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*Getting* Vagrant Story

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Hi everyone! It's been more than a while. Graduated College, trying to find work, you know how that goes. It's funny that my first forum post in so long isn't about FFXV, but about a 16 year old game that all of 20 people have played.

So for about 4 years (on and off), I struggled through Vagrant Story, every time I felt like I understood its mechanics, I would immediately be thrown back down to earth with a new enemy type (screw the gremlins, the little Satan-spawns). Somehow, I miraculously beat Guildenstern about two months ago (blowing all of my PP with Phantom Pain, and using Raging Ache), and after pouring through a couple of GameFAQs to figure out what the hell I was missing a couple weeks ago, I blew through the game's NG+ in a weekend, .

Holy crap you guys, I don't think there's a more satisfying experience than realizing that a game you thought was just timed button hits and leveling up your weapons is actually a game about min-maxing your gear for a specific opponent, needing to know when to set buffs and what stat necessarily needs buffing. Elemental affinities were way more important than I thought, because I never knew that an enemy's elemental resistance can seriously nerf your attacks, same with the weapon type. I had so much fun this time around that I want to try to go through the game again with a clean save and see the game's difficulty through a new light.

(I still have no clue how forging weapons works though)

But anyway, I just wanted to gush about the mechanics of this weird-wonderful-unorthodox-amazing game.
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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Congratulations on conquering one of my favorite Matsuno games. Yeah the gameplay for it is like a rabbit hole, every time you think you understand it you find another layer and the game gets even more complex. It's practically the calling card for his titles. Glad you enjoyed it though and welcome back to the forum.