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Character Appreciation: Lailah

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Today we will be taking time to appreciate Lailah, from Tales of Zestiria! Lailah is a Seraph, a spiritish being who cannot be seen by most humans. She's also the main character's Prime Lord, meaning she can make a pact with him which allows for special powers and the like. Her true name is Fethmus Mioma, which means Lailah the Pure.

Lailah is very wise and intelligent, but she likes to act goofy and playful. She "reads fortunes" and makes terrible jokes and puns. She tries to have fun with her friends and often lightens the mood. She's also very compassionate and supportive, kind of like a mother to some of the other characters.

She can also be serious when she needs to be and her experience makes her a useful ally for explaining what's going on and giving you info on the monsters you fight. She also knows a lot about what's going on but has taken an oath not to talk about some of it.

Her element is fire and uses sacred paper to channel her fire powers in battle. She's somewhat acrobatic and a good offensive magic user. She has the highest arte (magic) defense and works as both an close range and long range character.

Also her outfit is gorgeous.

Here's to you Lailah!

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