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Character Appreciation: Hotaru Futaba

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So I will try to start a weekly, maybe bi-weekly character appreciation blog. If you saw my character tournament, you know that characters are super important to my enjoyment of a game, and so I will dedicate a few minutes to a character every week/2 weeks. Might line up with new games I'm playing, might reflect on old games I've played. We'll see what the future brings~

For the first week, I will be appreciating Hotaru Futaba from the SNK games. I will eventually change my set to her, but I went with someone else at first. She's super adorable though.

Hotaru is Japanese, perpetually 16 I think, and her birthday is May 11th. She uses various forms of Kung Fu Fighting, and can apparently make animals out of snow. In case she wasn't adorable enough, she collects ribbons.

She's not in too many games but they pretty much are SNK fighting games, with some guest appearances here and there in other things as well. Her father and brother went missing, she hates fighting (ironically) and her mother is deceased. She's still a hopefully and kind person though, and she is super fun to use.

Here's to you Hotaru!
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  1. Rez09's Avatar
    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutaba futaba futaba futaba! \ ^_^ /

    Mark of the Wolves was a terrific game, and it introduced a lot of really fun characters; Hotaru is probably my favorite. I love the flow to her attacks, and she's super cute.