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Formalhaut: Moonlighting

Firion's War Camp Journal

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Day 1

"We're members. Me, Maria and Guy. The Princess initially refused to let us join the rebellion. Said we were young. Nonsense! The average age of the heroes of the land is about seventeen, and I have come from a humble origin. I am perfectly suited to this rebellion!

Well, we were never one to listen. We went and searched for Leon ourselves, infiltrating Fynn in the process. We didn't find him, but instead we found a truly shocking scene, a man, mortally wounded, in the tavern. While men lying prone in a tavern would not be out of the ordinary, the sight of blood was not. It was Scott, prince of Kashuan. He was run through with a sword. He didn't have long to live.

Such is terrible fate of war. People die. How the warmongers tend to innocently forget this. I will end this treacherous war, and I will stop the Empire. Fortunately, the princess were impressed with our stealth, and we are now members. We've just set-up our tents and bedrolls. I wonder what we will be doing to assist?

Day 8

"I never imagined a war camp to be so noisy. Everywhere, there are resistance fighters sparring. The clattering of swords masks the beauty of birds chirping the morning tune. This is the soundtrack of war, it seems. So far, the resistance is consolidating efforts around the region. It is still young, we can't be too hasty and march onwards against the Empire.

The princess has royal advisers and diplomats. She's using her contacts to draft in experts. An army can't fight without a blacksmith to supply their swords, or a tanner to craft their armour. But equally important is commerce and trade. Her diplomats have sent envoys to negotiate trade agreements. Not too many would be willing to fund a resistance openly, but many surrounding towns are sympathetic, wary also of the Empire. I've overheard underground, secret transports coming through during the night. No names, no identification. But it's clear where they came from. The villages and towns fearful of the Empire and what it could do. We owe it to ourselves to receive their generous donations.

After all, an army cannot march without food."

Day 19

"A few wounded in today. Scouts, caught spying on an Empire outpost. They'll be fine, I think. But still, their wounds didn't look pretty. Me and my friends have been training while the camp infrastructure develops. It is quite incredible: by using a spell repeatedly, I become more adept at using it. Maria has been spamming Fire over and over. Guy is content with smashing training dummies. He has been told off about that. Soon, we'll be sent off on a mission of our own.

Commerce is being restored, slowly. Blacksmiths are useful, but so too are alchemists, physicians, builders and carpenters. A warrior would be useless without a team of alchemists supplying him with potions and herbs. The camp needs development and fortification should the Empire attack.

I'm glad of the influx of trade and skilled men and women at any rate. I may be a good warrior, but I'd be happier with a potion within easy reach.

Day 22

"Success! Princess Hilda summoned me, Maria and Guy to discuss battle plans. We have been told to supply a source of Mythril, to better equip our soldiers. Iron will do against common bandits, but the Empire is advanced; swords and armour crafted from mythril doesn't rust. It cuts sharper, and protects sturdier against blows.

The town of Salamand lies not too far from our current location. Scouts in the area have reported strange mining operations within the town; it must be the Empire's doing. If we shut down their operations, we will be dealing them a large blow, and helping ourselves in the process. Princess Hilda chose us due to our experience in small-team infiltration. She is not wrong; I get nervous with teams larger than four.

She's sending Minwu, her loyal physician and magical advisor, with us. He's nice; he was the one who saved my life after I was attacked by Black Knights. His knowledge of rare ores will be valuable, and he is a mage of no small talent. Maria could learn from him.

We set off tomorrow. I hope that we succeed."

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