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999 and VLR are coming to Steam on March 24th

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Steam Page:

So yeah, after what feels like an eternity since ZTD's PC release, the first two parts of the Zero Escape trilogy are finally catching up and getting PC releases of their own. Or at least together as a bundle.

999 has been revamped and features voice acting and I believe also the new (bad) ending that came in the iOS version? Hopefully at least. For those of you who haven't played these games before, now's the perfect opportunity to catch up on that!


  1. Fynn's Avatar
    I still need to play ZTD! I loved the first two games so much!
  2. Shauna's Avatar
    Ugh more things to buy again FOR NO REASON
  3. krissy's Avatar
    i will get them all on humble bundle

    cause how many copies of a game can i have

    (based on okami and beyond good and evil, like 3 of each)
  4. Formalhaut's Avatar
    This might actually be worth it. Because the original 999 took so smurfing long (no flowchart) I never actually finished it.