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Goal check in and new goals!

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Something I was doing on another site, I'll share it here as well!

July goals:
-Get most of the bills paid off Yup!
-Finish Undertale. I keep dragging it out Did this one too!
-Finish FE: Birthright Also done!
-Go to the gym 4x a week Staying firm at 5x a week, minus one day when I injured my back.
-Cut down on snacking Ehhhh mostly.
-Try some origami I did, but I only did one thing. I should try more.
-Go to the Saturday market Just did this on Saturday. Got a nice picture and some homemade soaps.
-Decide on classes and sign up for them for next semester All signed up!
-Finish my second chapter 1 draft I did about 3/4 of this, so not quite.

August goals:
-Continue working out 5x per week
-Get everything ready for school
-Stick to cleaning schedule and get in the swing of it before school starts
-Finish Bravely Second
-Finish correcting Chapter 1 of my story and do at least half of Chapter 2
-Take at least one knitting/crocheting class
-Keep making weekly menus
-Reschedule doctors appointment
-Go for 3 nature walks
-Write 2 articles
-Drink less soda
-Get out of the house at least 3 times for the evening
-Clean interior of car
-Practice driving at least once a week
-Get learners permit

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