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VNs in the Steam Summer Sale 2016!

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For anyone looking for a good time to pick up some VNs, look no further! As you probably know the Steam Summer Sale is upon us so a massive number of games are reduced; and VNs are no exception.

Link to full list of visual novels with reduced prices

My personal recommendations for longer novels are CLANNAD (character-focused highschool romantic slice of life) and Root Double (sci-fi escape mystery). As for medium length novels, I recommend G-senjou no Maou (crime thriller), Higurashi no Naku Koro ni* (linear horror mystery), Danganronpa and its sequel (humorous mystery thriller with Ace-Attorney-esque trials). And for short novels I recommend looking into planetarian, Narcissu and/or eden*.

Happy reading!

* I should probably mention, Higurashi is divided into eight chapters plus bonus chapters, and only the first three have been released so far. The rest will probably be out within the next year or two, and counting all the chapters together it's easily the longest VN on Steam right now.