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Haven't made the cut pt. 3

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Adventure Time - Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?!!

The title is self-explanatory. The Ice King stole Fynn and Jake's garbage to make a... garbage princess. The game is a 2D platformer with an overworld map and some questing to do (get item A, bring to person X, etc). It of course takes place in the Land of Ooo and you will control Fynn while using Jake for certain skills.

Why it didn't make the cut:
To me it just... wasn't fun. It wasn't bad really, but it did nothing special. The gameplay was average, the story was kind of uninteresting (they certainly could have come up with something better from the Adventure Time universe) and it just didn't do much to hole my interest or keep me playing.

Why/who should play it: Fans of Adventure Time might get a kick out of this if they have some extra money to spend. It does have the trademark humour of the series and had me laughing out loud on a few occasions. It's actually pretty affordable now so if you just want to take a little trip through Ooo, it might be worth the $10-12 dollar price tag.

The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia is a visual novel about some students with incredibly stylish school uniforms who all attend a special academy to deal with their unique histories and circumstances, as you'll uncover throughout the story.

Why it didn't make the cut: There are many things I liked about the game but it fought me when I tried to enjoy it. The protagonist is one of the least likeable people ever and, while I feel the heroines were strong, their stories didn't always do them justice. One was good, one was boring, two didn't live up to their potential, and one was actively bad and has left a bad taste in my mouth even now. It's not a bad visual novel, it just doesn't measure up to other VNs that I've played.

Why/who should play it: It has some really interesting heroines, as I mentioned, and even if the stories were mostly poorly executed, they did have intriguing and touching base stories to work off of. The game has a great sense of humour and can poke fun at itself and other VN tropes, which was great. There were a lot of great, funny moments. It has good graphics and cute chibis that show up sometimes. It does a good job of letting you get to know its characters and seeing their relationships grow and develop. If you like romance VNs this might be worth a look!

Dissidia (Dissidia 012) Final Fantasy

The Dissidia games are fighting game/action-RPG style thingamaboopers where characters from the various worlds all meet, chat, and fight and stuff.

Why it didn't make the cut: I just can't get in to it. I've tried so many times and I just... can't. I don't enjoy it, I don't have fun, it just feels lie a chore. I don't fully understand the battle system and it doesn't keep me motivated to learn it. I have heard it takes some time to get in to but I just can't get myself to play to that point.

Why/who should play it: Fans of FF might enjoy this. Who doesn't want to see some of their favourite FF characters interact in a story? Fan service at its finest. Some might also enjoy the unique style of gameplay and customization and such.

That's it for now, more soon~
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  1. Karifean's Avatar
    I don't I ever heard what you thought of the individual routes in Grisaia. As far as I'm concerned the common route was the best part anyways =P
  2. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Makina's route was kind of forgettable save for a few moments here and there. Sakaki's route was also super forgettable. Sachi's route, the one I was most looking forward too, kind of fell flat in a lot of ways, and Amane's was just awful. Michiru's was overall good save for a few issues.