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Final Fantasy VII Walk Through (self made)

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==Joe W. Clark’s Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough ==

===Disk 1 Midgar ===

The game starts out with a fight against two guards. You can simply
use the attack command to eliminate them.

Note you can use magic but
that will drain away the little mp you got so use it carefully. Also
you can guard by holding in right and change row by holding in left
and clicking the ok button to finish the request.

After the fight
examine one of the bodies twice for some potions. Run down the hall
until you meet up with some people. Talk to them and enter your name.
listen to what they have to say about the controls. Now follow
everyone into a room that looks like a upside “T”. Follow left and talk to
the man there if you want then go the other way. Read what is
said and name your new character. Now talk to both girls as they open
two doors. As your done with that don’t forget to search the rest of
this area for a chest* then head to the elevator and press a little
pink button to move down. Afterwards leave the elevator you should be
somewhere different. Follow everyone into a new room. Make note of
how to jump, and climb ladders. Go and follow Jessie to where she
stops. Pick up the item in front of her and head right down the path.
Make your way all the way down to a save point. Save if you like and
go further. Pick up your first piece of materia then watch cloud
flip out. Boss Fight. Have Cloud use lightning magic and Barret use attack.
When it raises its tail, don’t attack at all. Use this time to heal.
When it lowers its tail hit it like I said before, throw in some limit
breaks if you got them. Then watch it die. Try to keep your HP above
100 incase you hit it while its tails up. After the fight you get
timed. I would like to know who here can make it out the fastest but
yeah, Go to where you last left Jessie and help her out. Then retrace
your steps to the “T” I told you about. After everyone is done
talking follow Barret to the next screen and
talk to a flower lady. Anytime you are given a choice in the game it
affects who you end up dating. So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m
gonna make a list of the four you can date each time your given a
choice with what you should say to get them to date you. Try to keep
the one you want to date in your party when ever you can. I will
title it Pick a date. Know if you mess up you will probably have a
date with Aeris. Also you can only choice one to date, so stick to
one or it won't happen. How to buy or not buy the flower:
Say “nothing hey listen” then “Don’t see many flowers around here”.
Then either “buy one” or Forget it”

*Pick a date:

Barret - Buy the flower

Yuffie - Don’t buy

Tifa - Buy the flower

Aeris - Buy or don’t buy

Afterwards follow the flower girl off screen, Then head all the way
down and pick up a potion on the way down. After you leave this
screen you have a choice to fight or run. These choices do not
matter for the pick a date. After hoping on the train and talking
with everyone follow them to the next area. Talk to Barret and Jessie.
Pick a date: <br>
Barret - N/A <br>
Yuffie - talk to Jessie twice and say “looking forward to it” both
times <br>
Tifa - Pick “looking forward to it” the first time you talk to Jessie <br>
Aeris - n/a <p>

There are places to go before you go talk to Barret who is blocking
the path to the bar. One place in the right most place down south of
the screen. Talk to both people on your left or right and leave the
boy in the middle alone. Note at every shop buy 1 of every item you don’t have, just to be a perfectionist. Go and talk to Barret who will let you pass.
When you enter your greeted by Tifa and Marlene. <p>

Pick a Date: <br>
Barret - Give flower to Marlene <br>
Yuffie - n/a <br>
Tifa - give flower to Tifa <br>
Aeris - n/a <p>

When your able to move around again try to walk outside where you
came in. Barret and everyone will go downstairs. <p>

Pick a date: (only for Tifa)<br>
Tifa - Give me something hard. <br>
*she is behind the bar if you don’t wanna date Tifa don’t talk to her. <p>

When the little elevator thing comes back up. Click the ok button
and go down. Talk to Barret then head back up. Tifa will stop you on
your way out. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - n/a <br>
Yuffie - sorry <br>
Tifa - how could you say that <br>
Aeris - n/a <p>

Go outside when you wake up. <p>

Pick a date <br>
Barret - "Barret's snoring kept me up..." <br>
Yuffie - ignore tifa <br>
Tifa - next to you who wouldn’t <br>
Aeris - n/a <p>

You can go to any shop now!! Go to the shop south west and buy the
fire materia and the rest of shopping is up to you. Then go back to the south east part of the screen and go up the stairs to the beginners hall. You can get a materia and an item there. When your done go back to the train, and hop on. Then talk to Tifa when your ready. Doing this causes an alarm. You can get a phoenix down from the bum
in the very back of the first bus, the guy at the very end of the
second gives you a potion, and then in the third car a guy will steal
something from you, run up to him and get it back. Then get to the
last bus on time. Note you don’t have to get those items. <p>

Pick a date <br>
Barret - Make it to the last train without getting caught <br>
Yuffie - Get caught and jump out early <br>
Tifa - Make it to the last train without getting caught <br>
Aeris - N/a <p>

If you don’t make it in the time given it won’t be game over. After
you jump out of the train you can go up or down on the screen. Going
down you’ll find some guards that will fight you unlimited amounts of
times. Some people said if you kill em all you’ll be able to get a
character named Zack which is a lie!!!!!! So don’t even try unless
you are there for exp and ap points. Going up means you choice to
move forward in the game. When you reach the lasers blocking the path
examine your left and read what everyone has to say. Go down the hole. <p>

As enter the next part grab the ether and move forward. Then find
your way to the ladder going down. This room looks big but just make
your way to the second latter you can climb and go up. Grab the
potion in this room. Go left. Use the save point and grab the tent.
Then make your way to the next room. Slide on down and make your way
down to the bottom like the first reactor. Afterwards travel like you
did when you were timed in the first reactor. You will reach a room
with a locked door and a room to the left. To beat this I remember
reading elsewhere to count to three and press ok. Continue forward
and save. Before going forward arrange your characters like this,
Cloud Barret Tifa. Boss fight: Hit this guy from behind with either
cloud or Barret and have Tifa use spells on him. Cure with who ever
has the restore materia equipped whenever needed. Use limit breaks
only when air buster is turned away from that person. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - Be strong <br>
Yuffie - be strong <br>
Tifa - I don’t know if I can hold on <br>
Aeris - N/a <p>

Name your new character. Then talk to her a few times and wait until
a man comes in. Walk up to the man and read what is said. Run the
opposite way of the guy afterwards and go to the next screen.
Make your way to the top no matter what happens in the meantime.
Choice for her to wait. Go up another level to four barrels.
There are two closest to the screen and two further away from the
screen. When she is in danger push the leftmost barrel further away
from the screen over. Then when in danger again knock the barrels
over clock wise one at a time. You will end up having one barrel
left over. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - N/a <br>
Yuffie - tell her to wait but push the wrong barrel <br>
Tifa - N/a <br>
Aeris - push the right barrel at the right time every time to help
her out. <p>

Go and meet Aeris then back to the roof top. After some talking they
agree to go to Her house. Go left and then up pass some people to
reach a town like place. Go shopping and explore. Theres a tunnel
with a drunk man in it, a weapon shop at the top right, a materia
and item shop in the middle, also Theres a house with a kid upstairs
sleeping after talking to him examine the bookcase to find some
money. Leave it for now and you’ll get a turbo ether later. Take it
now and you’ll find 5 gil or something. There is also a turtle
paradise news letter hanging on the wall. When your ready head north
east to the next screen. Grab the stuff in the garden and then enter
the house. You should get an elixir and a cover materia. <br>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - n/a <br>
Yuffie - yeah thats right <br>
Tifa - yeah that’s right <br>
Aeris - no way <p>

When your back in control you should wake up in the upstairs bed room. Examine
the room for some items and then walk slowly (taking breaks) towards
and down the stairs. Back track towards the people you past earlier
before you reached the town looking place. Go through the little
course where you may have to fight a hell house. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - NA <br>
Yuffie - take her home <br>
Tifa - NA <br>
Aeris - go to sector 7 <p>

Follow the Chocobo cart until you reach yet another town. Welcome to
Wall market. First head over to the right and back down to reach the
honey bee inn. Ask about Tifa and you’ll find out she’s at the dons
mansion which is the northern most area in town. Head there next.
Now you have to dress up like a girl. Heres the items and locations
for all you need to know. <p>

To get a dress you have to Talk to a girl at the shop in the south
part of town then go to the bar in the middle section of town and
talk to a guy. He’ll ask you a few questions. <p>

Pick a date: if you want to date yuffie follow Tifa's pick a dates
For the whole walmarket quest. <p>

Barret - Soft and shiny - satin dress <br>
Yuffie - n/a <br>
Tifa - Soft and shimmers = silk dress <br>
Aeris - Clean and shimmers or shiny = cotton dress. <p>

Go back to the clothes shop now.
After you get a dress you need a wig. Go to the gym and play along
with the game. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - Win the game <br>
Yuffie - Na <br>
Tifa - Tie with big bro <br>
Aeris - lose with big bro. <p>

If you want to date Aeris go back to the cloth shop and get dressed.
Otherwise you need some items. Head back to the bar and examine the
door furthest from the entrance. There’s a person in the bathroom after
talking to her go to the restaurant and then talk to the guy
outside of the restaurant. Get something to eat, . Then go to the pharmacy and exchange your coupon for an item. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret : digestive <br
Yuffie : NA <br>
Tifa : disinfectant <br>
Aeris : You shouldn’t get anything but if you do get something get
the deodorant <p>

Right before you go to the honey bee inn area there’s a man walking
up and down a strip. Talk to him to get the membership card. <p>

After that go to the woman in the bathroom. She’ll give you some
cologne. North of the save point is the materia shop. Go there and
the man will ask you to do something for him. Go to the inn and rest.
At night you’ll get an option. <p>

Pick a date. <br>
Barret - buy the 200 gil item <br>
Yuffie - NA <br>
Tifa - buy the 100 gil item <br>
Aeris - buy the 50 gil item <p>
Return to the materia shop and talk to the guy there.
Next go to the honey bee inn. It doesn’t matter what room you pick
but the top left room gets you the lingerie and picking the bottom
left room gets you the bikini briefs <p>

Pick a date <br>
Barret - Go to the north most room after your night in the Honey bee
inn and have a girl put make up on cloud <br>
Yuffie - NA <br>
Tifa - NA <br>
Aeris - NA <p>

Now your ready to go to the cloth shop and get dress. After that go
back to the north most peek in town and head into the Dons mansion.
Talk to the man at the desk and then head up the stairs to the right
most room to meet somebody. After don picks his date If cloud wasn’t
picked you’ll be in a room with a bunch of men. Fight them and head
to the place where you met up with Tifa. If cloud was picked… its
gonna be a night to remember. <br>

Pick a date : Note you won’t get to select all the answers for this
pick a date <br>
Barret - yes his names Barret… <br>
Yuffie - we got to help Tifa <br>
Tifa - we’ve got to help Aeris <br>
Aeris - you alright? <p>

Afterwards check behind Dons bed to find a hyper. Then try to leave
the room. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret : NA <br>
Yuffie : talk to aeris first <br>
Tifa : examine her first <br>
Aeris : Examine her first <p>

Examine both the girls and comes another boss battle. Hit him with
what ever you got and keep your HP up. Rapps will hurt himself with
his tidal wave attack but he is still a tough enemy to beat. When
your done make your way to the next screen grabbing the items also.
There’s a yellow materia called steal and
equipped it, then head to the next area. This parts easy there’s only
one way to go. Next theres a save point, a latter, and a door. First go
through the door and examine the barrel
to receive an item. Backtrack and head up the latter. Go up and then
to the left to examine another barrel. After that go up the ramp
again and head right. Go up to get another item and then to the next
screen. To the left is another barrel. There’s also a rare enemy
here that will win you a new weapon for Aeris if you steal from it.
Be sure to do so. Jump into the train closest to you and then again.
Next jump into the other train. Jump on the latter and then head
left to the next area. Head left from the train station and take off
any good armor and materia Aeris has on. You gotta trust me. Once
you enter this area you can buy items from the old man. Do so if
your low. Go up the pillar and expect to fight a bunch in doing so.
When you reach up top talk to the old party member you had earlier.
Take time to equip them and do what ever you need. Make sure you put
new armor or materia Barret. Then its off to stop the bomb. <p>

Boss fight…
Use the damaging spells you got with some attacks thrown in. When he
puts a pyramid around one of your people attack it with your weapon
to get it off. If everyone gets trapped in a pyramid its game over.
I like to let you make up your own strategy but keep Tifa using fire
or ice. Barret and cloud can use attacks mostly. Cure when needed
and all will be fine. <p>

Move up a little bit and then Tifa and Barret will decide to follow.
When they do go back to the playground and grab the yellow materia
on the ground. Now make your way back to Aeris house. If you reach
the area with a guy in a tunnel remember the little boys room
where you found turtle paradise news number 1. Go to the boys room
and he’ll give you a turbo ether. That is if you didn’t take his
money. Now its clear to go to the Aeris’ house. <p>

Pick a date: Follow Barret upstairs <br>
Barret - N/a <br>
Yuffie - I don't know <br>
Tifa - I don’t know <br>
Aeris - Lets hope so <p>

Go to wall market. Go up towards the don’s. Follow the kids and watch
what happens. Now go to the weapon shop and talk to the man furthest
away. Buy the batteries and go back to the place the kids were. <p>

Go up the wire and prepare to have patience. Make your way to the
golden box thing on your right. Put in one battery. Use the fan
thingy now as a bridge to the next section. Climb up to the left
and place another battery there. Before you try to jump on the
swinging wire climb up and place your last battery there. Now for
the wire. When it stops making that squeaking sound jump. If it
don’t work time it better. The rest is a breeze. When you make it to
the save point save. Take the stairs if you don’t want to fight but
get really bored, or take the front door if you want to be
entertained. If your will is to get everything in the game take the
stairs until you reach an elixir and then go back down to the front
door. This isn’t fun though. Both lead to the same place. If you
take the stairs just keep going up. <p>

(Just for taking the front)<br>
If you go in the front fight the enemies that come at you. When
your done go to the back ignoring the stairs for now. Examine the
board on the top right to find another turtle paradise letters. Then
back track near the entrance and take those stairs (the purple ones).
In the right corner is a shop with some chests in it. Don’t even
bother trying to open them now cause you can’t. To buy items here
walk in front of the thing in the center that looks like someone
should be behind. That’s the shop. When ready exit the shop area and
walk to the elevators with the red line above them. <p>

(for both entrance ways)<br>
When you make it to the 59th level fight the guards and get the key
card. When you have it take the elevator the guards were blocking.
Ignore the two gaurds you first see in this area and go into the
door to your left. When its time to sneak by them just make sure you
hide behind the yellow statures and wait til both are behind them as
well. If at anytime the guards are right across from you your caught
and have to try again after a fight. Make your way and help your
other party members do it too. Go up a level and talk to everyone
here. The man walking around will give you a card to get to the next
floor. <p>
Do so. Enter the room on the opposite side of the staircase. This
man will play a little game. Don’t answer until you are certain in
order to get the best prizes. Don’t even give the guy outside the
mayors room money. Read the panel before going into one of the four
libraries. Find the folder that is most likely not suppose to be
there. There should be a number on it. Count that many letters
on the misplaced document and remember the letter you land on.
Do this in all four libraries. If you got one of these answers you did
it right. <p>
Best King Orbs bomb Mako Hojo <p>
Level 63 <br>MO
Visit the only room you can in this area and examine the computer on
the wall. Accept to open three doors. Open the first door all the
way up. Then open the second door on your left. Go into the room now
accessible to pick up an item. There’s a vent in here you can get
into. Do so. Take the first turn into another room and grab the
item. Exit this room through the door and open the door on your
left (the one blocking you from getting the last coupon). After this
go back to the vent and take the direction you haven’t already.
Examine the computer again and receive your prizes. Now go up to the
64th level. The only things to do here really is to save your game,
rest and pick up items in the lockers. Don’t worry about the
megaphone its impossible to get. <p>

Go to the next floor when ready.
The first thing you should do is go to the room in the center of
this floor. After your looked at this there are two rooms to your
left. Go to the top one and you can open one of the chest here. Go
and place the piece you just got into the center model. Now you can
open a chest in the lower left room. Place the pieces you get in the
center every time when you get them. The next box you can open is in
the top left room. Now go open the last chest in the rooms in the
left. The last piece you get is in the room above the stair case.
After you place that one in go and open the box in front of the
stairs and go up them. <p>

The object of this level is to find the bathroom. Its located all
the way up top on the left of the floor. Go into and climb up. Move
forward and overhear what is said in another room. When your done
here go back to the stairs you came from and go up them. Now follow
Hojo until you reach a save point. Open the box to obtain the poison
materia and save your game. Fight around here and steal from the
enemies. This is very helpful for the party members. The Soldiers
are carrying a sword cloud can equip and the moth slasher has carbon
bangles. Get both by stealing. Put on the elemental - poison combo
on someone. After your done ride the elevator next to the save
point. Name your new party member!!! <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - Send him <br>
Yuffie - tell tifa to go and keep barret <br>
Tifa - Send Barret <br>
Aeris - N/a <p>

Boss fight - Don’t bother killing the little baby bosses they’ll
only come back. Hit the main guy with as much fire spells as you can.
When you can use your limit breaks on him. Its all up to magic
mostly cause physical attacks won’t do enough damage. Also don’t try
to use poison it won’t hurt any of the creatures. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - have him in your party <br>
Yuffie - Have Cloud Barret and Red XIII <br>
Tifa - Have her in your party <br>
Aeris - have her in your party <p>

Select your party and grab the materia in front of the tank. Go the
opposite side of the elevator and up the ramp to find a guy with
something to give. Go down the ramp and through the doors on your
right. Pick up the potions and head down to the 66th floor. Once
there get on the elevator. <p>

Walk up to the door and find someone to talk to. <p>

pick a date: <br>
Barret - talk to him first <br>
Yuffie - talk to red XIII, Barret and then Aeris in that order. <br>
when asked if you can break out Select (kinda hard)<br>
Tifa - Leave it to me (If you want Tifa to be your date then do this
a bunch of times). <br>
Aeris - Talk to her first <p>

After you talk to everyone decide to take a nap. When you wake up
look at the guard and wake up Tifa. When everyone is out of there
cell follow the stain of blood. Everyone but cloud and Tifa start
heading out So take off their materia. Give Aeris bolt, red 13 fire
and ice and Barret restore-all. Take the elevator. <p>

Boss fight <br>
Have Barret use normal attack and cure. Have Aeris use bolt non
stop, and red 13 use fire or ice. When limit breaks are available
use them. Don’t fear when the other boss comes. Use the same method. <p>

Take time to equip Cloud like this <br>
On the hard edge: <br>
Restore Fire-all <br>
On his armor at least put on <br>
Lightning-elemental <p>

Boss fight <br>
Use your fire spell to hit both Rufus and dark nation at the same
time when that’s out of the question use basic attack to rid dark
nation first and then Rufus. Cure when low on hp and don’t bother
casting spells on Rufus, all you need is basic attacks with some
cure spells to end the fight. <p>

Go back down to Tifa then meet the rest of the team on the first
floor. When the screen comes up pick your party members and equip
them (make sure you give the one with the lowest hp the
fire-elemental in his or her armor). Then do everything else how you
like it. Afterwards get comfortable with the bike controls. See the
bars beside the characters faces? Those are there HP. When the enemy
bikers hit the truck someone’s hp drops. You can get hurt too So
don’t try to knock the bikers over by crashing into them. yellow
bikers can be easy but the red ones are sometimes a pain in the
groin. Keep hit the yellow as they come then maneuver right to hit
the red. I heard to let them come to you but when they start
attacking the truck. Go try and get them. <p>

Boss fight <br>
Hit the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time when Motor Ball goes to
attack for the first time. Then switch rows for those who are gonna
use normal attacking. If you want you can steal a twin burner from
it but that’s not really important. Hit it with bolt spells mainly
and have cloud use attack if he’s not occupied with magic. Cure when
your Hp gets around 350 and you’ll be safe for the most part. If you
have high hp and 350 is dangerously low keep it up to how you like it. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - have him in your party <br>
Yuffie - have cloud Red XIII and barret <br>
Tifa - Have her in your party <br>
Aeris - Have her in your party <p>

<h3>The world map </h3><p>

Alright equip someone with the steal materia and steal from the
custom sweeper. You can also learn the enemy skill “Matra magic
from them. Then go into the little blue town next to Midgar. Its
called Kalm. <p>

<h3>Kalm </h3><p>
When you reach Kalm Your main objective is to go to the hotel. Don’t
worry If cloud gets Ko’ed in battle, its just a flashback. <p>

Pick a date : <br>
Barret - N/a <br>
Yuffie - during break say, wait a sec, then, is thats all <br>
Tifa - N/a <br>
Aeris - N/a <p>

When you
get to freely move around town you can Go to the houses on the right
side. One is Clouds old place and the other is Tifa’s. Going to
Tifa’s you can walk in her room play the piano and steal her
underwear. You can also go to the second house on the left and meet
Tifa’s teacher. When ever you want just go to the Inn and talk to
Sephiroth. After you wake up go and find everyone. When you embark
to the reactor follow the main path visible till you reach a bridge.
The caves aren’t hard so follow them to learn about mako and reach
the reactor. Now wake up in the mansion. Walk out of the room and to
your right. Run straight across the top floor to the right. Now talk
to the man in blue there. Afterwards examine the room he’s in to
unlock a secrete door. Follow the path to a library. The rest is
pretty simple just follow Sephiroth in the reactor and check out
Tifa on the way. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - Beautiful just beautiful <br>
Yuffie - N/a <br>
Tifa - N/a <br>
Aeris - N/a <p>

Now you got pHs. Go and explore town. In the main part of town
someone will say mako is convenient. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - put him in your party <br>
Yuffie - put cloud aeris and tifa in your party <br>
tifa - have her in your party <br>
Aeris - have her in your party <p>

The three buildings on top of the stairs is a set of shops, go there
and buy what you need. I’d suggest getting the earth and heal
materia before anything else. Go into all the buildings and search
all the closets and everything up stairs. There will be a girl in
one of the buildings that says something about the life being better. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
put the one you want to date most in your party then pick - Your
full of it!! <p>

Pick a date: <br>
The one you want to date must be in your party then pick - Yeah maybe. <p>

After your done leave town and go the opposite direction from Midgar
(east). You should see a new place on the world map that has two
buildings and a water tower. Go there. <p>

<h3>The Chocobo ranch </h3><P>
Talk to the Chocobo as you
first enter and watch them dance. You will get a new materia. Go in
the first building you walk by and talk to the man there. He’ll
offer a place to rest. When your done talking to him go to the
building to the next building on your right. Talk to the people
there. Buy some greens of any kind and the Chocobo lore materia.
Equip it and leave town. <p>
<h3>the world map</h3> <p>
Walk on the Chocobo tracks and when you
hear a different sound when going into battle you’ll have a chance
to catch a Chocobo. Never attack a Chocobo when your trying to catch
itand feed it some greens. If it takes any damage at all it will run away. To successfully
catch one you have to kill the rest of the creatures that come with
it. Good luck. You can also learn the enemy skill L4 suicide from
the little squirrel like creatures. After you catch one ride it
through the grayish marsh and avoid the snake that will follow you,
Although if you fight it you could get the beta enemy skill. Enter
the passage to the Mythril cave. <p> <h3>The mythril cave</h3> <p>When you first enter go to your
right and climb the vine nearby to pick up the long range materia.
Watch out for an enemy called ark dragon cause he has the flame
thrower enemy skill. Then pick up the two items on the steps and
return to where you just came from. Walk past the entrance and south
a little bit. All the way over to your right is a chest. Get the
mind source in it and continue your journey to the left. When you
reach the next screen go to the little door on clouds right. There
are two items here. Now go back one room and climb up to exit the
cave. You should be back on the world map in a new location. <p>
<h3>The world map </h3><p>
anything else head to the forest patch and fight there until you
reach a mysterious ninja. Defeat her and follow the instructions. <p>
1) Don’t ever use the save point or open your menu. If you do fight
in the forest til you meet her again. <br>
2) talk to her and answer “not interested” <br>
3) talk to her again and answer “petrified” <br>
4) then reply “wait a second” <br>
5) reply “that’s right” <br>
6) then reply “lets hurry on” <p>

Now you should see this huge bird on a building nearby go there and
save. <p>

<h3>Fort condor </h3><p>

Pick a date: <br>
“I guess so” is the answer for all of the ones you can date so pick
that right off. <p>

Talk to the old man up top. <p>

Pick a date <br>
“Alright” no matter who you wanna date that’s the answer you gotta
pick. <p>

Climb up the rope and then the ladder. After that you’ll see a hole
with another ladder visible, climb it. The object of this game is to
buy enough troops to fight off the enemies before your enemies get
to the top. If you fail you should reset and try again.
Now along with pick a date I will add the side quest FORT CONDOR to
show when you need to go. Help out in the battle here and notice
the two shops you can access. If you ever wanna rest you can use the
beds downstairs. <p>

Fort Condor: <br>
Help ward off enemies!!!! <p>

After your done here walk the coast until you find the Junon Harbor. <p>
<h3>Junon Hapbor </h3><p>
Have Yuffie Barret and Cloud in your party. Make sure you put the
long range on Cloud and Have Barret with a long range weapon. Have
cure all, Choco and Mog equipped on someone and give each person
either the fire ice or bolt materia. There is no need for earth here.
Go past the first house and take a left to go down the steps to the
beach. Talk to the girl there. <p>

Boss fight <br>
If bottoms well puts a circle thing around a character, damage it
with a spell. Use choco/Mog on him then attack or use magic. Limit
breaks will always help in most boss fights so use them. Heal when
your hp gets around 275 and you’ll be fine. <p>

After the fight help the girl by giving her air. This is easy and
you can try for as long as you want. Make sure the little bar gets
as far up as you can handle and let it out by pressing “O”.
Afterwards go take a nap in the first house closest to the exit. <p>

Fort Condor: <br>
Help ward off enemies!!!!! <p>

Afterwards go and visit the house everyone is standing in front of.
Follow the girl to the beach again and play a little game. Theres a
bar you have to jump on and it’s the only one that looks like a
bridge. While swimming go past the bridge slightly to a lighted
area. Find the place to jump around there. <p>

Fort Condor: <br>
I know its weird but you got another battle waiting before you reach
the top!!!! <p>

<h3>Junon </h3><p>
Once up top use the save point nearby. Afterwards find your way
into the locker room (not hard) and get dressed. Get use to the
buttons and how they are timed with the actions they do. When your
ready follow the guy in red until you get to the parade. At the end
of each group of men is an empty place for you. Jump in line as
quickly as possible and try not to mess up. Press the “O” button
whenever you hear a whistle and you’ll do fine. If you get 50% or
higher you get about 5000 gil, 40 -49% you get some ethers, 30% - 39%
you get some potions. Anything lower you get a grenade. Now that
your free to explore head right and go into the first place on
clouds left. Ignore the stairs and talk to the two people in the
first room. One will take you to a beginners hall, where you will
find another enemy skill materia. Now return to the stairs I told
you to ignore and go up them. The room on clouds left has 3 items
in it. When you get them go up the next set of stairs. Here you will
find two more items. Back track down the two sets of stairs and out
to the next building on the left. This is an item shop. Make sure
you have at least one tranquilizer. If you go to the next building
you’ll hit the materia shop. I’d suggest you buy a revive materia.
After your done here you need to go past all the spots you have
entered and proceed forward in the game. When you get back to where
you sent Rufus off don’t bother using the lift he used just go
straight into the next area. From here go into the closest door and
proceed past the new area again. Here you will see more places you
can enter. The first on your right is a bar. Go in a see some
familiar people (the Turks) if you want. The second door on your
right is a three story building. First floor is a hotel, Second
floor is a sexy materia shop, and the third floor is a spooky
accessory shop. The third spot on your right holds a speed source
and a 1/35 Soldier. Grab the items and visit the next place on your
right. This is another weapon shop!!! Okay now that you’ve visited
the whole town its time to go further down the street to the dock.
You’ll know your there if you see the captain and some soldiers.
Later comes Rufus. Now when it all starts you gotta know one thing!!
Its completely random. Just do your best. If you get anything below
51 you get the silver glasses. If you get 90 or better you get a
force stealer, a weapon for cloud. Anything between that gets you a
hp plus materia. Now that your done go on the boat to proceed in the
game. <p>
<h3>the cruise from junon to Costa Del Sol</h3> <p>
You’ll soon find out that a lot of your friends are on the
boat as well. The first thing you should do is talk to the person
closest to you. <p>

Yuffie will ask you a question. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - Nope <br>
Yuffie - Here try these!! <br>
Tifa - Nope <br>
Aeris - Nope <p>

If you choose not to date Yuffie the chest she is blocking will soon
be easy to get. So you don’t have to panic. There will be a man
walking around this floor and a person near by not walking at all.
Talk to that person to find an old friend. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - I don’t know <br>
Yuffie - I don’t know <br>
Tifa - I don’t know <br>
Aeris - I’ll take you someday <p>

There is also a man guarding a door. Talk to him then head up the
stairs. Theres a man who will give cloud a drink and offer to sell
items. Up a little latter is Tifa all bundled up in a Shinra uniform
too. <p>

Pick a date: When Tifa asks you something <br>
Barret - no <br>
Yuffie - I don't know <br>
Tifa - yeah <br>
Aeris - no <p>

If you proceed you will see Red XIII and Barret after you talked to
everyone. Save and afterwards go back to the first room you were at
and go through the new door. Theres a weapon for Yuffie if you take
the latter to the left when you first go in. You have to examine
the man in red for the story to go any further. When you do
Sephiroth will appear leaving a piece of Jenova behind.
Afterwards grab the Ifrit materia and welcome to Costa Del Sol. <p>

<h3>Costa Del Sol</h3> <P>
The first place you pass is clouds villa. There are items in the
basement and you can talk to a man there. Pass that place is the bar
but first you get the chance to kick red XIII with the ball laying
around. Yuffie is here too and she is selling materia. In the bar
you can buy items from a guy. Tifa and Aeris is at the Inn so you
can stop by and talk to them. After that you can go to the place red
XIII is standing by to see another event. Theres another item shop
along the way to the beach. Buy a few Softs and move on. Hojo is at
the beach and that’s where you need to be. Talk to him. Afterwards
leave town. Then head north pass a path through the mountains to Mt.
Corel. <p>
<h3>Mt.corel </h3><p>
Theres a man along the way who will tell you something. Head
up the paths and down the reactor then you want to just follow the
train tracks past the next screen. After that if you fall down a
hole in the tracks press the left button on the d pad and tap O a
lot the first time then press right and tap O a lot the second time you fall.
If you done it right you should have got the items. There very
important and there was a save point at the beginning of the screen.
If you failed I suggest to hit soft reset, L1 L2 R1 R2 select and
start at the same time, and getting the items here. After the first
fall go up and get an item, then go down and follow the path to the
next break in the track, from here head up get some items and then
the upper right direction. Go across the bridge and find a button
inside a little shed. There is a place to climb up near by with some
Chocobo babies. Do what you will with them but hey it don’t mess
with anything to take the treasure. Now back track all the way to
the remaining un charted way one screen over. You’ll find yourself
in the same area but where your friends were at cheering you on
briefly before. After the bridge go down left until you reach a
grumpy old mans place. Grab the items and talk to the man. When your
done Go out and head right. If you did correctly you should have to
cross a big bridge and are in conversation with Barret and some
people. <p>
<h3>North Corel and the gold saucer</h3> <p>
This is north Corel. Explore town and you’ll soon find
yourself going to the gold saucer after a short story about Barret.
Hope into the blue air train and then pay the price to enter the
gold saucer. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - pick red XIII <br>
Yuffie - pick Yuffie <br>
Tifa - pick Tifa <br>
Aeris - pick Aeris <p>

Anyways once you pick somebody head over to the hotel and check the
item shop for a turtle paradise flyer. No go to the wonder square.
Meet and name your new character and head over to the battle arena. <p>

<h3>Corel prison</h3> <p>
After that you’ll find yourself in Corel Prison. From where you
start off head south and south again towards a house. Enter it and
watch the scene. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - Pick red XII to go find dyne <br>
Yuffie - Pick Yuffie to go find Dyne <br>
Tifa - Pick Tifa to go find Dyne <br>
Aeris - Pick Aeris to go find Dyne <p>

Then I think you better go back out the way you came in and left a
little ways to a trailer. Note there’s a shop and an Inn if you go
out the house the other way. Now you gotta find Dyne. Head all the
way north to another screen. From here go up to the man walking
around and head east. Then east again until you reach a new area.
From here head north but before that make Barret the best you can
for he will fight alone. You can also learn the enemy skill Laser
from the death claws near by. After the fight you’ll be sent to race a
Chocobo. Pay attention to the rules and then notice the Ramuh
materia in the floor of the waiting lobby. Once the bell rings and
everyone heads to the door. Follow them and meet up with that
strange girl again. She’ll offer to tell you the rules and to race.
To win the race do what I do, hold down L1 L2 R1 R2 and square. If
you do this in manual mode you should win. After you do win you get
a buggy. <p>
<h3>world man </h3> <p>
Head east and go back to Costa Del Sol. First fight on the
beach and manipulate the beach plug to learn big guard. You can
enter Costa del sol without leaving the buggy, Do so. Take the boat
all the way towards fort condor. When you do there’s a cave to the
north west and you have to talk to the sleeping man when the last
two digits of how many times you fought are the same. That will give
you the Mythril. Also now that you got the manipulate materia you
can manipulate Zemzelett to learn the white wind enemy skill.
Now would be a good time to trigger that alarm in Junon in the middle
Of the two towns. You can probably survive the fights now. <p>

Fort condor battle awaits. <p>

Back track all the way to the gold saucer. This time head west and
notice the small house, not the broken reactor, and open the smallest
chest up the stairs. This is Aeris ultimate limit break and to learn
these you have to learn all the other limit breaks for that character first. Then use
the item. After that head to the broken reactor surrounded by a
forest. In the forest you can learn the enemy skill frog song by the
frogs. In the desert surrounding the gold saucer you’ll fight
chimera to learn the aqualung enemy skill. <p>
<h3>gongaga </h3> <p>
Go into the town and have
Aeris in your party with Seal evil ready to use, (its her second
level 1 limit break.) At the very start you’ll encounter the Turks.
Seal evil them and then pound away. After seal evil wares off use
choco and Mog. After the fight head north and examine the reactor to
receive the titan materia. After the screen backtrack to the jungle
and head west. Theres the deathblow enemy skill here and then head
north from it to a small town. <P>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - don’t have Aeris or Tifa in your party. <br>
Yuffie - have tifa and aeris in your party. <br>
Tifa - have her in your party. <br>
Aeris - Have her in your party. <p>

Theres building everywhere. Enter each area and don’t forget about
climbing poles to reach hidden places. To the south east is Zacks
home. <p>

Pick a date: <br>
Barret - NA <br>
Yuffie - ignore aeris and tifa <br>
Tifa - when you exit Zacks house talk to her. <br>
Aeris - talk to her and say poor guy <p>

Ok now head west and then north when you leave town. Follow the path
until the buggy breaks down. Enter the town. <p>
<h3>Cosmo Canyon </h3><p>
This is cosmo canyon.
Theres an Inn and a shop to the right as you first go up the stairs.
In the Inn has another turtle paradise newsletter. Backtrack to the
start of the town and head up the stairs right in front of you.
Theres the turtle paradise newsletter 4 right next to the weapon
shop. Then head up more stairs and to the left. Go up even more
stairs to reach an area with a materia shop and a sealed door. Go up
the latter and meet Red XIII’s grandpa. Go and find 2 people running
around town then back up to red XIII’s grandpa all the way back up
the latter. After that you’ll be at the cosmo fire. Talk to everyone and leave Red XIII last. Grab your party members and go back to the
sealed door. Talk to Bugenhagen and enter the sealed door. <p>
<h3>cave to the gi</h3> <p>
Then go
down the really long rope. After that head to the next screen and
break the rocks inside the small caves. Doing so will open a door.
Also there are enemies here that have the death sentence enemy
skill. Go follow Bugenhagen to the next area and head to the bottom
left. This will win you the added effect materia. Watch out for the
mud puddle, if you don’t slowly walk on it you may hit the spikes
damaging your enemies. Afterwards head back towards the mud puddle
and head right, up, left, and walk down the steps to get an ether and a
black mega phone.
In the end you can go to the top left of the screen to enter
a new area. Here are 5 tunnels, take the 4th tunnel from the left
and get a X potion. There are some spider webs blocking you and
you’ll have to fight a spider creature to proceed. Next take the
second tunnel from the left and proceed until you reach a hidden
area with the fiery ring in a chest. Then go back and follow the path
(middle) to the new area. When you reach the face you’ll
encounter a boss. Throw the x potion you
just got at the main guy (not the little flames) and you’ll kill him
in one hit. When your done grab the gravity materia and follow red
XIII and Bugenhagen to the new area. Afterwards leave town and make
your new party. The buggy will be working again and now head west
past a swamp like place, The ones you’ve been crossing with the
buggy and reach Nibelheim. <p>

Fort condor battles await <p>
<h3>Nibelheim </h3><p>
Enter the first house on clouds left and go past the clerk to the
left and examine the black coated man in there. After that leave and
go to the next house on clouds left. Theres another black coated man
here that will give you an elixir. Exit and go to clouds old home.
Examine everything there and talk to the lady. It seems like Shinra
is covering up what happened there. Now exit out his pad and go to
Tifa’s old home. Examine the black coated man and then leave. Go to
the next house south of Tifa’s house and examine the first room for
any black coated men and head up the stairs at the top of the
screen. There are two little black coated men here that will give
you an item. <p>

Now head to the Shinra mansion that you visited in clouds flashback
in Kalm. There are even two black coated men outside. Upon entering
go to the bottom left room and examine it. You’ll find a secret
note. Now you have to find the dials so check where there all at. <p>
The first hint is… <br>
The lid of the box with the most oxygen <br>
The second is… <br>
Behind the ivory’s short of tea and ray <br>
The third is… <br>
The creek in the floor near the chair on the second floor… then to
the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps.
The last dial is invisible so click the area under the third dial to
read it. It says… <br>
The fourth has been written in invisible ink… Dial 4 is right 97. <p>

From where your at head into the room on your left and change
screens. Examine behind the piano to find a dial. Something is
written on the floor, 2 left 10. From here head up and right pass
the hall and towards an office like place. Head up to find a chest.
Back track to the hall and head down to the exit. Next head to the
area on the first floor to your right, changing screens once again.
Take the treasure and head back and go up the stairs to your left.
Examine the chest to get the treasure then examine it again to find
out the dial. It says, 1 right 36. Note the safe in the room above
that treasure chest. You’ll soon have to go to it. For now go back
to the stairs and head to the right to another screen. Up in the
little hallway you can just quickly tap the ok button and read the
next dial. It says, <br>
3 right 59. So the combination to the safe is right 36, left 10,
right 59, and right 97. <p> Note there are monsters called Jerseys that
have the ???? Enemy skill also there’s a room in the little hallway
that has a chest. Go and open the safe and fight a boss. Using seal
evil on him and choco and Mog work good. But for now use physical
attacks until he turns from two faced to one faced and then use
magic attacks on him. That should do it. Now examine the safe to
find the basement key and then pick up the Odin materia. Winning the
battle will also give you the cosmo memory which is red XIII’s level
4 limit break. Remember you have to learn all the level 1 2 and 3
limit breaks before the item will work. Now head to the right on the
second floor. And into the secret passage in the wall. You should
remember this from clouds flashback. Go down the spiral staircase
and then follow the path to a new area. Theres a door at the top of
the screen. Head to it and examine the center coffin. A man will
appear. Tell him about Sephiroth and ask for his name. Try all
options if you want but the main goal is to go and find no other
then the Sephiroth himself. Venture further into the mansion until
you reach the end. Did you find him? Ok well pick up the materia he
threw at you and leave the mansion. Did you get a new character?
Woo that was a lot of work, wasn’t it? And to think you never had to
go into the mansion in the first place. HA-HA. <p>

Now head out of Nibelheim going the east exit pass the Shinra
mansion and to the mountains. <p>
<h3>Mt. nibel </h3><p>
Follow the path up until it splits
in two. Go up the little mountains to receive some items like the
rune blade. Right near the bridge is another fork in the road. Go
up every mountain. Cross the bridge until you reach a new area. From
here ignore the pipes for now and head down the stairs. There’s
some latter’s here that you need to examine so you can climb them
back up once you go down a pipe. Head down all the pipes and then
save your game. Directly south of the save point is a deadly monster
named the materia keeper. Before fighting him take the path to his
left. Jump down and enter the next cave you see. Ignore the little
cave on your left and take the right path up. You can steal the gold
armlet off of the big dragon in these caves so keep that in mind he
also uses the flame thrower enemy skill. In the north part of the
cave is a hidden path. Acturally its more like northern center area.
It leads to a chest. Grab it and then leave the cave via the north
exit. Examine the materia shrine to receive a piece of materia. I
think its counter attack. After that head north again and enter a
new cave. Head right, up and then left to find another chest. After
that head right and down the second path to an exit. Head left and
follow the path to the reactor don’t bother going inside for there
is nothing to do. Theres a door behind it however and that’s the way
you should go. Look familiar? Go and fight the materia keeper now
but you may want to save first. Avoid using Ramuh and bolt on him.
It will heal him. Pound away with all other summons and spells until
you run out of mp. Attack then if he’s not dead. He is one hard boss
and can even heal himself. After that save and head down the new
clear path all the way out of the mountains. Head west and then
north until you reach another town. <p>
<h3>Rocket town </h3><p>
Welcome to rocket town. There’s
a weapon shop to your left and an inn to your right. Above the
weapon shop is a house that is pointless to go to. Next to it
however is an item shop with an old man standing beside it. To the
right of that is the house you gotta go to. Examine the rooms and
head out the back door. You’ll find a plane called the tiny bronco.
To the south east is a house where a chest is and then you have to
head past the item shop towards the rocket. Make your way into the
rocket and talk to the man there. After you get his name head back
to the tiny bronco. Here you’ll have to fight palmer. He has a weird
mako gun that shoots out ice 2 and bolt 2. Hit him with everything
you got and the little wimp will run away. After that the little
plane is yours but you can only use it as a boat that sails shallow
water. <p>

Fort condor battles await. <p>

<h3>Wutai </h3><p>
If you want to date Yuffie read on but if you don’t skip this long
paragraph until you had your date with whoever. On the west
continent you’ll find Yuffie’s hometown. Before reaching it though
you’ll get your materia stolen from you. Anyways to get it back you
gotta reach her home town and find her in several places. One is in
the item shop once you check the chest there. The other is in the
first house you pass upon entering the town. The other is in the
barrel near the bar, here you catch her but she gets away again. The
next place to catch her is after you sleep at the house in the
other part of town you‘ll find her again. Right across from the
bell. you’ll also find Yuffie’s father here. Next to the room he’s
in you’ll find a secret door. This leads to a chest. Next after you
found her in all those location find the turtle paradise flyer next
to the switches. Then in the second part of town, examine the bell
and a door will appear. Go through it and gather the chest as you
fight your way through. Stock up on magic items at the item shop now
so you’ll have them to use. Head up to the mountains north of the
save point. Examine every turn and you’ll eventually find out where
you need to go. To the west most part of the mountains you’ll have a
boss fight with Rapps. Throw all of the spell items I told you to
buy at the item shop and you’ll be able to beat him. After that you
get your materia back and you can now go up the pillar in the second
part of town. I’d leave this for you to do at disk 2 cause then
you’ll have all the enemy skills and you can learn trine, which is
one of the hardest skills to learn. <p>

If your really not that worried about the trine enemy skill then
add Yuffie in your party and set her materia to where she is best to
fight alone. Head to the second part of town and to the big pillar
like house. Here you’ll have to fight a number of battles with
Yuffie alone. This will win you the leviathan materia and Yuffie’s
level 4 limit break. <p>

Needs Up dated at disk 2. <p>

<h3>Side quest time!!! </h3><p> One the northern most continent is bone village.
The shops have a really cool selection so stock up on some stuff by
talking the first man you pass. After that go up the latter and
enter the forest. There will be a little red dot that pops up here
and there. Grab it and head to the battle arena. Fight your heart
out and buy all the items you haven’t got but most importantly,
clouds ultimate limit break omni slash . If you have to go to the
wonder square and play games for GP. I’d suggest playing the biker
game a lot. Also there’s a game that involves a Mog. Every time he
makes a cheer noise stop feeding him nuts. that’s the only way to
win. Afterwards talk to the lady beside the game and she’ll give you
30 GP. The objective is to get enough Gp to buy the items the woman
near the arm wrestling has to give. If you feel like leveling up,
go south of fort condor to the southern continent. Theres a place
you can park your tiny bronco at near a green patch of land. Fight
the enemies on the green land and you’ll face head hunters. These
are one of the best enemies to fight in the game. <p>

<h3>Getting the key stone</h3> <p>
Head to the little house you got Aeris level 4 limit break and talk
to the man there. He’ll mention something about a key stone. You
don’t even have to do that all you have to do is go to the gold
saucer. Head to the battle arena and enter don’s trophy room. The
first item you see is the keystone. After you obtain the item head
out of gold saucer. Now its time for a date. If you followed all the
pick a dates in order you should be able to have determined who
you’d date, but if you were careless then you will probably get a
date with Aeris. After the date check the room cloud stayed in for
an elixir. Now you have to head to the temple of ancients. <p>

Fort condor battles await. <p>
<h3>The temple of the ancients </h3><p>
The temple of the ancients is on an island south of Junon. You can
tell when you find it cause it looks like a big temple surrounded
my a forest. Once inside go across the bridge and up the stairs to
enter the temple. Examine the alter and you will be sent to a
labyrinth. This is tricky so bare with me. Head to the top let and
then down some steps. You’ll see a little door way with vines on the
other end. Go down them and then under some steps to the closest
box. Head to the right and up some more vines then up the steps to
some more vines. There should be an item here too. Then down the
steps into a doorway. After you talk to him check the box in the
room for another weapon then exit. Go back up the stairs take the
vines go past the archway. Pick up another item and then go down
those really long steps. Then go past another arch way to some more
stairs. Continue left and down the vines. Find the chest and
continue. They’re should be another wizard looking person jumping
around, remember where he goes cause you’ll soon have to be there.
Go down some stairs and a little to the right to find some more
vines. After you climb them head towards the top of the stairs and
then some stairs that lead down. You’ll soon find some more vines
and then a luck plus materia to the left. Good Job. Now go back
until you reach the area the wizard looking guy was standing before
he jumped around. Walk east and then south to a door. You’ve almost
got him. Now when the boulders come falling on you make sure cloud
is under an area where the boulders are hollow and then run when the
boulders past you. Keep doing this until you reach the old man. Oh
yeah it’s a good idea to stop and wait for a good opportunity when
your half way through (near this pond like area). Talk to the old
man, he will now or soon offer to save your game or restore HP and
MP, and then follow Aeris back to the pond. Don’t worry the boulders
are gone. After the cut scene pick up the morph materia and then
head right to the next area past the wizard guy. Now your at a
clock. Here is all you need to go through, door IIII, door V, door
VII, door VIII. When you let the second hand reach the min or hour
hand you’ll be pushed into a lower chamber with a chest in it. The
item isn’t that great that great so if you go you’ll have to find
your own way back to the clock. When your ready go into door VI.
Here is a man you have to catch. Go down one story by searching the
left most and right most corners of the first story. Then enter the
doorway second to last on the second floor. If you followed
correctly you’ve found him. He will offer to save your game and heal
you. Now check the very bottom left corner to get another item.
Getting back up to the door is a problem try the door second to
right on the bottom floor. If that don’t work just go in a door and
when you come out go back in and so on and so on you’ll find your
way. Now your in a room with drawings on the wall make your way to
the left and then check the alter. Then go back the way you came.
Poison the red dragon and cast ice spells on him. If your characters
are good enough he’ll die sooner or later. After the fight go pick
up the red materia he leaves behind and then back to the clock room,
heal and then go forward. Check the door and then get ready for a big
fight. Big guard works well in this fight as well as do summons and
limit breaks. Always cure. When he’s dead it will be time to head to
bone village. <p>

<h3>Bone Village </h3><p>
Bone village is on the most northern continent and on the south most
area. Once there talk to the first man on your left and say your
searching for the lunar harp. Once it gets down to setting people
up to find it, don’t!!, just send a man to dig up the latter and
near this black circle area away from the tent. it’s a step left
from it and then a step up from it. If its not in the chest
afterwards try again. Its on the top left tip of the black spot.
When you get it head into the forest. Once you get past the forest
hug the right wall and follow it up to a chest and equip the item on
your strongest character. Backtrack a little and then hug the left
wall and go through a hollow tree and proceed north. The enemies
here have the death sentence enemy skill. Follow the path back to
the world map. Save and then move north in the Forgotten City. <p>

<h3>The forgotten city </h3><p>
Go north and then head to the left at the x in the road. When you
get the chance head up and hug the left side until you reach a
little building. Go inside and up the steps to find a chest. Then
exit out the door you haven’t gone through yet. Keep going right
until you reach another area. There should be some steps right when
you first enter, go down them and follow until you reach another
chest. Go back up the steps and trace your steps back to the X in
the road. This time go right. The first building you come across has
a chest in it so go there. Its all the way at the top. Also note the
little shiny orbs on the walls. Checking them causes a flash and
then some words of the ancients that cloud can’t understand. Go
back to the main road and this time head north to the next house on
clouds right. Pass the latter and then you’ll find a chest. After
that make use of the latter and skip going to bed right away.
Instead go past the beds to the right and to the end of the twisting
house to find another enemy skill materia. <p>

Fort condor battles await <p>

Now its time to sleep. When you wake up go to the X in the road
again and go north. There’s nothing to be afraid of just go forward
and then left into the house. Follow the path ignoring the crystal
like stairs for no until you reach the top. Grab the materia and
then down the crystal stairs that I just told you to ignore. From
here follow the path all the way up to where Aeris is praying. After
disappointing news you have more disappointing news… A boss fight.
With that item you picked up along the way equip one of your
characters is invincible. If you didn’t equip it when I said then
your in for a tough fight. <p>

<h3>Disk 2 </h3><p>
<h3>The forgotten city </h3><p>
Now when everything’s over head down the path you seen
Sephiroth take. Once you do don’t jump up the spikes yet. Instead go
to the left where a brighter looking ramp is and follow it then hug
the wall to the right until you go across the screen to another
chest. Now you ca have your fun and go up the spikes. Once up there
proceed upwards and then at the top head right and around to a cave.
Go into the second cave in and go up. When you reach the top go
left. To another black scar in the rock. From the top of that go
right. Follow the path right and then go down to a chest. Go back up
the rock and jump off then back on to go up some more. Jump to the
right for a chest then jump back on and then jump off to your left.
Head left to another black scar and then up. When you get to the
latter head all the way down for a materia. Then you can go up all
the way after you got it. Go right and then through the door. To
your right is a chest after you get that go north to the world map.
On the world map head south, west, then north around the mountains. <p>
<h3>icicle inn</h3><p>

Once inside head to the building all the way to your right. Notice
the map on the top wall. Grab it and the items in the little room.
Now exit the building and go to the furthest point of town where a
man is walking. Keep pressing left the whole time your talking to be
sure you don’t get punched. If you do don’t worry you’ll just wake
up at Professor Gast and Aeris moms house. There are movies there
that you can watch to see what happened back then. Also down stairs
in an item or two also. If you didn’t get hit it’s the second
building on your left. The first building on your left is a weapon
shop that sells good weapons, stock up on anything new. The second
building on your right is an inn. Go up stairs and to the south west
corner is an item. Now for the center house. Go in it and talk to
everyone, even the cat. Pick up your snow board and then head back
to the guy walking at the other end of town and then to the forest
on your right to leave. This is very important when the path splits
in two you need to go left and then at the second split off go
right. From here take the south exit and save your game. <p>
<h3>Great Glacier</h3> <p>
Go back to
the ice burg and go east once inside. Follow the path until you reach a new area
and go north east. After the paths go north west. When you reach the
next area there are hot springs to the bottom of the screen. You
need to touch them. Then go west past some paths and then you’ll be
in this big area where you can set markers up. You need to go east.
The only real way to know which way is east is a little cave in the
center of the field. Once you find the cave the entrance is pointing
south. Once you’ve gone east and to a new area, go into the cave and
then you’ll see a person there. Talk to her and then pick up the
materia. Now head out of the cave and then south. After a few
screens go north on a hidden path then search the snow for a materia
which can be found when it sparkles. Now that I’ve gotten you this
far walk around and you’ll soon pass out, waking up at where you
need to be. If you passed out before getting Alexander and the added
cut. Then go back to your saved game I told you to save and try
again. <p>

<h3>Gaea's cliff </h3> <p>
When waking up go up a screen and talk to the old man. Tell him
you’ll like to hear his story. Then after all that go outside and
talk to a friend to change party members. When your ready head to
the north to climb the mountain. The red flags state where you can
climb. Take time to raise your temperature between each climb and
you’ll do good. This is not a place you want to set your controller
down and leave the room. The paths are pretty easy to figure out so
I’ll leave that up to you. Here’s my only hint, as long as your
going up your good. Once you’ve reached the first cave here’s what
you have to do. Go up to another screen and then up the stair, then
south. There is a monster named Stilva that has the magic breath and
trine enemy skills. Now follow the bridge and hug the wall to your
right. You’ll soon find another secret area with a chest inside. Get
out of the secret area and go north and across another bridge. Open
the chest and then go to the up-left door. Follow the path all the
way up and push the big giant snow ball. Now head back all the way
to the first room you came upon and go through the now opened
terrain, (where the spikes use to be). Now its back to climbing.
This time go up and then right when you come to a part in the road.
Remember to keep warm and you’ll get to the next part of the caves.
Once in the next cave go and save your game and go to the top right
to find an item and go through the passage. Take the path all the
way around and beware the Marlboros they are deadly but you can
learn the bad breath enemy skill from them. After you made it around
and to the next area there is a treasure chest to your right and
four icicles. Grab the chest and fight the four icicles choosing now
to jump down each time. There is also a chest on your left so grab
it. Then its safe to go back to where one of the icicles were and
jump down, or you can just go back the way you came from. Now you
can get the chest next to the save point and cross the now present
icicles to the next area. Right when you get to a path that wraps
around you can find a chest, open it, then follow the path all the
way around. Go past the cave and then start climbing. Remember I
told you as long as your going up your good. Save your game and
touch the glowing springs. Then equip your characters to null or
absorb ice, fire and maybe earth if you want. It doesn’t matter if
it takes your materia down this is only temporary. So armor
accessories and materia need to be changed. Take your “all” materia
off of fire and ice. Once your ready go to the right and enter a
new area. Go south and soon you’ll have another boss fight. Using
fire on the left head and ice on the right head work good. Avoid
using Ifrit or Shiva until you know one head is dead. <p>

Fort condor battles await <p>

You may want to save and heal where you last did but if not just
head down the path you fought the two headed dragon and you’ll soon
be out of the cave. <p>

Once outside the cave head down the path to your left and continue
on. <p>
<h3>The whirlwind maze</h3> <p>
Then go west again to find the red materia floating on a rock.
Then go left to a new screen. The object of this part is to get as
close as possible to the whirl wind and wait for it to calm down
then run past it. Now if you speak to the black coated people you’ll
sometimes find items. Continue along the path until you find another
chest. Equip your characters with things that null or absorb fire,
then need to the next screen. Here is where it gets tricky, you have
to wait for the wind to clear and then dodge the lightning bolt at
the same time. When you do run away to the next area. Here you’ll
have another boss fight. If you don’t get hurt from fire who will
hurt you here? No one. After the fight there is a black shiny orb
pick it up and hand it to red XIII or Barret. After that go to Tifa
and carry on. Ahead is a piece of materia to add to your collection
and west of the save point is chest. Its another whirl wind. Wait
until everything’s calm and then run past it. From here you’ll have
some story line and some easy to guess things to do. You can’t get
lost cause your forced to stay where you need to be and most of it
is just by talking to everyone. <p>

<h3>Escape from junon </h3> <p>
After all is said and done you wake up in Junon. Talk to Barret and
then follow the crowd of people to a save point where you should put
materia on Barret, Cait Sith and then follow to a chamber. What do
you know Cait Sith joins up with Barret to fight some enemies. It
should be an easy fight. Now try to go back the way you came and
then check up on Tifa. Talk to Cait Sith then leave the room. Go
right from here and then on the next screen head left. Here you’ll
go down an elevator thing and then you’ll see Yuffie down towards
town. She’s the news lady and she’ll join your party to help you.
Continue the way you were going and you’ll soon be in a hallway with
arrows pointing to rooms you can go to. There are two fully visible
arrows go to the one straight above you. There’s a little chest
looking switch in the middle of the port. Click the Ok button and
then run to the high wind. Now Tifa needs help too. First use her
legs to push the key towards you. Then use her legs and her head at
the same time. After that use her head and left arm. Then use her
left arm and right arm at the same time. Remember where they turned
the gas on? Its at the top of the screen its a shiny button. When
your done check the door. Now move Tifa down to the edge of the
cannon by climbing down the walls. Once there you get in a slapping
contest which you can win or lose, it don’t matter just head to the
edge of the cannon. <p>

Yippee!! An Airplane also More fort condor battles await <p>
<h3>Side quests (early disk 2) !! </h3><p>
Now its time to do some training. Take Tifa to the chocobo stables.
Right when you enter you can find some materia to your right. Then
head to the building on the top left. Talk to the man there and buy
four chocobo stables. Then go to the stables to the right of the
house and buy some greens have one of each kind of greens and then
some gysahl greens. Next we got to catch some great or good
chocobos. Fly to either the gold saucer or midel (which is on the
southern most continent.) and find the foot prints of a chocobo.
Put on your chocobo lure materia and catch them. When you’ve caught
4 and sent them back to the stables go to the ranch and then the
stables and talk to the guy there. Pick through chocobos and look for
any good or great chocobos. If you got some move the bad ones in
and then talk to the man again selecting releasing chocobos. Then
remove them and add your good or great birds. You need one
good/great female and one good/great male. When you do its time to
train them. Go to your airship and head east from Icicle Inn. You
should see a lonely house on the northern continent when you do.
Park the ship and go in. To your left is a bird that will drop a
materia. Then there’s a purple man there who is an expert on raising
chocobos. Now buy some Reagan greens from him 99 of them. Now park
your ship on a green patch on the east wall of the north continent
and have the steal materia on. Steal some 4 Carob nuts from
Vlakorados and then head back to the stables. If you want you can
save your game and try breeding now (if you lose rest and try again)
to get a blue or green chocobo. You need one of both and they need
to be the opposite sex. If you want to raise your chances go to
feeding chocobos and feed your female 50 Reagan greens and the male
49 Reagan greens. Now go to the chocobo square in the gold saucer
and talk to ester. Race your chocobo until you start losing a bunch
then try to breed using a Carob nut. If you want visit the chocobo
sage (the purple guy) and buy some more Reagan greens, feed, and
race. When you have a blue and green chocobo of the opposite sex
your ready to breed them. Release the two great/good chocobos cause
there useless and take up room. Do the same thing you did with the
yellow birds, buy greens, feed, race, breed and you‘ll get a black
chocobo soon.. Always save before breeding so you can always try
again. When you get a black chocobo its time to find a wonderful
chocobo near the icicle inn. When you catch 4 of them go to the
stables and see if you got a wonderful bird that is an opposite sex
of your black chocobo (note if you do and you low on stables you
don‘t have to throw away the underachievers cause you won‘t need to
catch any more. When you got a wonderful and black its time to buy
greens, feed, race, and its breed with a Zeio nut which can be
found on an island east of bone village. In the end you can say yeah
I got a gold chocobo!! Now its time to get some materia. Ride your
gold chocobo out and take it on a ride with the high wind. Go to
mideel, park and take your gold bird to a cave that lays on one of
the east most edges then go inside and get your materia. Now park
near Barrets home town (North Corel) and head east to an area you
shouldn’t be able to reach without a special chocobo. There’s a cave
there also go inside and get your materia. Now head to the west
continent and find the cave on the east side and get your materia.
Finally and I mean finally, take the chocobo on a ride to the top
right area of the world map. There should be an area with walls
around it and a forest inside. Go in the cave there and get your
boss killer materia. Use this materia whenever you have trouble in
the game. You can also train your chocobo so good that it will never
lose. Making it easy to win 8 races in the S class. This means you
get a number of prizes. Try it and see what I mean. Outside of the
materia caves there’s a forest in the hills of Cosmo Canyon. Save. <p>

<h3>The ancient forest </h3><p>
This forest is troublesome. Pressing square will send you back to
where you started. First grab all the flies and move them to the
east side of the reachable area. Pressing square will reset the
flies and there’s no need for the frog. Now quickly as you can take
each fly and throw them one at a time in to the flowers to get
across. Do it fast or the flowers will spit the fly out. When across
go to the big pink thing and barely grab the item. Then head right
to the next area. Go and get a fly and then and then jump on the
pink string hanging above. Jump across the flowers and grab the
frog. Place it in the nearby left flower and jump on it. Stay there
and you’ll soon be bounced near this bees nest or something really
smelly. Grab it and put it in the center of the pink fly trap. Grab
the materia and then back and grab the frog again. This time use it
to bounce on the right flower. Then head right to the next screen.
Take the two flies and put them in the flowers and jump across.
Now you should be up in some trees. Go to the left and you’ll be
able to get a item. Go back right into the third area and go back
up to the trees. Climb to the top of the tree and then right to
another tree. On the broken branch of this tree you can jump across
to get a materia. Now take the pink strings across and head south
to the second part of the third area. Jump down onto the trunk and
grab the fly to your right. Take it to the flower and grab the bees
nest. Put it on the pink flytrap grab the fly and head behind the
flytrap. Throw the fly into the flower hop across then pick up
another nearby fly. Put this one in front of the hollow tree. You
should now see a frog. Take the frog to the flower to your right and
leap on it facing right. Grab the frog afterwards and place it on
the flower to your right. Stand on it facing right and you’ll be
near the end of the forest. Straight across where you being the
forth area you should find the sword apocalypse. If not reset and
try again some other time. Maybe after you have to fight the
weapons. Up and right of the cave part is another chest go out the
door here to be back on the world map. <p>

<h3>Mideel </h3><p>
Now your ready to find cloud. He’s in Mideel on the south continent
don‘t forget to save. Don’t go past or near the dog in the village
for one and buy what you don‘t have for two. The first house on your
right is an item shop, the one above it is the weapon shop, down the
steps and north from the weapon shop is a materia shop, up the steps
and to your left is an accessory shop and the house before the dog
is an old mans house. Now in the weapon shop is something very
strange. There’s a door you can’t open, maybe you need the key? The
key can be found outside of the accessory shop behind an old man.
When you got the key go back to the weapon shop and examine the
door. Tell the clerk the truth and he’ll hand you an item. Now there
should be a woman running around with a white chocobo. Examine the
bird and give him some mimett greens and scratch behind his ear.
That will give you another materia. There’s also a lonely house
right before the dog, go into it and you can steal an item from the
old man. Now that you’ve bought everything and got the three secret
items your ready to proceed with the story. Go pet the dog I earlier
told you to avoid and follow him to the tent he went into. <p>

Fort condor battles await. ( save before you do this and if you lose
try again. After you win go out the nearby door and get the phoenix materia and
talk to the old man below and he’ll give you some important materia.
This kind of materia is a must have. Also I would like to
congratulate you cause this is the last fort condor battle in the
game.) <p>

<h3>The mt. corel reactor </h3> <p>
Save and now head to Mt Corel from Barrets hometown (corel). Go all the way
to the giant reactor and then you’ll have to catch up with a train.
Do what I do press up + triangle and then down + X really fast and
you’ll soon catch up with them. Next you have to fight each time you
jump on a new part of the train. So be prepared. When you make it
past all the fights you’ll walk away with some two really good
materia. Exit and reenter Barrets home town and check the tents.
A woman will give you Barrets level 4 limit break. Pretty cool.
If you crashed the town reset and try again. <p>

<h3>Mideel and inside cloud </h3><p>
Its time to visit cloud again so save and return to mideel. When
you go to the tent he’s in you’ll soon have another boss fight.
Steal from him to get another cursed ring. After you do you can
fight normally or hit him with the knights of the rounds you got
from all that chocobo breeding. That will take him down… or does
it? <p>

Now its time to understand cloud. Go to the top right version of
cloud and finish the story there. Then go to the top right version
of cloud and in the top left. After that go to the bottom cloud and
finish the story there. Now go to the top right version of cloud one
more time. That should be it. <p>

<h3>The junon reactor </h3><p>
Now we’ll head back to Junon. Don’t forget to equip you leader.
Follow the road (going into shops cause they got new things) and
wait until you get to a T after the main part of town. Don’t worry
your not missing anything, if you really want to know though… it’s
the cannon. There should be a small army in the bottom of the T.
Follow them and remain on the path. After the elevator all possible
wrong doors are sealed. Just head down. When you find your self in
the tunnel surrounded by water add the morph materia and change the
Ghost Ship into an item. He is a random battle in the tunnels and
sometimes can be hard to find. When your done go further into the
tunnels then you’ve been and enter a door. Here you have to press a
switch at the left side of the screen. After doing so head out of
the elevator and then follow the path. These guys are one of a kind
soldiers. Beat them and go through the paths they were blocking. Now
follow the catwalks and paths until you see the big materia. Now
before going any further, equip your characters with lightning
spells. Then when your equip follow the path to Reno. He’s got a
boss fight for you. Just use bolt, Ramuh, trine and summons to do
damage while casting big guard and cure spells when needed. If you
do get stuck and have followed this guide all the way, use Knights
Of The Round (KOTR). Now there are three chests to get before
jumping on a sub. Make sure you get them, its not that hard. So go
to the sub everyone’s trying to get on and fight your way through.
When you come to the cock pit, choice to fight them and steal from
them, all of them, before you kill them. Now this can be hard or
easy. If you find your self not moving or lost it can be hard. If
you listen you can learn some quick tips. Pushing up and down only
moves you from high to low. It does not take you forward. At the
start notice the red sub. Press triangle to catch up with him. Stay
behind him, don’t go faster or slower then him. Use X if your going
too fast or triangle if your going too slow. Now when behind him
keep tapping square. You’ll fire torpedo’s four at a time. Only fire
at the red sub but it doesn’t matter cause after 12 or so successful
shots he’ll be down. <p>

<h3>the submarine</h3><p>
After you get out of the sub go back underwater with it. Defiantly
watch out for the big moving creature down there. “he’ll kill you”.
Shortly west of the temple of the ancients you’ll find your huge
materia, if you beat the sub the first time if you didn’t go to a
save file until you do. Shortly east from the gold saucer you’ll
find a sunken airplane. Go inside and enter the first room to your
right. Go forward onto a little cat walk to get a prize and then the
top left and right corners of the room. After you got the three
things its time to save. Return to the first room and save your
game. You can morph enemies a lot easier now that you have Yuffie’s
conformer and every monster in the plane turns into one of the six
sources, like power, guard, magic, mind, speed, and luck. Also note
that speed and luck can only be found in the little room your about
to go into. Equip the steal materia and go to the left room. Steal
from every enemy in this boss fight and then kill them. Now head
into the next door. Stay on the upper level until you get both
chests then go down the steps to gain a materia next to the
mechanical parts and two chest in the bottom of the screen. Now its
time to head out. Back in the sub head towards Mt. Corel. Go
underwater and you’ll find a cave. Go through it, surface and add
Vincent to your party. Now go behind the waterfall. Back track to
the sub and go south west from icicle inn. Go down and find a rare
item. I’ll give the strategy for the monster down there later. <p>

<h3>Rocket town </h3><p>
Head to rocket town with cid in your party. Go to the rocket and
steal from the boss fight against a man you should have become
familiar with. When you get in the rocket Cid will talk and then
head up to the latter to your right. When you examine the area
you’ll have to soon type in a code, O square XX. Get the materia and
backtrack your way to where you usually enter and go down to the
next screen. Return to rocket town with cid in the party and examine
the old man who misses his rocket. You’ll soon get a weapon for Cid
but it can’t level materia up. Now go into the weapon shop where
there’s a new chest. Open it and your ready to leave. <p>

<h3>Cosmo Caynon</h3> <p>
Go to Cosmo Canyon and visit Bugenhagen check the blue huge materia
for some materia. Now your off to the forgotten city. From the start
go left and past the house following the road. Go up to where
Bugenhagen is and talk to him. Twice. Now go to leave. This is
where it gets good. <p>

Have the steal materia equip and steal a weapon for Yuffie. This
monster isn’t hard and if you got KOTR you can kill it in one hit.
If I was you I would equip all the stuff I want to level up, like
comet, Ultima, and other stuff. <p>

<h3>Side quests time. </h3><p> I know, I know, too many side quests right? Well
this is easy... well kind of. East of Junon is ultimate weapon. Fight
him once, with all the enemy skills equip and then he’ll run off.
Follow him or track him down several times and you’ll soon defeat
him near Cosmo Canyon. Doing this will get you a good weapon for
cloud but it can’t learn materia. If you haven’t done the chocobo
breeding quest plus the ancient forest quest (located in the
mountains of Cosmo Canyon) or haven’ got the sword apocalypse do so
now. In the back room of the item shop in Cosmo Canyon is some
materia and an item. Now back at the Gold Saucer you can go in and
out of the station and the start with the save point, saying you do
have a unlimited pass. This will bring a guy out past the save point
which will sell you GP watch for him. Get some GP and fight your
heart out at the battle square for the W-summon materia. Win 8
battles in the special fights with the Ultima weapon and you’ll get
the final attack materia. Perfect to go with the phoenix summon. Now
you can play around in the gold saucer (mainly because of the sub
game in the wonder square) or you can high tail to Nibelheim and
play the following in Tifa’s piano, Do re mi ti la do re mi so fa do
re do. Now attempt to go to Midgar by landing the airship and
walking to it. A guy will be there and he’s looking for his key. Go
to bone village and say your looking for normal treasure then dig
near the spike point is, or near the guy that was digging there.
You’ll find the Key to Midgar there. Go back into Midgar and run to
wall market. In the shop with the item shop you’ll find a weapon for
Tifa, this one can’t learn materia either. Now to the weapon shop in
wall market the junk man will sell you the sneak glove for some
pricey money. Buy it and head out. If you haven’t done Yuffie’s
side quest you should now that you have four enemy skill materias
and can learn trine for all of them. Trine is one of the harder
skills to learn and Yuffie’s side quest is the only way to learn it
for all four materias. Usually you can only get it for two or three
enemy skills. The cave in the mountains at Yuffie’s hometown can now
be put out. If you haven’t seen it before there’s a cave in Da-Chao
with fire blazing everywhere. With those leviathan scales you can
put them out. Also you can get some more enemy skills at this
point. They are: <p>

Enemy skill /////////////location/////////////manipulate <br>
Frog song - by the frogs in the forest near Gongaga - yes <br>
Level 4 suicide - muu near the chocobo ranch - no <br>
Magic hammer - razor weeds near Wutai -yes <br>
White wind - Zemelzeets near Junon -yes <br>
Big guard - Beach plugs near coasta De soa - yes <br>
Death force - Adamantois on the wutai beach - yes <br>
Flame thrower - Arc Dragon in mythril cave - yes <br>
Laser - death claw in Corel prison - yes <br>
Matra magic - Custom Sweeper near Midgar - yes <br>
Beta - Midgar Zolom near chocobo farm- no <br>
Aqualung - serpent in the Sunken Gelnika -no <br>
Trine - Godo in Yuffie‘s side quest - no <br>
???? - Jersey in the Shinra mansion - no <br>
Goblin punch -goblins on goblin island (where you get the Zeio nut)
- yes <br>
Choc buckle - Level 4 chocobo ( go to mideel and search for a level
4 chocobo. you need to give him a Mimett green then cast level 4
suicide on him) - no <br>
Death sentence - Bound Fat on the path to the forgotten city - no <p>

You can also go to an island south of Cosmo Canyon called Cactus
Island and its not on the map. Have Yuffie in your party with the
conformer and morph cactor to get terra elementals. There are two
secret things in mind too. On your way back to Midgar go to the
church to see Aeris. Now go to the Shinra mansion and go past where
you found Vincent. These two things only happen once. Now go to Kalm
and enter the house on your far right. Go upstairs and talk to the
man. Give him the guide book for the underwater materia. Don’t worry
this materia can’t be leveled up and is only used to get the 20 min
timer off Emerald weapon. Now go level your knights of the round and
mime materia up Apocalypse is a good choice as it levels your
materia up three times as fast. You need at least 2 mime materias
and a level 2 KOTR plus the w-summon and underwater materia. You’ll
need HP plus materia too to survive the hits so always equip them.
Equip cloud with underwater - w-summon final attack-phoenix and
knights of the round. Then the two others with one mime each. Then
add big guard and restore, plus whatever else you need. Now save
and go fight emerald, set up stuff like regen and big guard first
then as soon as possible cast Knights of the round twice. Now
continue the fight miming KOTR until he’s dead. If your chain breaks
you can run away or if you think he should be dead soon, continue
fighting. Remember he’s Hp restores if you run so you’ll have to
start all over again. Go back to Kalm and give the man you gave the
guide book to, this time give him the earth harp. Congrats you are
now fully equip with three master materias. Hop on the airship go
to gold saucer desert where this red thing sticks up and prepare one
of you characters in one of the two methods, <p>

Method one - KOTR-Hp absorb, Master summon-Mp absorb (master summon
is not really necessary), mime and w-summon. Then with whatever
else you want. <p>

Method two - Bahamut Zero- Quadra Magic, Master summon-hp absorb
(master summon is not really necessary) w-summon mime and whatever
else. <p>

Pretty much unless you start the fight with two members dead and
revive them later, ruby will sink two off the bat. Once he puts his
hands in the ground you can revive and/or cast summons. Then mime
away and hope you kill him. There is no telling which characters he
will sink so you might want to save and keep trying for the one you
got set up to fight. <p>

<h3>The northern cave and returning to midgar</h3> <p>
Now that your ready and fully equip with some of the most powerful
weapons/armor/materia you are ready to investigate the northern
cave. Check the barrier and then go fly over Midgar. Now catch up
with your party and save your game. Go talk to Cait Sith and then
head into the sewers. Go to your left and climb the next latter for
an item. Go back and head past the first latter you started on. You
should fall and then climb a latter to get two more items. After
that go back and jump on a tube go up and up until you reach an
item. At the bottom of the tube is a latter leading to where you
need to go. Save and enter the little hole near the save point. Make
sure you have someone with the steal materia. You will soon have to
fight a boss fight. Three major items can be stolen from them so do
so. Then hit them with what you got. Like Ultima weapon 2 time cut
or KOTR. Comet 2 and ultima work good too. Go south as far as you can
and you’ll reach a new materia and a save point. Equip the materia
and have your config set to wait. Enter a battle and select either
elixir or Megalixir with the person with the w-item materia equip.
then when its focused on someone use the first item and when you
focus on someone with the same item again hit cancel select cancel
select over and over again until you have 99 of that item. You have
to have at least two of the item. Then you can reproduce any item
usable in battle to obtain 99 of them. What a shame you can’t do
that with sources. Now head north and when you get back to where
you started go up three screens and head left. Now remember this
place? Go up the stairs and enter the item shop. Check the chests
and if you want buy from the item shop. Now hop on the elevator and
go to the 64th floor. Go to the locker rooms and snoop around. If
you don’t have 99 megalixirs go sleep and save if needed. When your
ready head to the sewers again and head down and then left when you
get the chance. Now if your out of the sewers your just fine. Go
right and then face a boss battle. This guy isn’t hard and with all
that power leveling and materia you’ve probably got, this guy is a
wimp. Go north to a save point a put Barret in your party. Open the
chests on your way up and you’ll find a weapon for Barret and like
so many others, this one can’t gain AP. When you get to the top of
the tower you have another boss battle. He can be hard but I
wouldn’t resort to KOTR for this one. <p>

<h3>Disk 3 </h3><p>

Okay first things first don’t go down yet. Instead get on the high
wind and go to Cosmo Canyon. Go visit Red XIII’s grandpa with red
XIII in your party. Then go to the sub and revisit the cave near Mt.
Corel with Vincent in your party. After that you can buy Cloud a
house in Costa Del Sol. Now go back to the northern cave. <p>

<h3>The final dungeon </h3><p>
Grab the chest but don’t use the item yet. Follow the spiral all the
way down manipulating a dragon on your way down to learn Dragon
Force for an enemy skill. There is only one other chest on the
spiral. Now your at a new area. Go right and jump down getting the
treasure. This might seem silly to you but when your at the bottom
of the screen climb up to your left. Follow the paths and continue
to climb up to get treasures. Manipulate parasites to learn L5 death
and magic breath as enemy skills. At the top near where you started
you can climb to your right to get a chest and then try to walk to
your right to find some materia. Then take the right path all the
way down to exit the area. Head to your left and enter the cave.
There is a hole here below what looks like another hole. Climb up
to it and get the chest. There’s another chest on your way down. Get
the nearest chest after exiting out of the tunnel and then back
track all the way to the top. Past the tunnel. I know you probably
hate me by now. Once on top run to your right until you fall down.
Get the chest and then jump up again and find another chest,
(the one in the tunnel you could see but couldn’t touch. Outside of
the tunnel head a little to your left and climb up. Go right and
fall down two spaces. Enter the door to what seems to be a worthless
tunnel. Follow the path and then when you switch screens head left
and fall down. Then fall to your right. Then fall to your left and
fall again to exit this area. In the center you’ll find your
friends. Send people anyway you want it really don’t matter. Here
is the general place to set up that save point item you got, but if
you really wanna level up your materia and save while doing it, keep
it. Choice to go right and head down the long path with all your
enemy skills equip to your strongest character. Here you may fight
a dragon zombie which has the last and most missed enemy skill. You
only get one chance to learn it though. Its called Pandora’s box and
its quite amazing. The dragon zombie also has the shadow flare enemy
skill but you can get that whenever. When at the end choice to jump
down. Grab the chest and follow the path. There are several chest
along the way grab them too. You can learn the bad breath enemy
skill here as well. You learn it from the Malboro. When you get to
the Y go right and gather chests. Then backtrack and go north. Go
down the bones and then your at the main destination. From here take
the first door on clouds left. Don’t worry about your friends you’ll
see them soon. When the next road splits go up and to the left for
some items. Note there is a really good kind of materia here when
you jump between platforms. Its called mega all. There’s a chest to
the left and then your ready to backtrack to the split and go right
and up. Always get the chests you see its not like there’s a
monster-in-the-box or anything. Jump up three spaces and continue to
follow the path. This part is basic and you should be able to breeze
right through it. There’s no secret doors or paths. You do have to
do a little bit of climbing near the end. In the next area there are
two jump spots per rock. One is the way you jumped on and the other
is how to proceed. When you get on the middle rock go right and
collect the chest. When your ready go up from the center rock.
Take the first door on clouds right. When you jump down go right
and get treasure. Then follow the path to the left and up onto a
gold rock. Follow the rock around and you’ll be on the other side
where a chest eagerly awaits you. From here go up and you’ll be in
the next section. This is where I put my save point. If you give the
magic pots an elixir each you can then kill them. They give 1000 AP
each and with scimitar for cid or Apocalypse for cloud that’s 3K a
fight easy. You also have movers which give a lot of AP too. From
the start head right and go around the then when you reach the top
left area, grab the easy to get chest and then up the rock to get a
materia. The rock can also dash you underwater and to another chest.
Just go up the rock right. Get the chest and then head towards the
screen to pop up near the exit. Just go right and you’ll be there.
The tonberry enemy is tough but if you morph it, you’ll get a
ribbon. In the center light you’ll find your last piece of materia.
Maybe, it depends on which way you sent your players. If you found
you couldn’t find an item or a chest was open. It means your
characters got it for you and are waiting your arrival. The exit to
this area is at the top left. From here go right and meet up with
your friends. This is the last spot you could possibly put your save
point. Continuing on will mean your ending the game by fighting the
last battles. From your friends head downwards and get ready to
fight. <p>

Enemy skill /////////////location/////////////manipulate <br>
Frog song - by the frogs in the forest near Gongaga - yes <br>
Level 4 suicide - muu near the chocobo ranch - no <br>
Magic hammer - razor weeds near Wutai -yes <br>
White wind - Zemelzeets near Junon -yes <br>
Big guard - Beach plugs near coasta De soa - yes <br>
Angel whisper - on disk 3 Pollensalita - yes <br>
Dragon force - on disk 3 Dark dragon - yes <br>
Death force - Adamantois on the wutai beach - yes <br>
Flame thrower - Arc Dragon in mythril cave - yes <br>
Laser - death claw in Corel prison - yes <br>
Matra magic - Custom Sweeper near Midgar - yes <br>
Bad breath - dish 3 Malboro if you haven’t already got it.- no <br>
Beta - Midgar Zolom - no <br>
Aqualung - Sunken Gelnika -no <br>
Trine - Godo - no <br>
Magic breath - Parasite - yes <br>
???? - Jersey shinra mansion - no <br>
Goblin punch -goblins on goblin island (where you get the Zeio nut)
- yes <br>
Choc buckle - Level 4 chocobo ( go to mideel and search for a level
4 chocobo. you need to give him a Mimett green then cast level 4
suicide on him) - no <br>
L5 death - disk 3 Parasite in the northern crater - no <br>
Death sentence - on the path to the forgotten city <br>
Roulette - disk 3 Death Dealer - yes <br>
Shadow flare - disk 3 Dragon Zombie in the northern cave- no <br>
Pandora’s box - disk 3 dragon zombie in the northern cave- no </p>
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