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Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ has been released on Steam!

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As of yesterday, Tomoyo After has been released on Steam! The price is $20, but right now there's a release sale up until July 8th that puts it at $16.

Link to the Steam Store Page

Tomoyo After is a spinoff to CLANNAD, a continuation of Tomoyo's character route, and it's my #3 favorite visual novel, just barely above CLANNAD itself. The original version had adult content in it, but this version is all-ages friendly (although with how casually sex is referenced in spoken text compared to other VNs its original rating is rather obvious). On top of that it also has some new storyline content in it that I haven't had the chance to experience so far, and it also has an (S?)RPG-type subgame in it called Dungeons & Takafumis, though as I've never played it I can't say much about it.

Tomoyo After shines in a number of ways. It has a beautiful and calming SoL soundtrack, the banter and chemistry between its characters is wonderful and it accomplishes so much compared to other VNs in just a tender 10-15 hours of reading time. In my humble opinion it has the best romance of any visual novel I've ever read, and it all culminates in THE best ending I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

You do need to be familiar with the plot of the Tomoyo route of CLANNAD to be able to understand (and appreciate) this novel. To people who like CLANNAD, I say this spinoff is an experience you cannot pass up on. And to people who do not know CLANNAD, I can only strongly recommend that you give it a try. Even besides the fact that it contains the prerequisite to reading Tomoyo After, CLANNAD is an amazing visual novel in its own right.

Let's go find the treasure of life!


  1. Midgar Mist's Avatar
    I like the fact that you do a blog dedicated to visual novels. I will keep having a read of your stuff, visual novels could be an interesting way for me to get more current in the gaming world.
  2. Shauna's Avatar
    What are the Clannad side stories? I just picked them up not realising there was even more to buy.
  3. Karifean's Avatar
    The CLANNAD Side Stories is a collection of 16 short stories, each centering around a particular character from CLANNAD. They're actually more like anime episodes than visual novel routes since they move at their own pace instead of letting you click to advance text. They're a completely separate thing from Tomoyo After.
  4. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Is Fuko in it tho?
  5. Karifean's Avatar
    She's not.

    Edit: Although there *is* this achievement which I have no clue about...

    Updated 07-03-2016 at 02:27 PM by Karifean
  6. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Fuko sneaking in does sound like a very Fuko thing to do

    I do plan to play it at some point. $20 isn't outrageous so it'll have to wait until after the sale for me