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Video Game Fashions: Senran Kagura

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For all of the games faults, it sure does have some cute outfits. Here are some of my favourites! Some are unlocked, some are DLC, and others you start with. I only have 2 DLC though because cost, so in the future I am sure I will have more cute outfits.

I like the contrast of this one. It covers a lot up top and is very complex and fancy, but then it cuts short and you get the socks and the bandage and everything. It works well together, in my opinion.

A fancy outfit that fits well with her personality. I like the colours and the blue tights and how it just fits with her and her fighting style.

Nothing fancy, but pretty cute. I changed the colour to blue because I think it looks nicer, and I like the stockings.

A large but still very cute sweater with some nice footwear. Non-character specific so it works on a lot of them. I also changed her hair because I didn't like her original hair.

A nice blue kimono that matches her eyes. The hair ribbon, which you can't see too well, is a nice accent.

While not my favourite outfit on its own, I think this suits her perfectly and I was surprised it wasn't her starting outfit. It looks good with her battle movements and everything too.

Sexy pink samurai gear? Why yes, yes it is.

Some cute and fluffy looking PJ's with matching kitty slippers. Nothing wrong with that. This one is DLC.

While not really my style, this is another one I think just really fits well on her and suits her. Originally yellow but I switched it to red because I think it looks better.

Traditional Chinese dress, looks very pretty. This one is also a DLC costume.

Favourite character, adorable outfit. Very pink and I really like the socks.

I just think this looks really nice. I like the top and the bikini bottoms and it manages to be very pretty and attractive while also being reasonable beach wear. You'd be surprised (or not) with this game.

And those are some of my favourite outfits from Senran Kagura: Estival Versus! (So far).
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  1. Fynn's Avatar
    Those breasts look sentient
  2. Pumpkin's Avatar
    They pretty much are xD