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Just a thought on theories, research and articles.

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Hey I am just doing some article reading/researching for a paper, and it comes as pertinent to note that there are several types of studies.

There are ones that are literature reviews.
There are articles based on theories.
There are meta-analytical studies.
There a scientific studies with experiments.

And really, the list does go on. You can read a paper and it can be entirely theoretical, and it actually has validity.

There are theories and papers on topics that may not have scientific proof, but implicitly you can see it; like Bounded Rationality.

Actually, the previously mentioned theory has been proven in some scientific experiments. But the thing is you should be aware of what you are reading, and keep an open mind.

"There is only a perspective seeing, only a perspective "knowing"; and the more affects we allow to speak about one thing, the more eyes, different eyes, we can use to observe one thing, the more complete will our "concept" of this thing, our "objectivity," be. But to eliminate the will altogether, to suspend each and every affect, supposing we were capable of this -- what would that mean but to castrate the intellect?" - from Nietzsche's The Genealogy of Morals, s III.12, Walter Kaufmann transl. (http://www.theperspectivesofnietzsch...he/ntruth.html)
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