence among them... The stench of the Goddess of Death...
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