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Character Appreciation: Tiara

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Today I will be talking about Tiara, a playable character from Fairy Fencer F. Tiara is an 18 year old girl and a fencer, meaning she can weirld Fury's, which are basically weapons that have the spirit of fairy partners inside of them. Don't worry about it. Also there will be spoilers if you want to play the game.

Tiara, like the rest of the cast, is kind of a terrible person. But that's okay because she actually isn't. She comes off as very conceited, snobby, and holier than thou. She can be very selfish and overbearing. But she's also keeping a deep dark secret. What is it? Well basically she is a descendant of the Vile God, meaning the big evil of this world.

Knowing this, she wants to fight back against her blood and works hard to revive the Goddess and bring light to the world. She struggles with this and with who she is, but in the end, despite all of her terribleness, she fights her blood and literally sacrifices her life for the betterment of the world. Don't worry, she gets better/ She also acts as a romantic interest for the likewise terrible hero.

At first I didn't like Tiara because... well the qualities I listed. But her outfit is da bomb, especially those boots don't even get me started, but seeing that deep down she's a very good person and watching her grow and develop made for a very powerful story.

Here's to you Tiara!

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