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Character Appreciation: Alice Tsukagami

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Alice Tsukagami, a.k.a. Alice the Rabbit, is a character from the Bloody Roar series. She first appears in the original, where she is a young girl of 17, and is still in the 4th game where she is a young woman of 24. She is Japanese with a German mother and she hates onions, much like myself.

Alice is a beast person like all of the characters in Bloody Roar and as such, she can transform in to an animal. A rabbit in her case. She uses this to beat people up. She is a very kind hearted and sweet woman, generally against violence, despite being in a fighting game. It is odd to find so many pacifists in fighting games. She was also a nurse.

I like Alice because she is sweet, cute, and super fun to use. She's very bouncy and acrobatic, something I enjoy in fighting characters. I have only played the third game, but she got a new look in the fourth game when compared to the earlier 3 games. While I quite like her new look, it doesn't really look like her and so I am rather conflicted.

Here's to you Alice!
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