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Being a hero's pretty swell!

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"Hi there~! Oh don't mind me. I heard a witch has come up with a new idea for an interesting gameboard, so I just ha~d to come check it out. ☆And to help her with her game, I hijacked this random human's blog to allow one of the pieces of the game to have it's say☆. Have fun with the rest of the game, everybody~!"

What do I feel about being a hero? I remember asking many a great hero that question back in my days as a journalist. I'd never have guessed back then that I'd find myself on the other end someday!

Gotta say, it's pretty great being a hero. You get to make friends with a lot of cool guys, and it's nice having people be all thankful towards you. Back in the army, that rarely happened. We just went into combat not knowing what was going to happen to us. But now, having such reliable buddies makes me confident we're always gonna make it!

Though if there's one thing that bothers me sometimes... I don't really like the way the people put us on a pedestal. I mean, I'm just another guy, you know? Sure I'm out there fighting evil, but that doesn't make me some kind of divine person to look up to. If things had gone differently it'd be someone else doing this in my place. So while I'm glad people thank us for what we're doing, we're just guys doing this for our own reasons. Nothing special.

Well that's it for me. Cheers everybody and look forward to the next issue of Timber Maniacs where Kiros promised to model for the newest Winhill fashions! It'll be great!


  1. Galuf's Avatar
    oh no. flashbacks to Fynns pokemon tournament! <_< >_> where is she. where is Bernkastel
  2. Karifean's Avatar

    "Don't worry. Because of her unbeli~evably rude conduct last time, I didn't invite her along this time. Although I can't guarantee she won't track me down and want to play with me some more. Kyaaa it's tough being so popular I tell you~.