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Character Appreciation: Jessica

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Jessica is a character in the survival horror game Until Dawn. She is 18, 17 in the prologue, and is dating another one of the main characters named Mike.

At first, Jess seems like a mean spirited cheerleader type, putting others down, playing pranks on everyone, not afraid to get bitchy. This part of her can be pretty grating, but we soon learn she has a softer side to her.

As it turns out, Jess puts so much emphasis on her looks because she feels insecure about the rest of herself. So she plays up the hot party girl stereotype because it's what others expect of her and it's the only thing she's confident she can do well.

I like her for that deeper side of her, but also because she's just a fun lady. When she's away from a certain person she doesn't like, she's actually a lot of fun, isn't afraid to find humour in situations and is just a generally happy, upbeat, and goofy type of person. She also has what I think is the scariest scene in the game.

So here's to you, Jess!
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