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Video Game Fashions: Pigtails!

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So for some reason, anime video game ladies like to wear pigtails, even when they're thirty. Haha, who am I kidding, like video game women are allowed to be 30 lol.

But seriously, pigtails can look really good or really bad. I get very easily irritated at certain pigtail style. But there are some good ones too, regardless of age! I'm also including braided pigtails.

Should we start with a video game I haven't even played yet? Why yes, yes we should! It is sitting on my wishlist, but in the meantime:

Cute, pink, braided pigtails with complimentary outfit, yes.

Next we have little Ellis from Agarest War:

I don't like her pigtails when she's grown up because... well, hair doesn't grow THAT fast, and I also don't like super long pigtails most of the time. But tiny pigtails on tiny Ellis? Yes.

From Atelier Escha & Logy, we have our leading lady Escha:

Is it the pompoms, the teeny hat, and the little braids? Yes it is.

From Atelier Meruru we have Lionela:

Borderline dislike, and on most characters I would, but it just works for her.

From 999:

While I find Clover in VLR to be creepy as all heck, she is adorbs in 999 and I refuse to believe it's the same person!!! Look at her, it's just hair everywhere!

Another wishlist game, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God:

I would normally dislike these pigtails, but look at her! Look at how moody she is!

The Disgaea archer:

I think she uses one of those cotton candy machines to achieve this look and it is worttthhh iiitttttt~

Threads of Fate:

Mint's pigtails suit her PERFECTLY.

Fortune Summoners:

Are those not the most precious golden locks? She's straight out of a fairy tale.


Absolutely precious and her head decorations CHANGE COLOURS TOOOOO

Amy from Soul Calibur:

I mean, the other girl already had the cotton candy machine out...

Talim, also from Soul Calibur:

She's gotta keep dat hair contained from all of dat wind. It'll get all tangled.

Hotaru from SNK:

Is she not just the most precious though?

And finally, Jess from Until Dawn:

The braids, the bangs, and the realistic enough graphics to make me wish I could pull this off. Also wish I had a body like hers, but that would involve putting down the pie and I just don't think I'm ready for that
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