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2016 was an awesome year

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So today has been a pretty meh day. As is usual on the last day of a university deadline. But having it be one day before the final day of the year is just in bad taste. Since I was in a group with my brother on this assignment, we were in his apartment together, working, from 2 PM to midnight straight. It was a pretty taxing time for the both of us, not to mention my brother's wife who took on the task of attending to their three children in the meantime.

Of course all that was sliiiiightly offset by the fact that I logged onto Rokkenjima at around 4 PM and my eyes fell on the newest News post there. "New When They Cry announced"




New When They Cry announced









Anyone who knows me probably knows my intense attachment to the When They Cry franchise. Umineko is my sole "11/10" and absolute favorite work of fiction, and Higurashi is also amazing. It has been my dream for a long time to see a continuation of the series. I couldn't see how it could possibly top what it has already achieved, but never say never, and if there's anyone I think can do it, it's no one else but Ryukishi07 himself, who has still been busy creating great visual novels (like Rose Guns Days) since Umineko's release... it just wasn't another When They Cry.

Imagine how hard it was for me not to explode in joy at 4 PM and instead keeping it bottled in until midnight when we were finally done with this godforsaken assignment. As it turned out at 23:50 PM, the deadline had been pushed back by three days. Fun times.

Regardless. When They Cry 5 is coming. Entering development in 2017. I don't care when the hell it's coming out. Just knowing that more When They Cry is coming eventually is incredible. I had serious doubts it would ever happen. Umineko is such an incredibly self-contained story that breaks down a genre it defined itself, and it still manages to build on Higurashi on top of that. You cannot keep going from there in a logical manner! Or can you? Who knows! Only time will tell!

So now that When They Cry 5 got announced, this instantly elevated 2016 into one of the best years in recent memory. That's all.



  1. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Congrats, I'm glad you're so excited
  2. Shauna's Avatar
    Haha, I stumbled across this news after I read your post in the Happy thread and I said to Matt "This is why Karifean is so happy".