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Haven't made the cut pt. 4

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Inevitably when playing a bazillion games, some of them are just not going to make in on to a top list, even if they were good games. So here are three more games that didn't make the cut but that you might still want to check out!

Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion (Formerly Spooky's House of Jump Scares)

Spooky's whatever you want to call it is a mixture of horror and comedy. You explore 1000 rooms in a haunted mansion with each section getting scarier and more challenging than the last.

Why it didn't make the cut: I am a huge scaredy-cat. I can't help it, I just am. So for a horror game to be worth playing for me, it needs to have a very strong narrative and characters to keep me pushing through the fear. While the story is kind of goofy and dun, it's very minimalistic which just doesn't give me enough of a reason to keep going.

Why/who should check it out: If you don't have the same fear issues as I do, this game is pretty good, especially since I think it's free. You'll get a lot of play time, it's fun, it'll give you some good laughs, and it even has some arcade machines to break up the monotony of going through 1000 rooms. If you like horror and want to try something new, definitely give this one a look!


A little platformer game that has you controlling a cute little puppy across town while avoiding evil cats and birds and the like.

Why it didn't make the cut: Again, there's nothing really bad about this game, it just isn't anything great. It's good for some laughs here and there and it's fun to pick up for a few minutes when you want something lighthearted, but it doesn't make a lasting impression.

Why/who should check it out: I think the game is a dollar or two on Steam so if you want to play a silly little platformer, check it out. You can unlock different dogs to use and it's hard not to smile at least a little when playing. Playing with friends is recommended so you can hear gems like "Darn bananas making me lose all of my pantsu." Plus, it stars Doge. Doge is always relevant.

Always Sometimes Monsters

Kind of a (depressing) slice of life sim where you pick a character, pick a lover, and then promptly lose them and have your life go to crap. Now you need to make a journey across the country to see your partner and maybe get them to cancel their wedding instead of just... moving on with your life.

Why it didn't make the cut: The game had a lot of potential but it didn't quite live up to what it could have been. It was depressing and discouraging and it was hard to care about getting your old flame back when you really want to just move forward with your life and that isn't an option. For me it was just more of a bummer and a chore than anything.

Why/who should check it out: Just because I didn't enjoy the story doesn't mean others won't. Perhaps this kind of gritty "real people problems" is something you enjoy. It also has a lot of freedom in how you get to your objectives, the choices you make, and what type of person you'll become. In that sense, it's actually really great how different people will get different experiences as they play through. It's worth a try if that sounds up your alley.
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  1. Fynn's Avatar
    I've seen Markiplier play Spooky's house of jumpscares, actually! Looked pretty cute. But yeah, a horror game without a story that keeps you going really feels pointless, IMO.

    Not because I get too scared, though, since I've found that over the years I've become heavily desensitized to such things. But just primal, jump-scare-y fear really feels pointless to me. I want my horrors to give me a sense of catharsis!