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FE: Birthright Couples and Ratings

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So I have completed my matchmaking in Fire Emblem Birthrights and I will share my thoughts and observations. Character spoilers possible, and I'm not the min/maxing sort of person so I won't be going in to detail about how effective the child units are.

Female Avatar + Izana

Okay so, I picked this couple more because he's who was left to be a father to my character's child and I didn't remember much about the other guy left after I made my other support couples. It was pretty sweet, he did some fortune telling, she worried about him. Nothing amazing though.

Child unit: Kana

Izana actually works well as the father. His generic father lines have a lot of personalization and flair to them.

Azura + Jakob

This two make a pretty cute couple. They're both rather formal and they share their childhoods, which is some good, deep bonding. I'm pretty happy with it overall.

Child units: Shigure and Dwyer

So this was the reason I picked this couple. You get the super coiffed and fancy mother, father, and Shigure, and then Dwyer looks kind of like Igor. But the relationship between the two brothers is an interesting one and I enjoyed it.

Takumi + Felicia

Takumi is pretty rough on Felicia, which isn't so great, but he ends up having a bit of a soft spot for her behind his hard exterior, so if that's something you enjoy, they're a good couple. Also adds a bit of personal touch in a story element later on. I mean it isn't included in the story, but if you think they're married it does have a bigger impact, I think.

Child unit: Kiragi

Felicia works well as his mother, I think. They both have a bit of the "lazy" face, and Felicia's positivity and playfulness is definitely present in his character as opposed to the more stern Takumi.

Silas + Hana

These two are very competitive and blunt with each other, so at least they're a couple that will push each other. It starts off pretty rocky though.

Child unit: Sophie

While the couple itself isn't my favourite, I love Sophie as their daughter. She's kind of tragic, and it really seems like it would fit with her two weirdo parents and their weirdo relationships. She's also very insecure, which could also come from having two parents always trying to compete to be the best. Also, Hana's hair colour really suits her.

Kaze + Mozu

This is an interesting pair because Kaze is this srs ninja retainer to the royal family and Mozu is this sweet little country bumpkin. They bond over potato peeling and even have a contest. Kaze is really sweet towards her and I quite like this couple.

Child unit: Midori

She does look like a good blending of the two, and she's a rather sweet little girl, so I think it works well in blending both parents.

Ryoma + Rinkah

Both are in prominent positions where they're from, and they both have strong personalities, so it's an interesting match. I think that it works well as they're both strong people, but in a way to encourage the other rather than stifle.

Child unit: Shiro

Other than the messy hair, he doesn't look much like his mother, but the personality matches well. He's learning from his father being more calm and level headed, which is exactly what Rinkah was learning from Ryoma as well. So I think that works!

Subaki + Hinoka

So these two make a good pair based on their past together. Not only did they train together to be Pegasus Knights, but Subaki is a retainer for Sakura, Hinoka's sister. They tell a story about rescuing her together, and it's a really nice bond they have. I think this is a very good couple.

Child unit: Caeldori

Well I could take or leave Hinoka as the mother. The hair colour works well, but otherwise she's just mostly to do with her father. Maybe someone who felt insecure next to Subaki would have made a better mother because they might have that in common?

Azama + Sakura

I don't much like this couple but that's because I like Sakura a lot and I don't like Azama. He's kind of a jerk towards her (and everyone) and she's so sweet and nice. They are both healers, I guess. Maybe she'll bring out the best in him.

Child unit: Mitama

And this is why I made them a couple. Mitama looks great with Sakura's hair, it really matches her outfit. Plus their outfits are similar already. And having two healer parents makes sense to have a healer child. Definitely takes after her father in personality though.

Saizo + Setsuna

So I do like this couple. He's very stern, strict, and proper, and she's much more laid back and a bit weird. Watching him try to get her to take things more seriously and having it kind of blow over her is amusing and cute.

Child unit: Asugi

Personality wise I like Setsuna as the mother. They're both so lackadaisical to the frustration of Saizo, so it works. Setsuna's hair on him doesn't look great though :/

Hinata + Kagero

I do like this couple too. She's very quiet and reserved and his much more outgoing. She shows him her drawings and he supports and encourages her to continue. It's actually very sweet.

Child unit: Hisame

Another couple I think works well with the child. He's quiet and reserved but also very sweet underneath. I think it's a good blending of both parents and of their relationship.

Kaden + Oboro

A sweet couple but nothing special. She teaches him how to braid and refuses to give up on him when he thinks he can't do it.

Child unit: Selkie

I do like the parents in regards to the child though. Selkie has the same mischievous look on her face as Oboro and she's pretty playful and laid back like both of her parents.

Hayato + Orochi

I like this couple. They bond over magics and herbs and stuff and they both have strong and yet laid back personalities. They have some friendly competition, but it's in a supportive and encouraging way.

Child unit: Rhajat

Well she doesn't mix well with either parent when it comes to personality, but she does have two mage parents and her looks and movements, especially in battle, are very similar to her mother.

Child unit marriages:

Shigure + Caeldori

Good couple. Caeldori often feels very inadequate compared to her father and she's rather high strung, whereas Shigure is very calm and supportive and helps her chill. They also both are pegasus riders, something they bond over.

Dwyer + Mitama

I wanted to match the Igor looking Dwyer with the ubercute Mitama, and it was a good pair. They're both lazy, both healers, and they both bring out that hidden sweet side in each other.

Kiragi + Midori

Another good couple. They're both the younger ones of the child units so less creep factor. They're also both upbeat and positive and they hit it off almost instantly. Very cute supports. It's like wathcing puppy love.

Sophie + Hisame

Another good couple. The child units make pretty good couples apparently :P. Sophie is half Nohrian and Hisame is Hoshidan, so you get to see them share a bit of culture between them. Sophie also feels like a screw up but Hisame is very patient and helpful.

Shiro + Rhajat

This is a couple I picked because I thought it would be funny. It is. Shiro's a sweet yet oblivious man so Rhajat's threats bounce off of him pretty easily.

Asugi + Selkie

Not a bad couple. He's pretty laid back and she's very energetic and playful. They use each others talents to hunt together.

So those were the couples I picked for this playthrough of FE: Birthright
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