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Character Appreciation: Rise Kujikawa

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Rise is a character from the Persona franchise. She first appears in Persona 4 and has since appeared in a multitude of games such as Persona 4 Arena, Persona Q, and Dancing All Night. She is 15/16 in Persona 4 and represents the Lovers Arcana.

Rise was an idol with the stage name Risette before the game begins. During the story, she moves back to her tiny hometown where the game takes place. She lives with her grandmother and helps her tend to the Tofu Shop.

Rise struggles with the feeling that people don't like her or care about who she really is, only about her idol persona. This leads to some insecurities about who she is and if she'll be accepted for being who she is, which she struggles with and may overcome during the story.

Rise is a generally pretty upbeat girl, she's very silly and flirtatious, and also has a competitive side to her. Underneath she's actually a very caring and somewhat insecure young lady who cares about her friends and supports them in her own way.

Here's to you Rise!
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  1. Rez09's Avatar
    One day . . . I will play the Persona games. >. <
    They are really popular, but I keep finding myself sliding back into older games I've already beaten before instead of trying new titles. Why must I have these bad habits. ; -;
  2. Karifean's Avatar
    Same here >.<
  3. Fynn's Avatar
    I love Rise!

    I adore how layered she is as a character. At first you think "oh, so she's that giddy idol that just has to look happy and upbeat so everyone will love her but is actually subdued underneath" but no, not really, she is flirty and upbeat and she likes being that way, she just doesn't want to be reduced to that stereotype. And the main message behind her shadow - there really is no real you, you are just as much the you that you think you are, as well as the you the others see, and that's really not mutually exclusive. I found that pretty mind-blowing the first time around and with every passing year it's just more and more true.

    As someone who usually dislikes the genki girl archetype, I was really surprised with just how much Rise's character resonated with me. She's now one of my favorites from P4, just behind Kanji, whom she actually teases often. It also really helps that she's voiced by one of my favorite VAs ever - Laura Bailey!
  4. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Her voice was very excellent, I really enjoyed hers. I generally skip dialogue once I've read the text but with her I generally let her speak the whole thing out.

    I also liked the message that you are who you are. That people are multifaceted and it's all apart of you. Many people struggle with their identities and I think it's a relatable message