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Go fund me. Or don't. (Please do)

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It's been a damn long time since I've posted here, and if I'm being honest it may be a long time before I post regularly again, but I am in need of your help, EoFF.

I'm throwing this in the blog because I'm not sure if the rules permit me to muck up the forums with pleas for help.

Seven months ago my girlfriend left my daughter and I to pursue a relationship with a woman she works with. She moved out and for about two weeks she lied to me about where she was living, barely came to visit with our daughter, and stole our entire tax return ($5000) and spent it on extravagant gifts and a trip. As far as I knew beforehand we were going to use that money to get a house.

After I found out what was going on she took my daughter for a night and I made a mistake and tried to end my life. I called a friend to talk me down and he called my ex and told her what I did.

I've been in a constant battle to try and get time with my daughter since then. I've been going to counseling to try and work through my depression, I've taken a grief recovery class to try and get over the loss of my family, and I've done my best to respect my ex's wishes concerning our daughter. For about three months I was only allowed supervised visits, then I was given two full days with her for around three months.

She served me with papers two weeks ago and told me I'm not allowed to see my daughter until I've admitted myself to a hospital for psychiatric treatment, paid her X amount of dollars in child support, etc.

I need some help. I need a lot of help, actually. I can't afford to get legal help, or the court fees, or to live currently. I've been staying with my brother to save money, and I was in line to get a new apartment in September, but with everything going the way it is I'm pretty desperate for assistance.

I've shared the link to a go fund me below. If there is anything you could do I'd be so appreciative. If you could share this in as many places as you have at your disposal you would be helping me immensely. I tried getting it on reddit but I have no karma and cannot post.

This is rushed, I'm typing this while on break. There's more info in the page description. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Slothy's Avatar
    I am so sorry for what you're going through dude. Money's a bit tight this second but come payday next week I'll kick a bit your way.

    Stay strong and always keep fighting man.