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Dr. Strange!

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Well I just saw Dr. strange, and it was good! Benedict Cumberbatch was actually great to watch act. The story of time and perception was good too and I followed along fairly easily.

I thought it was cool because of the idea of different worlds within ours (this isn't going to be a movie review type of entry, just what I thought was great about the movie). It goes to show what the mind may be capable of, I mean I know of a guy that had a spinal cord injury in the same hospital as I. He is waking now as well (we were both in wheelchairs). The movie had a similar example, and it goes to show you not everything can be recorded "scientifically".

I had the same encounter with people who were in the medical field, as Stephen Strange had in the movie. In part it is his character but the egotism, arrogance; and it's contagious to people around them. I met this doctor at some hospital in Toronto, I forget which one. But this older guy that was walking with him, just gave me the weirdest disapproving stare; I don't know maybe it was the way I walk?

It would be cool to make these portals that Dr. Strange does, and create broken glass realms. I thought how he actually saved the day at the end was really clever. The way they manipulate space and time throughout the movie was easy to follow and understand. I think I would watch it again, just because I like it a lot.

I think you should go watch it if you get the time!
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