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Final Fantasy New Order (fan made)

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HP 1000 lVUP +500
MP 50 LVUP +25
SP 5 LVUP +5
Str 4 LVUP +4
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 4 LVUP +4
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 2 LVUP +2
Talent 4 LVUP +4
Accuracy 4 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 2 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
Recover - Cures 50% of targets max HP
Heal - Cures all negative status effects
Safe - Doubles targets "Talent"
Regain - Slowly cures SP
Osmose - Take enemy MP and use as your own
Teleport - Send enemies far away
Light - Low "Light" based magic
Null Light - Causes "Light" based attacks to do 0 damage.
Provoke - Make enemies fight you.
Remind - Removes "Disabled"
LV 2
Shell Skin - Gives 999 defense
Safera - Increases parties "Talent" by 50%
Refresh - Slowly cures MP
Banish - Enemy is removed from battle
Illuminate - Three turn Miss!
Lightra - Mid "Light" based magic
Revive - Cures "KO" Status and cures 25% HP
Wish - Raise stats, Cures HP, MP, SP, or misses
LV 3
Lightga - High "Light" based magic
Re-Raise - Cures "KO" after it happens
Invincible - No change in HP, MP, or SP
Triple - Can select "Triple" when attacking
Regen - Slowly cures HP
LV 4
Ultima - Max damage

Aura Breaks
Man of War - Attacks 15 times
Divine Light - Cures, HP, MP, and SP while adding protect, shell, safe and haste

Atk Power, Weapons & Draw Outs
+25 Holy blade - Casts lightga
+50 Gods steal - Raises Defense by 50 points in battle
+75 Heavens Blade - Casts Curaga on party
+100 Cut edge - Allows you to attack 2 times at full strength
+125 Light sword - Raises strength by 40 points in battle
+150 Redeemer - Casts Shell skin on all party members
+175 Blessed Sword - Casts protect on all party members
+200 Sacred Blade - Casts hearts on all party members
+225 Atma Weapon - Deals same amount of damage as casters HP
+255 Ultima weapon - Casts Ultima

Armors & 2x stats per level up
Leather Jacket STR
Fur Coat HP DEF
Patted Jacket Skill Talent
Iron Vest MP SP Acc
Normal Armor HP STR DEF
Cetra Suit MP MAG SPR
Trench Coat SP Skill Talent
Patted Vest Luck ACC SPD
Genji Armor DOUBLE ALL

Dark Knight
Same stats as paladin.

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
1. (S) Cleave - 50% More damage then "Attack"
2. (M) Pain - Inflicts Blind, Silence, Disable and Poison to one enemy
3. (M) De-protect - Decreases Defense by 50%
4. (M) De-Shell - Decreases Spirit by 50%
5. (M) De-Safe - Decreases Talent by 50%
6. (M) Drain - Absorb Hp from an enemy
7. (M) Warp - Warps to previous locations
8. (M) Null Dark - Immune to Dark Based attacks
9. (M) Dark - Low "Dark" based magic
10. (S) Shadow - Three turn miss!
LV 2
1. (S) Dark Rays - Attacks all enemies 50% more then "Attack"
2. (M) Bio - Non-Elemental damage and inflicts "Poison" status
3. (M) Gravity - Removes 50% of targets current HP
4. (M) Meltdown - reduces Defense to 0
5. (M) Nightmare - Mini, Zombie, Slow, Berserk, Confuse, Stone and Sleep on all targets
6. (M) Harm - Causes low "Physical" to a single target
7. (M) Darkra - Mid "Dark" based magic
8. (M) Sap - Constantly takes HP away. (Reversed Regen)
9. (M) Disable - makes target unable to use skills.
LV 3
1. (S) Soul Eater - Sacrifices 10% of Hp and inflicts x2 more damage then "Attack"
2. (M) Dark raga - High "Dark" based damage
3. (M) Horror - - Casts death on all targets
4. (M) Scourge - Inflicts "Sap" Status and "Non-Elemental" damage
5. (S) Slash All - Physically "Attack" all enemies
Ultimate Spell - X-Zone - Max Damage
Aura Breaks : Survival of the Fittest/Darkening

+25 Dark Blade - Casts gravity on all enemies
+50 Satan’s tongue - Casts Flare on all enemies
+75 Nightmare - Casts Dark knight spell “Nightmare”
+100 Dark master - Casts Torture on enemy
+125 Evil Steal - Takes enemies down 5 levels
+150 Soul stealer - Casts Osmose on enemy
+175Chaos Blade - uses Shadows level 1 limit breaks
+200 Ragnorok - Casts Float on self
+225 Save the queen - Restores Half Max HP & Mp to all (like half a mega lixer)
+255 Omega weapon - Casts Demi and death on all enemies

Normal Bangle STR
Bronze bangle HP DEF
Iron Bangle SKILL Talent
Shoulder pads MP SP ACC
Spiked Bangles HP STR DEF
Calydon Bangle MP MAG SPR
Golden Shoulder pads SP Skill Talent
Nights Bangle Luck ACC Spd
Grand Bangles Double all

HP 1000 lVUP +500
MP +50 LVUP +25
SP 10 LVUP +10
Str 4 LVUP +2
Def 4 LVUP +4
Mag 2 LVUP +2
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 4 LVUP +4
Talent 4 LVUP +2
Accuracy 4 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 2 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
1. (S) Power break - Reduces enemies "Strength" by 50%
2. (S) Armor break - Reduces enemies "Defense" by 50%
3. (S) Magic break - Reduces enemies "Magic" by 50%
4. (S) Mental break - Reduces enemies "Spirit" by 50%
5. (S) Sense Break - Reduces enemies "Skill" by 50%
6. (S) Mind Break - Reduces enemies "Talent" by 50%
5. (S) Speed break - Reduces enemies "Speed" by 50%
8. (s) Focus Break - Reduces enemies "Accuracy" by 50%
6. (S) Luck Break - Reduces enemies "Luck" by 50%
8. (M) Honor - Raises "Skill" by 25%
LV 2
1. (S) Dark buster - "Attack" and inflict "Blind"
2. (S) Silence attack - "Attack" and inflict "Silence"
3. (S) Sleep buster - "Attack" and inflict "Sleep"
4. (S) Berserk hit - "Attack" and inflict "Berserk"
5. (S) Poison attack - "Attack" and inflict "Poison"
6. (S) Confuse hit - "Attack" and inflict "Cunfuse"
7. (S) Mad Rush - Casts Haste, Protect, and Berserk on all targets
LV 3
1. (S) Breakdown - Reduces all targets Stats
2. (S) Ultra Foul - "Attack" and inflict negative status effects
Aura Breaks : Cycle of Life/Throwing Axe

ATK Power, Weapons & Draw Outs
+20 Axe - makes defense increase by 50 points
+40 Great axe - makes magic increase by 50 points
+60 Battle Axe - Makes Strength increase by 50 points
+80 Mythril Axe - makes magic attack increase by 50 points
+100 Rune axe - true power of the rune, makes party invincible for 1 turn
+120 Venom Axe - casts Bio on all enemies
+140 Double axe - Attacks normally two times
+160 Orc Masher - promises protection from orcs
+180 Fire Axe - Casts firaga on enemies
+210 Fast Expense - use gil to damage more.

Aegis Shield DEF
Escutcheon SP SKILL
Elemental Shield MAG SPR
Crystal Shield HP MP
Invisible Shield Luck ACC SPD
Giga Shield DEF SPR Talent
Power Maker HP MP SP
Life Shield HP DEF SPR Talent
Genji Shield Double All

(Same Stats as Warrior)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(M) Enfire- Adds Fire element to weapon
(M) Enblizzard - Adds Ice element to weapon
(M) Enthunder - Adds thunder element to weapon
(M) Enwater - Adds Water element to weapon
(M) Enstone- Adds Earth element to weapon
(M) Enaero - Adds wind element to weapon
(M) Enlight - Adds Light element to weapon
(M) Endark - Adds Dark element to weapon
LV 2
(S) Draw out - Draw out the power of casters 10 weapons. (Each job has it's own draw outs.)
Ultimate Spell : Apocalypse
Aura Breaks : Bushido/Tranquility

ATK Power, Weapons & Draw Out
+20 Samurai Sword - Deals regular damage to enemies
+40 Neptune - Casts Shell and Protect on allies
+60 Asura Knife - Heals Hp
+80 Koutetsu knife - Deals Extreme Physical damage to all enemies
+100 Bizen boat - Casts Float on all allies
+120 Murasame - Casts regen on all allies
+140 Kiyomori - Casts Blind, Silence, Berserk, and mini on enemies
+160 Muramasa - Casts Flame on enemies
+180 Kikuichimoji - Uses first samurai limit break
+210 Chirijiraden - Uses Second Samurai limit break

Leather Belt
Blue belt
Green Belt
Purple Belt
Brown Belt
Black Belt
Pro Sash
Samurai RE

HP 1000 LVUP +500
MP +50 LVUP +25
SP 10 LVUP +10
Str 2 LVUP +2
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 2 LVUP +2
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 4 LVUP +4
Talent 4 LVUP +4
Accuracy 2 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 4 LVUP +4
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Double - Select either "Single" or "Double" when attacking.
(S) Boomerang - 1.5 damage to all targets
(S) Magic Scroll - Uses random black mage spells
(M) Sunken State - 5 turn miss!
(S) Flash - Sometimes causing "Death"
(S) Delay hit - An "Attack" with a 25% ATB returned.
LV 2
(M) Abandon - One member leaves battle.
(S) C-Attack - Counter attacks
(S) B-Skill - Bounces back Skills
(S) R-Magic - returns enemies magic.
(S) Dodge - 5 turn miss!
(S) Ball - Hits 5 times!
(S) Hide - One member leaves for 1 turn
LV 3
(S) Shuriken - 3x the damage or normal attack
(S) Free Cast - Player spends no MP/SP
(M) Fireworks - "Magical" damage to all enemies
(M) Sparkler - Attacks one unit for 3 turns.
Ultimate Spell : Black Sky
Aura Breaks : Stealth Attacks/Ninjutsu

ATK Power, Weapons & Draw Out
+10 Fire and Ice - uses double cast and inflicts blizaraga and Firaga
+20 Sample Swords - casts dia on enemy
+30 Assassins swords - takes single enemy down to 1 HP
+40 Spell Edge - casts a random level 4 elemental spell like flare shock ect
+50 Iga Daggers - Uses Hide on all allies
+60 Steal Blades - steals from all targets.
+70 Mage Masher - mutes all mages
+80 Numb chucks - paralyzes targets
+90 Mythril Shaper - carves enemy with weapon damaging HP
+120 Grand Slams - casts X-zone
(Ninja Class seems like half the attack power, but they attack twice)

Knee Pads SPD
Ninja Suit STR Skill
Yellow belt MAG SPR
Arm Pads HP MP
Crystal pads STR MAG SPR
Crystal suit HP MP SP
Armor all Double All
Iron pads HP Luck acc SPD
Minerva Band Double All

(Same stats as Ninja)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Steal - steals an item from an enemy
(M) Scan - learn enemy stats, level, description and weaknesses
(S) Flee - runs away from battle. Gain % of rewards based on HP of enemy
(M) Cheer - raises performance of Characters
(S) Equip - rearrange equipment during battle
LV 2
(S) Manipulate - take control over an enemy
(S) Morph - turn an enemy into an item (Enemy must be weakened)
(S) Copycat - use last attack done by friend (Exclude limit breaks)
(S) Cover - Take damage for ally
(S) Bribe - Requires Gil - give enemy money to go away
LV 3
(S) Mug - steals items and attacks
(S) Long range - player obtains same attack power in the back row
(S) Throw - throws old weapons and items at an enemy
(S) Coin - Use gil to cause damage
(S) Smoke - makes all physical attacks miss for one turn on all characters
(M) Pin - Makes steel pins stab into enemy
Ultimate Spell : Atom Burst
Aura Breaks : Trance/Toxic Water

ATK Power, Weapons & Draw Out
+10 Knife - Deals un elemental damage to 1 opponent
+20 Life Drainer - Casts Drain on all enemies
+30 Sleep knife - puts enemies to sleep
+40 Breast Killer - promises protection against Beasts
+50 Man eater - promises protection against human figures
+60 Insect killer - promises protection against insects
+70 Aura knives - Gives a 25% boost to Limit gauge
+80 Silencer - silences and stops enemies
+90 Gold Daggers - randomly attacks enemies in range from 1 to 4 hits
+120 Ill Status #1 - 50% chance of inflicting every status effect.
(Note Thief knives are almost always critical hits!)

Shoes SPD
Steel Toed STR DEF
Cleats HP MP
Galoshes SP SPD
Espadrille LUCK ACC SPD
Sandal HP MP SP
Clogs Double All

Sword Saint
HP 2000 LVUP +2000
MP +50 LVUP +25
SP 20 LVUP +20
Str 2 LVUP +2
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 2 LVUP +2
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 4 LVUP +4
Talent 4 LVUP +2
Accuracy 2 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 2 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Crush punch - hits all enemies with unknown forces
(S) Stasis Slash - hits all enemies with negative status effects
(S) Judgment Blow - Can cause instant death. Always damages.
LV 2
(S) Flare Stab - hits enemies with a strong fire spell
(S) Blizzard Strike - hits enemies with a strong ice spell
(S) Earth Beam - hits enemies with a strong earth spell
(S) Tornado sword - hits enemies with a strong wind spell
(S) Hallowed Bolt - hits enemies with a strong lightning spell
(S) Water explosion - hits enemies with a strong water spell
LV 3
(S) Sanguine Slit - Drains HP from opponent
(S) Infernal Gash - drains MP from opponent
(S) Princes Lachrymose - drains SP from opponent
LV 4
(S) Holy Ruination - hits all enemy with a holy attack
(S) Abyssal Blade - hits all enemies with a darkness attack
(S) Unholy Sacrifice - Takes 30% of HP to cause 3x damage to all units.
Ultimate Spell : Eclipse
Aura Breaks : Knight Fight/One's We Love

ATK POWER, Weapons & Draw Out
+30 Broad Sword - Casts Crush punch on all enemies
+60 Mythril Sword - Swords appear and are lunged at target
+90 Long Sword - puts everyone in the back row the long range status
+120 Rune Blade - the true power of rune, casts illuminate on all allies
+150 Hard edge - takes enemy down to one HP
+180 Ice Brand - Casts freeze on enemies
+190 Dragon Sword - promises protection from dragons
+200Blood Sword - offers own HP to damage all enemies
+220 Defender - casts Shield on all members
+255 Excalibur - Casts Refresh and Re raise on all members

Rune Armor HP
Ziedrich DEF SPR
Narsha Knights 101 SP TAL
Alpha’s revenge MP MAG
Status Hater LUCK ACC
Peerless Breastplate SP SKIL TAL
Mythril armor MP MAG SPR
Full plate HP STR DEF
Ultimate Mail SPD LUCK ACC
Fathers memento Double ALL

(Same stats as Sword Saint)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Jab - Hits fast and time bar gets a 50% head start
(S) Great punch - Hits twice as hard as a normal attack
(M) Relax - Brings enemies Strength Down
(M) Soften - Brings enemies Defense down
(M) Tire - Brings enemies Magic down
(M) Stagger - Brings enemies Spirit down
(M) Slacken - Brings enemies Speed down
(M) Misfortune - Brings enemies Luck down
(M) Inaccurate - Brings enemies Accuracy
(M) Worsen - Brings Enemies Skill Power down
LV 2
(S) Sentinel - takes less damage then ever before.
(S) Blitz - A skill that evenly attacks all enemies.
(M) Flex - Raises Attack for all ally’s
(M) Shield - Raises Defense for all ally’s
(M) Alert - Raises M.Defense for all ally’s
(M) Focus - Raises M.Attack for all ally’s
(M) Rapid - Raises Speed for all ally’s
(M) Lucky - Raises Luck for all ally’s
(M) Aim - Raises Accuracy for all ally’s
(M) Train - Raises Skill power for all ally’s
LV 3
(S) Kick - Sends a powerful kick to an enemy
(S) Chakra - Restores HP and Mp to all characters
(S) Combo - Hits an enemy with a combo Attack
(S) Level Up - Raises targets 10 levels
(S) Level Down - Lowers targets 10 levels
Ultimate Spell : Raptor
Aura Breaks - One Hundred Fists/Holy Prayer

+30 Boxing gloves - uses blue mage spell hurricane
+60 Spiked fists - uses blue mage spell icicles
+90 Iron fists - Hits enemy with devastating attack
+120 Kashier - Uses the Kung fu limit break
+150 Brass knuckles - attacks cause double damage (99999max)
+180 Hydro claws - casts Null water on party
+190 Duel Claws - attack command is replaced with two time cut
+200 Beaded gloves - hit’s and paralyzes target
+220 King of Punches - Uses Hey maker limit break
+255 Golden Gauntlets - adds a 50 point increase to speed

Shroud HP
Mantle DEF SPR
Garments SP TALENT
Light Shroud MP MAG
Holy Mantle Luck ACC
Robe of Lords MP MAG SPR
Priests gown HP STR DEF
Kings Garments SP SKILL TALENT
White Mantle NONE
Masters Shroud Double ALL

White Mage
HP 500 LVUP +500
MP +100 LVUP +100
SP 10 LVUP +10
Str 2 LVUP +2
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 4 LVUP +2
Spr 4 LVUP +4
Skill 4 LVUP +2
Talent 2 LVUP +2
Accuracy 2 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 2 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
1. (M) Cure - restores a small amount of HP
2. (M) Dia - lightly damages enemy with light
3. (M) Esuna - cures all abnormal stasis
4. (M) Dispel - removes protective spells
5. (M) Seal - stops enemy from moving
6. (M) Check - shows enemies stats hp mp ext
7. (M) Null fire - nullifies fire damage
8. (M) Null ice - nullifies ice damage
9. (M) Null earth - nullifies earth damage
10. (M) Null wind - nullifies wind damage
11. (M) Null thunder - nullifies thunder damage
12. (M) Null water - nullifies water damage
13. (M) Veil - increases resistance to De-buff abilities by 25%
LV 2
1. (M) Cura - heals a medium amount of hp
2. (M) Dira - causes medium light damage to enemies
3. (M) Life - brings character back from being Ko’ed
4. (M) Protect - makes shield take off half of physical damage
5. (M) Shell - makes shield take off half of magic damage
6. (M) Reflect - cast magic off sending back at caster
7. (M) Mini - shrinks enemy making him weaker
8. (M) Switch - switches HP and MP with enemy
9. (M) Bless - makes special effects stronger
10. (M) Resist - makes character immune to negative status
11. (M) Pray - 75% chance of curing all characters
12. (M) Treatment - heals zombie
LV 3
1. (M) Regan - gradually restores HP
2. (M) Protectra - adds a protective barrier around party and halves physical attacks
3. (M) Shellra - adds a protective barrier around party and halves magical attacks
4. (M) Haste - speeds up ATB charge
5. (M) Faith - lessens enemy attack and increases chance of survival
6. (M) Empower - makes targets power increase
7. (M) Forsake - takes target out of party
8. (M) Hearts - hearts surround character and takes damage instead
9. (M) Shine - light shines on enemies damaging HP
10. (M) Diraga - large light damage on enemies
LV 4
1. (M) Curaga - cures a large amount of HP
2. (M) Hasteraga - speeds up ATB charge on all allies
3. (M) Esunraga - cures all abnormal stasis for every ally
4. (M) Divine - fills limit gauge causing faster limit breaks
5. (M) Judgment - on a tally on stats computer shows who is most likely able to win the battle
6. (M) Renew - cures all HP on one ally
7. (M) Arise - brings character back from being Ko’ed with full HP
8. (M) Wall - adds protect and shell to target
Ultimate Spell : Holy
Aura Breaks : Fury Brand/Great Gospel

+15 Fairy Tale - Restores some HP and MP to all allies
+30 Striking Staff - Makes twilight hit 6 times
+45 My Sweet Princess - becomes invincible for 4 turns
+60 Omni - Raises limit bar slightly for all allies
+75 Force Staff - Raises defence and strength all the way on user
+90 Parasol - Removes Shadow, Illuminate, Smoke, Blink, and Hide
+105 Mace of Zeus - Casts Ramuh
+120 Luck Staff - Raise luck up 50 points
+135 Healing Staff - Casts Curaga
+150 Belladonna - Casts Bio
+255 Ultimate Guard - Casts wall, Haste, regen, and re raise on all allies

Regular Robe SPR
Cloak MP MAG
White Robe HP DEF
Elfen Cloak SP SKILL
Tiara SPD Luck
Materia Cloak STR TALENT
Queens Crown HP MP SP
A white Veil STR MAG SKILL
Heavens Blanket DEF SPR TALENT
Arch Angel Double ALL

Red Mage
(Same stats as White Mage)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
1. (M) Cure
2. (M) Fire
3. (M) Blizzard
4. (M) Thunder
5. (M) Water
6. (M) Stone
7. (M) Aero
8. (M) Mini
9. (M) Protect
10. (M) Shell

LV 2
1. (M) Cura
2. (M) Esuna
3. (M) Fira
4. (M) Blizzara
5. (M) Earthra
6. (M) Windra
7. (M) Thundra
8. (M) Watera
9. (M) Haste
10. (M) Pump - Heals SP

LV 3
1. (M) Life
2. (M) Fire Weak - Makes target weak to Fire
3. (M) Ice Weak - Makes target weak to Ice
4. (M) Thunder weak - Makes target weak to Lightning
5. (M) Water weak - Makes target weak to Water
6. (M) Earth Weak - Makes target weak to Earth
7. (M) Wind Weak - Makes target weak to Wind
8. (M) Light Weak - Makes target weak to Light
9. (M) Dark Weak - Makes target weak to Dark
10. (M) Slow
11. (M) Reflect
12. (M) Hardened - Puts all team members in defend mode without wasting their turns.
13. (M) Reverse - Causes Damage and healing to have opposite effects on target

LV 4
1. (M) Curaga
2. (M) Firaga
3. (M) Blizzaraga
4. (M) Stonega
5. (M) Aeroga
6. (M) Thundga
7. (M) Waterga
8. (M) Hazardous - Makes target vulnerable to any status spells
9. (M) Quick - Adds 999 CP points to target. Target gets immediate turn.
10. (M) Dispel
11. (M) Aspel
12. (M) Exhaust - same as drain
Ultimate Spell : Doomsday
Aura Breaks : Double Cast/Unbreakable

+15 Long Bow - increases magic attack
+30 Sliver Bow - Attacks with a silver arrow
+45 Bow gun - 50% ATB bonus after next turn
+60 Ice bow - makes weapon ice elemental for battle
+75 Lightning bow - makes weapon lightning elemental for battle
+90 Cross bow - speeds up everyone’s ATB for one round
+105 Night killer - deals lethal damage to dark elemental creatures
+120 Sharp Shooter - attacks are 20% stronger
+150 Blessed bow gun - adds regen and haste to members
+210 Gastrafitis - Adds Protect and Shell to members

Red Outfit MAG
Clothing MP SPR
Attire HP STR
Red Dress MP MAG
Mages Armor SP SKILL
Beautiful Attire SPD Luck ACC
Thick Clothing HP MP SP
Magical Cloth STR MAG SKIlLL
Novelist armor Double All

Black Mage
HP 500 LVUP +500
MP +100 LVUP +100
SP 5 LVUP +5
Str 2 LVUP +2
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 4 LVUP +4
Spr 4 LVUP +2
Skill 2 LVUP +2
Talent 4 LVUP +2
Accuracy 2 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 4 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
1. (M) Fire - Causes small fire damage
2. (M) Blizzard - causes small ice damage
3. (M) Stone - causes small earth damage
4. (M) Aero - causes small wind damage
5. (M) Thunder - causes small thunder damage
6. (M) Water - causes small water damage
7. (M) Blind - makes enemy miss more when attacking
8. (M) Silence - makes enemy unable to use magic
9. (M) Sleep - makes enemy go to sleep
10. (M) Paralyse - stops enemy from moving
11. (M) Confuse - makes enemy attack enemy
LV 2
1. (M) Fira - causes medium fire damage
2. (M) Blizzardra - causes medium ice damage
3. (M) Stonea- causes medium earth damage
4. (M) Aerora - causes medium wind damage
5. (M) Thundra - causes medium thunder damage
6. (M) Watera - causes medium water damage
7. (M) Frog - turns opponent into a frog
8. (M) Poison - makes opponent lose HP each turn
9. (M) Slow - slows down enemy ATB causing him to have less turns
10. (M) Zombie - turns enemy into an undead type
11. (M) Petrify - Turns enemy into a stone
LV 3
1. (M) Firaga - Causes large fire damage
2. (M) Blizzaraga - causes large ice damage
3. (M) Stonega- causes large earth damage
4. (M) Aeroga- causes large wind damage
5. (M) Thundga - causes large thunder damage
6. (M) Watega - causes large water damage
7. (M) Osmose - drains mp from target
8. (M) Drain - drains HP from target
9. (M) Stop - stops enemy causing no turns
10. (M) Berserk - makes target attack only
11. (M) Torture - drains 1 hp from enemy every second
LV 4
1. (M) Flare - causes extreme fire damage
2. (M) Freeze - causes extreme ice damage
3. (M) Quake - causes extreme earth damage
4. (M) Tornado - causes extreme wind damage
5. (M) Shock - causes extreme thunder damage
6. (M) Flood - causes extreme water damage
7. (M) Demi - takes 1/3 of enemies hp
8. (M) Death - causes enemy to die instantly
9. (M) Comet - throws a comet down on enemy
10. (M) Daze - CP goes to 0 and damages targets HP
Ultimate Spell : Meteor
Aura Breaks : Whiplash/Seal Evil


+18 Whips - Nothing
+36 Chains - Casts Entangle on enemies
+54 Slasher - Gives user 4 time cut
+72 Power soul - increases power of loved ones
+90 Grand Strike - hits all enemies for 9,999
+108 Premium Heart - Casts resist on all allies
+126 Razor Edge - Increases chance of hitting critical hits of all allies
+144 Dogma - warps enemies into the bottomless pit
+200Cat of nine Tails - hits all enemies for 99,999
+255 Morning Star - all stats up 25 points for caster

Wizard Wardrobe MAG
Light Mail HP DEF
Dark Wardrobe SP TALENT
Mages Choice MP SPR
Black hood SPD LUCK
Blade Grasp HP STR DEF
Imperial Guard MP MAG SPR
Demons Wardrobe Double all

(Same stats as Black Mage)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
LV 2
Cait Sith
LV 3
Hades/Ghost Train
LV 4
LV 5
King Author
Ultimate Summon : Alpha
Aura Break : Eidolons/Free Call

+18 Hammer - uses the Judgment white mage spell
+36 Mallet - Cures self 100%
+54 Sledge Hammer - smashes one enemy to death.
+72 Force mallet - ignores defense and hits enemy
+90 Thor’s Hammer - summons Thor and he casts Bolt
+108 Earth shaker - uses the black mage spell earthra
+126 Mythril hammer - raises magic and magic defense by 40 points
+144 Battle mallet - raises strength and defense by 40 points
+200 Hammer head - uses magic hammer on all enemies
+255 Double sided hammer - summons Odious

Ear rings MAG
Bracelet MP SPR
Necklace HP DEF
Medallion SP TALENT
Finger rings STR SKILL
Locket HP MP SP
Pendent MP MAG SPR
Crown Double All

Blue Mage/Dragoon
HP 1000 LVUP +1000
MP +200 LVUP +200
SP 10 LVUP +10
Str 2 LVUP +2
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 2 LVUP +2
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 4 LVUP +4
Talent 4 LVUP +2
Accuracy 2 LVUP +2
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 4 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Jump - Dima jumps into the air and slams down on opponents.
(S) Deathblow - three things could happen, you miss, you critically damage opponent, or you kill opponent.
(S) Imperil - reduces resistance to elemental damage
(S) Summit - tries to make targets summit. If successful targets lose.
1. (M) White Wind - Cures all members based on casters current HP
2. (M) Last Wind - Cures all members based on casters lost HP
3. (M) Mighty Guard - Casts, Haste and shield on party
4. (M) Absorb - drains the HP from an enemy
5. (M) Transfusion - removes an ally from battle preserving their HP, MP & SP
6. (M) Angel Whisper - Same as Full Cure + Full Life
7. (M) Guard-off - same as dispel
8. (M) Angel Snack - Uses 4 remedies to use on party.
9. (M) Stone Breath - tries to cast stone on vulnerable opponents
10. (M) Cold - Turns enemy into ice, 1 physical hit kills, can be cured by fire spells.
11. (M) Oil - Unit takes extra damage to fire bases attacks.
12. (M) Heat - User will die if he or her takes an action. Can be cured with a ice spell.
13. (M) Bad Breath - Inflicts negative statuses on all enemies
14. (M) Blaster - Can cause instant death or stop on opponent
15. (M) Frog song - turns enemy into a sleeping frog
16. (M) Moon Flute - Inflicts Berserk on all allies
17. (M) Rippler - switches all status alignments user has to an enemy.
18. (M) Doom - 30 seconds and the target will die.
19. (M) Roulette - randomly selects a target (friend or foe) and ko’s them
20. (M) Discord - halves enemies level.
21. (M) Degenerator - removes an enemy from battle
22. (M) Sneak - Restarts the battle as an preemptive attack.
23. (M) Magic Hammer - Drains MP from an opponent
24. (M) L5 Death - Any enemy that is a level multiple of 5 will have Death cast on them.
25. (M) L3 Flare - Any enemy that is a level multiple of 3 will have flare cast on them.
26. (M) L2 Holy - Any enemy that is a level multiple of 2 will have Holy cast on them.
27. (M) 1000 needles - hits target with 1000 needles
28. (M) Goblin punch - small 1 target physical attack
29. (M) Self destruct - KO character to deal massive damage to enemy
30. (M) ???? - deals damage based on you HP and Max HP.
31. (M) Acid - Deals non-elemental damage to an enemy
32. (M) Limit Glove - Causes critical damage when users HP is critical
33. (M) Inferno - Hits enemy with a strong fire elemental attack
34. (M) Frost - Hits enemy with a strong ice elemental attack
35. (M) Mother Nature - Hits enemy with a strong earth elemental attack
36. (M) Hurricane - Hits enemy with a strong wind elemental attack
37. (M) Trine - Hits enemy with a strong lightning elemental attack
38. (M) Aqualung - Hits enemy with a strong water elemental attack
39. (M) Matra magic - Hits all enemies with weak non-elemental damage
40. (M) Grand Delta - deals non-elemental magic damage to all opponents
41. (M) Shadow Flare - Causes a non-elemental flare to damage an enemy
42. (M) Shockwave Pulsar - A Blue Mage spell that exceeds all damage limits
43. (M) Super Nova - blows the sun up and destroys all with damage and status effects
44. (M) The Bottomless Pit - The Ultimate Blue mage spell
Aura Breaks : High Jump/Harpoon

+22 Spear - uses dragon jump limit break
+44 Lance - makes weapon have a melt down added effect
+66 Trident - casts flare on all enemies
+88 Glaive - turns Bullet into another usable character for 1 battle
+110 Javelin - uses the power of the blade limit break from Xavier
+132 Flea - Sends Dragoon in the sky for 5 turns and Rains down spears
+154 Iron Spear - Stabs spear through enemy and depletes HP until dead
+176 Saturn’s Gospel - an angel comes and takes 1 hit from enemies
+198 Obelisk - uses the Ultimate Strike limit break
+255 Dragoon Lance - makes all characters Jump.

Leather Helmet MP
Barbuta SP HP
Golden Horns STR DEF
Mighty Helmet MAG SPR
Brotherly love SKILL TALENT
Johona’s Blue Mage armor Luck ACC SPD
Dragoon Suit HP STR DEF
Legendary armor MP MAG SPR
Circlet Double All

(Same stats as Blue Mage)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Salve - uses one curing item between all members.
(S) Melee cheer - Raises physical attack of all allies
(S) Mages Song - Raises Magical attack of all allies
(S) Life song - Starts curing HP on all targets
(S) Angel song - Starts healing MP of all targets
(S) Warriors Cheer - Starts Healing SP of all Targets
LV 2
(S) Minne - Casts Protect on Party
(S) Minuet - Casts Haste on Party
(S) Elegy - Casts Aura on party
(S) Re raise anthem - Casts re raise on all targets
(S) Sinewy Etude - Continuously raises the party's Strength
(S) Mana's Paean - Continuously raises the party's Magic
(S) Swift Song - Continuously raises the party's speed.
LV 3
(S) Mighty March - The party regains health
(S) Hero's Rime - Continuously raises the party's Levels
(S) Requiem - Damages the Undead
(S) Romeo's Ballad - Stops enemies for a few turns.
(S) Alluring Air - Confuses all enemies.
Ultimate Spell : Power
Aura Breaks : Swarnsong/Uprising

+22 Harp - Summons Angel
+44 Flute - Same as the spell Warp
+66 Ocarina - uses warriors power strike on enemy
+88 Violin - casts doom on all enemies
+110 Whistle - summons a stampede of chocobos that run over all enemies
+132 Recorder - Makes a clone of enemy to fight for ghost, take damage, attack a such
+154 Harmonica - does temptation song
+176 Guitar - music plays and thundraga is casted
+198 Bass - Shakes ground causing Earthra
+255 Keyboard - (Can do any of users Draw out skills. randomly)

Leather Gloves MP
Mittens STR DEF
Iron Cuffs HP SP
Strong Armlet MAG SPR
Padded Mittens SPD Luck ACC
Protective Gloves MP MAG SPR
Strong Mittens HP STR DEF
Undamaged Double ALL

HP 500LVUP +500
MP +50 LVUP +50
SP 10 LVUP +10
Str 2 LVUP +2
Def 2 LVUP +2
Mag 2 LVUP +2
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 4 LVUP +4
Talent 4 LVUP +4
Accuracy 2 LVUP +2
Luck 4 LVUP +4
Speed 4 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Roll dice - rolls 10 D6 and multiply by 1000
(S) Play cards - each card has a different attack
LV 2
(S) Attack reels - spins reel and hits how many times it lands on
(S) Status reels - will spin reel and use status it selects
(S) Elemental reels - will spin reels and use what ever spells it selects
(S) Bonus reels - will increase either money exp ap or item collected
Ultimate Spell : Force
Aura Breaks - Attack Hands/Magic Trick

+12 Cards - Uses the high card low card limit break
+24 Dice - Nothing
+36 Mega Phone - Raises endurance
+48 Slot Machine - 1st reel has elements 2nd has status 3rd is attacks 4th is bonus
+60 Darts - Hits all enemies
+72 Pool Stick - pool table appears and Ace shoots 9 balls at opponents.
+84 Poker Chips - Uses Gil toss (you control how much gil you spend)
+96 Double sided Coin - Doubles luck x2 for all party members.
+150 Spade Club - Casts supernova
+210 Dominos - uses 6x attack

Lucky Charm LUCK
Coco bracelet SPD ACC
Rabbits foot LUCK MAG MP
Horse Shoe HP STR
Luck Wristband LUCK DEF SP
HP bracelet HP STR DEF
MP bracelet MP MAG SPR
Force field SPD ACC LUCK
Key to Success Double All

(Same stats as Gambler)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) MP Mambo: all allies can use MP freely with no MP cost.
(S) Magical Masque: While performed, the party is protected against magical attacks.
(S) Carnival Cancan: Doubles party members HP.
(S) Dirty Dancing: This dance will allow the party to hit with critical hits
LV 2
(S) Blue Sea - Changes Terrain into Terra’s sea (lightning deal double damage)
(S) Beach Play - Changes Terrain into the beach, (Water deals doubled damage)
(S) Snow Field - Changes Terrain into Snow (Fire deals double damage)
(S) Green Plains - Changes Terrain into Plains (Wind deals double damage)
(S) Location Dance - Changes Terrain into a random area (Earth deals double damage)
(S) Forest Howling - Changes Terrain into Forest (darkness deals double damage)
(S) Purple Sea - Changes Terrain into Gaia‘s Sea (Ice deals double damage)
(S) Desert Enchant - Changes Terrain into Desert (Light deals double damage)
(S) Tap dancing - starts tap dancing, push the right buttons to keep dancing
Ultimate Spell : Energy
Aura Breaks : Cata-Burst/Cheerleader

+12 Rod - casts faith on members
+24 Great rod - uses paladin magic Heal
+36 Cure rod - casts curaga on allies
+48 Holy rod - casts the white mage spell holy
+60 Special rod - uses ninjas spell slice up special
+72 Tiger racket - throws a light based energy ball to all enemies
+84 Black rod - throws a dark based energy ball to all enemies
+96 Blue rod - uses a random blue mage spell
+150 Red rod - uses a random white mage spell
+210 Fixed Illusions - makes multiple images of party causing attacks to miss.

Water Tunic LUCK
Fire Tunic MAG STR
Earth tunic HP MP
Lightning Tunic SP STR
Wind Tunic HP MP SP
Ultra Tunic Double ALL

HP 1000 LVUP +1000
MP +50 LVUP +50
SP 10 LVUP +10
Str 4 LVUP +2
Def 4 LVUP +2
Mag 2 LVUP +2
Spr 2 LVUP +2
Skill 4 LVUP +4
Talent 2 LVUP +2
Accuracy 4 LVUP +4
Luck 2 LVUP +2
Speed 2 LVUP +2
(Certain armors double stat builds when equipped at level up)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Snipe - tries to use a death attack with a scope
(S) Cheap shot - hits with a weak attack
(S) Burst blow - hits all enemies pushing them back
(S) Scatter shot - hits all enemies hard
(S) Critical 20% - Critical damage to enemies with 20% Battle Width (BW)
(S) Critical 30% - Critical damage to enemies with 30% Battle Width (BW)
(S) Target MP - Deals same damage as a normal attack but damage is dealt to MP.
LV 2
(S) Critical 50% - Critical damage to enemies with 50% Battle Width (BW)
(S) Trigger happy - Tap R1 to attack multiple times during short time
(S) Critical hit - hit’s a critical hit every time
(S) Shoot back - casts counter on ones self
(M) Flare whirl - casts a very strong spell on all enemies
Aura Breaks : Quickening/Missing Score

+25 Buntline - Creates Stone Touch Effect
+50 Shot gun - 50% attack all 50% attack one
+60 Machine Gun - 25 points to speed and strength
+80 45 magnum - knocks enemy from front row to back row
+160 Double barrel - casts 2 time attack
+180 Flame Thrower - Randomly casts fire through out battle
+200 Pistol - chance to poison all enemies
+220 Revolver - attacks all
+245 Rocket Launcher - attacks all
+255 GATT ling gun - hits many times with weak bullets

Bullet proof vest ACC
Enemies Armlet HP MP SP
Over shirt STR MAG SKILL
Sleeveless Shirt SPD ACC Luck
Iron Rebound HP STR SPD DEF
Lead vest MP MAG ACC SPR
Elemental Armlet Skill Luck TALENT
Bullet Proof suit NONE
Invincible Double All

(Same stats as Paladin)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(M) Element - Lower spell infused with all elements
(S) Runic Blade - Absorbs all magic cast in battle
(M) Regenerator - restores HP and casts regen
(M) Pilfer - Steals small amounts of SP.
(M) Elem-S - Adds all elements to attacks.
(M) Return - same as warp and teleport
LV 2
(M) Elementra - Mid spell infused with all elements
(M) Null-Magical - Nullifies all magic attacks
(S) Energy ball - character creates a powerful energy ball and damages enemies
(S) Crimson blow - same as death blow
(S) Quadra- When attacking unit can select single or quadra
(M) Elemental-Weak - Makes targets weak to all elements
(M) Elemental-Absorb - Absorb from all elemental damage.
(S) Transparent - makes target hard to attack
LV 3
(M) Elementga - High spell infused with all elements
(M) Lich - Fiend of darkness
(M) Kary - Fiend of Fire
(M) Pazuzu - Fiend of Water
(M) Milon - Fiend of Earth
(M) Tiamat - Fiend of Wind
(M) Minerva -Fiend of light
(M) Mateus - Fiend of Ice
(M) Adrammelech - Fiend of Lightning
(M) Zodiark - The Ultimate Grey Warrior summon
Ultimate Spell : Nebula
Aura Breaks : Elemental Slassh/Divine Planet

Terra Blade
Fusion Sword
Shard Sword
Heaven's Cloud
Jeweled Sword
Gaia Rebirth
Fiend Blade
+245 Avenger - Casts Counter-All (C-Attack, R-Magic, B-Skill)

Brave Suit : Double All

(Same stats as Black Mage)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(M) Flame - Hits with a Solid Fire spell
(M) Hail - Hits with a Solid Ice spell
(M) Bolt - Hits with a Solid lightning Spell
(M) Liquid - Hits with a Solid water spell
(M) Air - Hits with a solid wind spell
(M) Rock - Hits with a Solid earth spell
(M) Sunlight - Hits with a Solid light spell
(M) Black Hole - Hits with a Solid darkness spell
(M) Mute - silences an enemy
(M) Venom - poisons an enemy
(M) Sleepl - puts enemy to sleep
(M) Fog - Blinds an enemy
(M) Rage - Casts berserk on an enemy
(M) Charm - casts confuse on an enemy
(M) Frog - turns enemy into a frog
(M) Entangle - Stops enemy from moving
(M) Chicken - lowers a targets attack power
(M) Doubt - Lowers a targets magic power
(M) Discourage - lowers effect of Skill power.
LV 3
(M) Restore - Cures a nice size of HP
(M) Clear - removes any negative Stasis
(M) Barrier - cuts physical attacks from enemies in half
(M) Mbarrier - cuts enemy spells in half
(M) Raise - gives half life to any Ko’ed member
(M) Fast - 50% time bar for fast action (user gets more turns)
(M) Float - Feet don’t touch the ground
(M) Dispel - remove Positive Stasis from enemy or ally
(M) Aura - feels 25% of the limit bar each cast
Ultimate Spell : Astoid
Aura Breaks : Gem Shot/Special Brew

Emerald Weapom

Wall of Water

(Same stats as Warrior)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
(S) Use
Lv 2
(S) Mix (Once a spell is mixed it can be cast again with MP/SP
Ultimate Spell : Super Ray
Aura Break : Unloaded/Power Up

Lazor Gun

True Camo

(Same stats as Sword Saint)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
Berserk-All - 50% chance of Berserking Enemeies 50% Chance to berserk allies. Happens 1/10 times
Lv 2 (Berserker will attack twice in a row then perform one of these actions in order)
Burn Slash
Ice Stab
Lightning Cuts
Aqua Slice
Crater Impale
Sword Twister
Rough Divide
Fated Circle
Blasting Zone
Fire Cross
Lion Heart
Aura Breaks - Omnislash/Army of One

Gunblades (Berserker)
Sheer Triger
Cutting Trigger
Flame Saber
Twin Lance
Lion Heart


Beast Master
(Same stats as Blue Mage/Dragoon)

LV 1
Learn! : Obtain summoned moves of defeated enemies. (auto learned)
Aura Breaks : Renzokuken/Legion of One

Gunblades (Beast Master)
Blazefire Saber
Axis Blade
Edged Carbine
Razor Carbine
Life Saber

Adamantine Armor

(Same Stats as White Mage)

Lv 1 (M) = Magic (S) =Skill
Pitch Black
Drain Strength
Drain Defense
Drain Magic
Drain Spirit
Drain Skill
Drain Talent
Drain Speed
Drain Luck
Drain Accuracy
Ultimate Spell : Infinity
Aura Breaks : Last Stand/Healing Wind

(Maxed Stats)

Skills and Spells!
(Either knows all skills and spells of other players or knows only ultimate magic)
(Kings can not use Paladin, Dark Knight, Elementalist, Synergist Skill/Spells)
(Ironically he can cast Ultima, X-Zone, Nebula, and Galaxy)
Aura Breaks : Final Fight/Transform

Excaliber II

Ultimate Armor

(Maxed Stats)

Learns all of Paladin, Dark Knight, Elementalist, and Synergist Skills/Spells bar the ultimate spells.
Ultimate Spells : Oblivion
Aura Breaks : Ultra-Slash/Pandora's Box

Rose Thorn

Crown of Thorns

(Same stats as Paladin)
Ruin - Low "Physical" based magic.
Bubble - Doubles parties current HP
Cresant - Doubles parties current MP
Prisim - Doubles parties current SP
Braveryga - Doubles parties current Strength
Protectga - Doubles parties current Defense
Faithga - Doubles parties current Magic
Shellga - Doubles parties current Spirit
Honorga - Doubles parties current Skill
Safega - Doubles parties current Talent
Hastega - Doubles parties current Speed
Null-Physical - Character is immune to physical attacks.
Ruinra - Medium physical based damage.
Buff - Raises HP to 510
Enhance - Raises MP to 510
Improve - Raises SP to 510
Surge - Raises Strength to 510
Swell - Raises Defense to 510
Increase - Raises Magic to 510
Repel - Raises Spirit to 510
Bonus - Raises Skill to 510
Extend - Raises Talent to 510
Swift - Raises Speed to 510
Send - Same as Teleport, Warp, and Return.
Mist - makes multiples of self
Ruinga - High Physical Based damage.
Mirror - blocks and returns all enemy actions.
W-Slash - attacks all two times
Trade - trade HP,MP,SP with an enemy
Space - Max physical damage to one enemy
Leech - drains HP, MP, SP
Immortal - Causes no change in HP, MP, SP for 5 turns
Vortex - Max Physical damage to all enemies.
Ultimate Spell : Galaxy
Aura Breaks : Onslaught/Focused Energy


Alpha Weapon - 1% chance to hit 999,999 on all enemies
The Symbolic - Casts Quadra on all allies
Awakening - Cures 25% HP,MP,SP to all allies
Rift Cutter - Null-Magic
Lunar Tear - Blinds, Silences, Disables, all (three turn stop)
God Slayer - Unblockable damage that ignores defense.
United Verse - Let's user use all paladin, dark knight, elementalist, synergist skills/spells
Blood Blade - casts switch to enemy
Mona Lisa - Shield, Aura, Resist, Hearts, Bless to all
Radiance - Casts bubble, cresant, and prisim on all allies

1. Potion - heals 500 HP
2. Hi potion - heals 1500 HP
3. X potion - heals all HP
4. Mega potion - heals 3000 Hp to all allies
5. Soma - Restores 100 SP
6. Ether - heals 100 MP
7. Mega ether - heals 500 HP
8. Turbo ether - heals all MP
9. Elixir - Heals all HP and MP (single)
10. Megalixer- Heals all party members HP and MP
11. HpUp - adds 200 HP
12. MpUp - Adds 100 MP
13. Str.up - Adds 2 strength to stats
14. Def.up - Adds 2 defense
15. MagicUp - adds 2 magic attack
16. M.defUp - adds 2 magic defense
17. SpeedUp - adds 2 speed to stats
18. LuckUp - adds 2 luck to stats
19. AccUp - adds 2 points to accuracy
20. Phoenix down - slightly brings character back from KO
21. Mega Phoenix - Slightly brings party back from KO
22. Tent - Restores 9999 HP, 999 SP and 999 MP
23. Cabin - fully restores team
24. Grenade - causes damage when used in battle
25. T/s Bomb - causes damage when used in battle
26. Warriors drink - raises stats for 1 whole battle
27. Chocobo Nut - used to breed chocobos
28. Gh. Greens - used to call/find chocobos
29. Antidote - cures poison
30. Vaccine - cures zombie
31. Eye drops - cures blind
32. Echo screen - cures silence
33. Maidens kiss - cures mini and frog
34. Soft - cures petrify
35. Remedy - cures all negative status
36. Elemental destuction - uses elemental weakness spells to all enemies
37. R.I.P. - kills enemy
38. Skillful Sphere - break SP limit new limit 999 (for 5 battles)
39. Manna Sphere - break MP limit new limit 9999 (for 5 battles)
40. Power Sphere - break HP limit new limit 99999 (for 5 battles)
41. Strength Sphere - break Damage limit new limit 99999 (for 5 battles)
42. paladin Book 1
43. paladin Book 2
44. paladin Book 3
45. Dark knight book 1
46. Dark knight book 2
47. Dark knight book 3
48. Treasure hunter tutorial 1
49. Treasure hunter tutorial 2
50. Treasure hunter tutorial 3
51. Samurai notes 1
52. Samurai notes 2
53. Monks Guide 1
54. Monks Guide 2
55. Monks Guide 3
56. Summoner book 1,2,3,4,5 (only for Shadow)
57. Book of Songs 1
58. Book of Songs 2
59. Book of Songs 3
60. Dance steps 1
61. Dance steps 2
62. Dance steps 3
63. Dance steps 4
64. Red mage book 1
65. Red mage book 2
66. Red mage book 3
67. Red mage book 4
68. Oracle Lessons 1
69. Oracle Lessons 2
70. Oracle Lessons 3
71. Alchemist Recipes 1
72. Alchemist Recipes 2
73. Grey Blader book 1
74. Grey blader book 2
75. Black Mage book 1
76. Black mage book 2
77. Black mage book 3
78. Black Mage book 4
79. Black Mage book 5
80. Warrior stories 1
81. Warrior stories 2
82. Warrior stories Supreme
83. White mage book 1
84. White mage book 2
85. White mage book 3
86. White mage book 4
87. White mage book 5
88. Mega fight 1
89. Mega fight 2
90. Mega fight 3
91. Book of gambles 1
92. Book of gambles 2
93. Magic sword book 1
94. Magic sword book 2
95. Magic sword book 3
96. Magic sword book 4
97. Lost arts book 1
98. Lost arts book 2
99. Paladin Strand
100. Dark Knight Strand
101. Warrior Strand
102. Black Magic Strand
103. White magic Strand
104. Knights work Strand
105. Ninja Strand
106. Gamblers strand
107. Magic sword strand
108. Blue mage strand
109. Treasure hunter strand
110. Samurai Strand
111. Monk Strand
112. Bard strand
113. Dancer strand
114. Red mage strand
115. Oracle strand
116. Alchemist strand
117. beast master strand
118. Grey blader strand
119. Guns men strand(Rare)
120. Summoners Hair (rare)
121. Tough Ring- Def. and Str. Up 30%
122. Pendent - Mag. Attack and Mag. Def up 30%
123. Precious Watch- Speed and Accuracy up 30%
124. Jacket-HP and MP up 30%
125. Talisman- SP and Luck up 30%
126. Token - Skill and Talent up 30%
127. Cape- All Stats up 10%
128. Genji- All Stats up 30%
129. Men’s Armlet- Increases Str. Def, Spd, and HP 60%
130. Women’s Necklace- Increases M.Atk, M.Def, Luck and MP 60%
131. Bright Side- Nulls Ice Water Wind and Light
132. Dark Side- Nulls Fire Lightning Earth and Dark
133. Colored Orb #1- Absorbs Fire and lightning
134. Colored Orb #2- Absorbs Water and Earth
135. Colored Orb #3- Absorbs Ice And Wind
136. Grey Orb- Defends against Light And Darkness
137. Terra Elemental- Absorbs All Elements
138. Great Pendent-Protects against Blind and Silence
139. Great Ring- Protects against Berserk and Confusion
140. Great Bracelet- Protects against Poison and Stone
141. Great Talisman- Protects against Slow Stop and Sleep
142. Great Chain- Protects against Zombie and Mini
143. Ribbon- Protects against all stasis elements
144. Healing Stone - Auto regen
145. Spellcasters option - Auto Refresh
146. Sprint Shoes- Auto Haste
147. Phoenix Feathers- Auto Life
148. Magic Talisman- Auto Wall
149. Deflex Orb- Auto reflex
150. Fury Ring- Automatically puts you in berserk
151. Protect ring - Automatically puts up protect
152. Seashell - Automatically puts up Shell
153. Secret Scroll - Automatically keeps refresh status
154. Master Thief- Steal Items a lot easier
155. Pro thief- Steals when causing any damage
156. Pro morph- Morphs when causing any damage
157. Not yet!!- Attacks before being attacked
158. The payback- Returns enemies magic
159. Quick Hit- counter an enemies attack
160. Pro Hitter - Hits critical every time.
161. Cat Walk- restores hp while walking
162. Dog Walk - Restores MP while walking
163. Rune Armlet- Powers up due to heath
164. Mystic Gem- Enables 1 MP cost
165. Alternate Outfit- Puts a new outfit on
166. Aura armlet - keeps 50% limit gauge at limit reset
167. Fiend Ward - Adds encounter-none
168. Fast runner - CP is always 999. Enables the fastest action available.
169. EXP Egg - doubles Exp gained
170. AP Egg - Doubles AP gained
171. Gil Egg - doubles Gil Earned
172. Pearl Heaven - Strike with light based attacks and null light base damage.
173. Malevolent Expiry - Strike with dark based attacks and null dark base damage.
174. Conflagration Edge - Strike with fire based attacks and null fire base damage.
175. Rime Slash - Strike with ice based attacks and null ice based damage.
176. Fulguration - Strike with lightning based attacks and null lightning based damage.
177. Squall Twine - Strike with wind based attacks and null wind based damage.
178. Marine - Strike with water based attacks and null water based damage.
179. Gravel Grail - Strike with earth based attacks and null Earth based damage.
180. Dazzle Strike - Adds blind Status to weapon, character is immune to blind.
181. Quite Raid - adds silence status to weapon, character is immune to silence.
182. Snooze foray - Adds Sleep Status to weapon, character is immune to sleep.
183. Veggie attack - adds paralyze status to weapon, character is immune to paralyze.
184. Dizzy Talent - adds confuse status to weapon, character is immune to confuse.
185. Venom spay - adds poison status to weapon, character is immune to poison.
186. Zombie creation - adds zombie status to weapon, character is immune to zombie.
187. Stone touch - Adds petrify status to weapon, character is immune to petrify.
188. Red light - adds stop status to weapon, character is immune to stop.
189. Wild batter - adds berserk status to weapon, character is immune to berserk
190. Death Touch - Adds Death status to weapon, character is immune to death.
191. Drain swing - Adds Drain effect to weapon. Character sucks enemies Hp with attack.
192. Addition of fight - 30+ strength, player gets Dark Knight/paladin skills learned.
193. Fitment of weakness - 30+ Magic attack, user can use Black Mage/summon learned.
194. Fixture of magic - 30+ Magic Defense, player can use white/red magic learned.
195. Attachment of Harmony - 30+ Defense, Player can use Warrior/samurai abilities learned.
196. Adjunct of Talent - 250+ MP, 2500+ MP on MP break, Holds Blue mage/Bard powers
197. Extra Push - 1000+ HP, 10000+ HP on HP break, bearer can use Swordsmen/Thief skills
198. Add-on plus - 30+ Speed, keeper can use Ninja/monk skills and spells learned
199. The trimming - 30+ Luck, Holder can use Gambles and dance skills and spells learned.
200. World Without End - “has same effect of all accessories”

EXP 1000 x Level (each enemy gives 100 EXP)
AP 10 AP to unlock any skill/spell (each enemy gives 2 AP)
Level 1-99 but you could prestige!
GIL : 9,999,999 MAX! (Enemies give 300gil)

HP -99,999 0 9,999 +9,999 99,999 +99,999
MP 0 999 +999 9,999 +9,999
SP 0 999 +999 9,999 +9,999
Str x 98 + Attack x 98 x (1-10) - Enemy DEF x 98= -100% -50% x0 x1 x1.5 x2 x4 damage
Mag x 98 x (1-10) - Eneny Spirit x 98 = -100% -50% x0 x1 x1.5 x2 x4 damage
Skill x 98 x (1-10) - Enemy Talent x 98 = -100% -50% x0 x1 x1.5 x2 x4 damage
(the 1-10 is weapon order or magic/skill level)
Units Speed x 98 ATB = 999ATB = Turn
Luck > Accuracy - Miss
Luck < Accuracy - Hit!

Postive effects last for 5 turns and can be casted outside of battle. Negative effects last 3 turns.
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