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April 1st Update

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The first of April has come and gone, and as some of you might know, a whole bunch of Japanese companies seem to be under the impression that that is the perfect date to announce important new projects and updates. Real ones as well as fake ones. Thankfully April 2nd has exposed the fakes and we are left with only the reals now. So what did we get?

planetarian is getting an anime movie adaptation. planetarian is a short (~3h) visual novel made by Key. It's also very good. If you need any more incentive to go ahead and read this, just listen to this amazing main menu theme. If all that STILL doesn't convince you, well, look forward to this movie! As for the smart ones that did actually read it, hooray, planetarian animated! So far we don't have a lot of information beyond animation studio (david production) but on the website I've linked above there is a countdown set to run out on April 15th, so looks like we can expect further details then!

Besides that we also have a new preview for the upcoming Rewrite anime, and it looks pretty alright to me! Seems the plot of the series won't be a carbon copy of the visual novel, but instead go into a direction more fit for the anime medium, which I honestly like hearing. Not that I would have minded if they simply adapted the VN as is.

In regards to visual novel anime adaptations, the first episode of the Gyakuten Saiban (more commonly known in the west as Ace Attorney) anime has been released. If you ask me it looks pretty alright so far!

We also got a little update regarding the project TRianThology, a couple teaser images. I don't think I've written about it before, so here's a quick rundown: Romeo Tanaka, Ryukishi07 and Yuuto Tonokawa - the three writers of Rewrite - have decided to collaborate on creating a visual novel called TRianThology. It consists of three separate stories (of different genres no less) that are connected in some way, with one character in particular being common to all three, and together tell one all-encompassing narrative. I'm very excited for it since Rewrite was pretty great overall - and it seems TRianThology will manage to avoid the route dissonance Rewrite had - and also because Ryukishi07 is working on it and everything I've read by him has been superb or better.

Speaking of Ryukishi, if anyone around here likes Higurashi or Umineko and is interested in a community dedicated to discussing his works, come on over to Newcomers are also welcome, we are currently planning on doing a community reading of Higurashi alongside the Steam rerelease!

Finally, for anyone interested in new releases, it seems Root Double has been pushed back to April, which is unfortunate, but another highly valued title called Tokyo Babel has been released on Steam, so if you're on the lookout for new epics to read, see if this one catches your eye.

That's about all for today. Hope you found something you look forward to!