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Final Fantasy Omega

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Floor 1-3 Details
Enemies - Omega Guard, Sentinel Beast
Chests - potions, ethers, soma, cure, fire, thunder, earth, water, HP +5%,

Gust is in his cell and in sudden amaze his cell short circuits and he is now able to leave it. He walks out of the cell to find a pair of guards with saw-swords coming after him.

Guard 1 - Get back in your cell. What do you think your doing.
Guard 2 - did you think you could just escape and not pay the price. Law is law and in law you are a prisoner. Prepare for combat.

Gust engages battle
Defeated guard 2 - Back up, we need back up!

So from here on out Gust must go through the prison with guards coming at him constantly. After the battle he picks up his first weapon which is called a saw-sword. A saw-sword is a bow looking blade and where the string would be at on the bow is the handle. The bow part is a blade.

[note: Gust can go back in his cell and inspect a hole in it where Omega is kept. He is too weak to fight it now but if you could return after you have maxed stats? ? ?]

There are chest along the narrow path containing a set of 5 potions, 2 ethers, a cure quartz and a fire quartz.

Explanation #1 - Quartz
You can add quartz to any character in the game giving you have the quartz. Open the menu, select quartz and then select learn. Doing this will show all the quartz you have that isnít equipped. Double click on one and your character will learn it. To remove quartz go to the menu and select Quartz, and then select remove. This will give you a screen with all the quartz that character has. Double click to remove.

Explanation #2 - Support Quartz and mixing quartz
You can mix support quartz with magic and skill quartz giving them extra boosts. Go to menu, select quartz, and then select make. Here you will see two screens, one has the magic and skill quartz, while the other has the support. Select the quartz you want and then select a support with it. Then when both quartz that you wanted to use is highlighted you are asked ďCombine these two quartz? ď and you can select yes or no. Now the skill or magic quartz will have the selected support added to it.

Now Gust is free to travel the prison and fight enemies. The next two stories he goes to nothing special happens. He just collects items, such as potions, somas, a thunder quartz, a earth quartz, a water quartz, a HP up 5% quartz. So he is on level 3 when he meets a new member.

Floor 3 Details
Enemies head hunters, omega guards, protectors

ďwhat are you doing here?Ē Ask a girl who is beating some guards up and looks at Gust.
ďWell are you going to help or arenít you?Ē She then asks and Gust joins the combat.

Battle against three head hunters and a Omega guard.

ďWhy did our cells open? Do you think Team alpha is breaking in to rescue us?Ē She asks with a certain charm and walks up to the Omega guard and takes his bow. {Note that every character gets a weapon from the enemies they defeat.}

ďIf it was Alpha then we better meet them soon. As far as I know weíre at the bottom of a underground prison. You must have done something awfully bad to get stationed down here. Care if I ask what you did?Ē Asked Gust as the girl first acts kind of sad and then turns back to Gust and then tells him the story.

ďEver hear of Impartial Empire? Well me and my brother were on vacation when a battle started during a debate about the world we live in. Three team speakers would share their belief with the crowd in hopes that some would join their cause.Ē

Flash Back : Impartial Empire

The scene takes place with three people standing on Alters very much like politicians or preachers. These Alters were on a stage and many microphones were placed on each alter. On the left side was a team alpha leader, in the middle was a team beta leader, and on the right was a team omega leader.

Team Alpha Leader - To secure the world we have now we most stick to our roots, and plant news ones to keep the world as it is. Team Omega only wishes to destroy the world, now that is very Anti-social and millions of people will die and so will this planet. Do you want to die? Ask yourself that before you join Team Omega, all we want to do as Team Alpha is stick to what we have.

Team Omega Leader - We are not killing the world, we are making a new one. We arenít all about millions of people dying, thatís why we need people to join Team Omega. If you join Team Omega the Omega will pick you to live in the new world. Omega is real and no matter how hard you try it will happen sooner or later. Might as well be prepared.

Team Beta leader - To prevent battle and war Team Beta exists as a neutral. We know that the world does begin and end. The most people can do is live out their lives and hope the best in the current day.

The crowd then seems to associate with each other. You can hear the mumbles and whispers but canít make out what they are saying.

The scene then flips to Affinity and her brother not too far away from the protest.

Affinity - you see those people over there Batce? They have no idea the extent the world leaders will go in order for their side to be carried out. Its sad that once you choice a side you are forced into their camp and their lands. I donít think thatís what team beta is all about. You donít see team Alpha and Omega in all parts of the world but Beta can go anywhere as long as they donít cause any trouble.

Batce - Your right but I like this world. The only thing messed up in it is the war against Alpha and Omega. People shouldnít be trained for killing and world ruin. Thatís why as long as you stay beta and I stay Alpha, we can live together. Sure you believe Omega will rise sooner or later, but that donít turn you into a killer.

Affinity - Yeah I know. I often find that Team Omega is out to kill just about anyone and anything thatís in its way. Still I donít want to risk my life and have to live it in certain places cause Alpha is hunted by Omega.

After those words someone throws a cherry bomb into the crowd of protesters. People burning alive all that was safe was the leaders on stage behind their alters.

Team Omega leader - Who throw that bomb? Note to people that if you do oppose Team Omega death is unavoidable.

Batce - What theÖ Hey Iím Team Alpha and your saying just cause I care about the world my life is in danger?

Team Omega Leader - Iím saying that if you are against the new life you are in danger. This world will end and only if you stand up for it, you put your own life in danger. Guards kill this man.

Batce - Kill me? Of what crime? Ugh!!

Two guards with guns walk up slowly and then fire away at Batce. Affinity runs towards her brother as he falls to his knees. He turns his head before he falls all the way down dead.

Affinity charges the two guards and knocks them down, taking one of their guns in the process. She focuses on aiming at the Omega leader, then gets knocked out from an Omega recruiter.

End of Impartial Empire scene.

ďand then I woke up here.Ē Said Affinity to Gust as he replies with ďWow Sorry about your brother but come on we have to get out of this area. Guards will soon be on their way.Ē

On the next 4 floors nothing happens they are just being attacked by enemies. They however can find the following items, light quartz, blizzard quartz, wind quartz, Provoke quartz, a steal quartz, MP +5% quartz, SP +5% quartz, some potions, phoenix downs and Ethers.

Floor 7 -9 Details
Enemies - Omega follower, minus hounds, Head hunters

All seems normal on this floor except a prisoner wishes to join your party as you pass by his cell.

ďPlease take me with you, my name is Blithe and well Iím stuck here for a long time if you donít help me escape.Ē He says as we pleads with his life. ďThere is a button next to my cage I canít reach it but if you would do the honor Iíd be glad to help.Ē Blithe adds.

Gust goes over and presses the button and the cell is open. Blithe comes out like there is a question if he will follow them or take his side. He stays however and he walks a ways to a pair of guns. ďThese are my kind of weapons, if you see any make sure you give them to me.Ē he says and then gust can move again. This time with tougher enemies coming his way. Together as a team they make it to the 10th floor.

Floor 10 Details
Enemies - Bomb
Chests - none

This floor is just a big room with a giant bomb monster in it. After taking a few steps it charges you and you have to fight it. Afterwards the team take a break to rest and reflect on what is happening.

ďThat bomb could have leveled this whole facility. What is Omega trying to do ruin its own territory?Ē Affinity says thinking to herself and others.

Then Gust Replies, ďI donít think that Team Omega is caring about anything in the present world. Not even themselves.Ē

Blithe - you would think team Alpha should just say if they believed so strongly about the end of the world they might as well kill themselves.

Gust - We still havenít heard your side of the story. What got you locked up here?

Blithe - Well itís a long story but Iíll try to make it short. Its not easy for me to tell. We were living in-between Village of Beta and the Alpha camp.

Flash back : Village of Beta and the Alpha Camp

One day my wife decided to go to the Alpha Camp and do some training, you know, to help the planet. I supported her 100% and often went to the camp myself to help new recruits learn how to stand up and fight Omega. My son though was too young to join a side but heíd have peaks of the camp when me and my wife were in different areas. One day I sent him to take lunch down to his mother. Then Team Omega started a raid on the Alpha Camp. I was in the Village when I hear the gun fire. I ran as fast as I could and when I seen my son there dead. I went to fight too. Team Omega killed most of the Alpha camp and those who were barely alive were sent to prison. Thatís my story, so Iím going to get out of here and hope one day I find my wife again.

[note Blithe tells the story and the game shows in FMV what he was talking about.]

End of flash back.

Gust - well that must be hard on you but we got to get going, this prison is huge and we donít know much about it yet.

Level 11 - 15 details
Enemies - quartz masters, patrol guards, Omega followers

At level 15 they meet another girl who is free and walking around when she attacks the team. Her name is Harmony and to win the fight the characters must just defend and heal. The battle lasts for 3 minutes. Afterwards a conversation breaks out.

Harmony - So your not on the Omegas side, that much I can tell. Who are you and what do you want?

Gust - Weíre trying to escape the prison and IF we can, we plan to take Team Omega down. I am Gust and my friends are Affinity and Blithe. They were prisoners here too. Weíre all the same.

Harmony - Iíve heard that before. How do I know that one of you arenít a spy.

Blithe - Cause we were locked up and tagged. We got out probably the same way you did. I bet your confused but anyways we got to work together if weíre going to survive.

Harmony - Ok, donít get me wrong. Iíll join you up until we get out. IF one of you turn out to be a spy Iím going to crack some skulls.

Gust - What got to sentenced here?

Harmony - Well I was Leading the Alpha camp near the Village of Beta teaching people how to use Quartz.

Flash Back : Alpha Camp

Harmony - So once you crush a support quartz into a magic quartz you get the added effect. Thanks to Samuels theory that everyone has a short of Glyph within ourselves, we just need to be armed with the Quartz to be able to use in battle. The best thing is the quartz are almost unlimited so we throw contests to see who can make the best quartz every month. Here are some quartz, try to make one specially for you.

People at camp seem amazed and they begin making quartz at the science table.

Now Harmony can walk around and explore the town. This is the first scenario where you can travel outside the prison. The place isnít small and once youíve talked to everyone you begin to take a nap when a person comes to visit her. They act as her friend and give her poison water.

People in town
- Its amazing what youíve done for us all. One day I could see you as a spokes model for team Alpha. Too bad you like the field work.

- Its good to have you on our side. With you here it makes it seem like Team Omega is no problem.

- Hi, one day I want to grow up and help the world.

- Weíve dedicated all our funds into the armory. We do need weapons when Team Omega comes. If they only knew how we felt. Team Beta worries me as they hold no strong sides. I guess they prove that there is a grey area.

- Thanks for the tips on Quartz. Iíve managed to make some awesome ideas. I just lack the quartz to do it.

- Imagine a world where we all gave a damn. It seems like the world is in chaos and no one is changing anything. More action and discipline is what the world needs.

- Hey are you going to train us in hand to hand combat too?

- Its getting late we better head to sleep.

During the night a young male comes into the tent.

Harmony - Whatís the matter? Canít sleep?

Male - No, its just thatÖ I really wanted to talk to you about Team Omega, alone. Do you think we really have a chance against them?

Harmony - What do you mean? We celebrate life, and existence. Why side with a team that only wants to kill everything.

Male - umm if I may, I think your thinking too political. Iím asking in force do you think Team Alpha or Team Beta could ever stand a chance?

Harmony - Well thatís the plan. Sooner or later one side will have to lose. As long as we train and work hard we can someday fight all those who oppose.

Male - Do you really wish to destroy team Omega?

Harmony - Well, its not like I want to kill them all. If I could have it my way Iíd just like to bring the people into team alphas side. Make them see we can keep this planet alive.

Male - Well Iím sorry but that day isnít now.

Male walks out of the tent and three Omega Hunters come in and take her. She fights but they poison her and she is then unconscious.

End of Flash back

Harmony - So thatís how I got here. A spy was sent to utilize the camp. They came in forces not long after that. From what Iíve heard, the camp is still around today.

Blithe - I remember that. I heard stories about the camp spies and before I got locked up here, I too fought Team Omega. The camps changed from a training camp, straight to a battle camp. I donít know how long it will last.

Gust - Well if weíre going to find out, we have to get out of here. Everyone follow me.

[Party Members can now be changed in the main menu.]

Harmony picks up a small staff and everyone follows Gust.

Floors 16-19 details
Enemies -
Chests -

Nothing much happens on these floors. There are some new enemies and the floors can be somewhat difficult to get through. At level 20 is another boss floor.

Level 20
Boss - Adamantoise

Floors 21 to 25 details

Floor 26 to 29 details

Floor 30 is another boss fight floor
Boss : Flan

Floor 31 you meet another character in the game. His name is Marcoe and he is wielding an axe. Gust enters the floor and notices him right off the bat. As he is destroying the everlasting enemies that usually are coming after him.

Marcoe - Woo Hoo! Are we here to kick some serious Omega butt or what?

Marcoe says as Gust walks up to him.

Gust - Well we would like to know who you are.

Marcoe - hey I donít know anything about you. Mind telling me your story beforehand?

Gust makes notions as he is telling the story we donít need to repeat.

Marcoe - Well we donít need to rush things. Iíll tell you my story as we get out of here.

So each floor you go to Marcoe adds a little to his story. If you wait too long on one floor he will repeatedly say, ďIf you want to get more info out of me we have to get out of this place.Ē and ďCome on, we have to reach another floor.Ē

Floor 32 - 39

Marcoe 32 - This is a hide out place for Team Omega as well as a prison. Thatís why there are so many enemies. I believe if we wanted to, we could shut Omega down while weíre here.

Marcoe 33 - I grew up with my parents as Team Alpha. I didnít want to be like my folks though, but I guess seeds from any tree grows another tree almost the same. Donít get the wrong idea, Iím with Team Alpha and Team Beta, but I was once wanting to join Team Omega. I just did it to rebel against my parents.

Marcoe 34 - In Team Omega they turn people into religious nut jobs. They teach you to draw powers from enemies with the cost of the planets life. Many things would die in Omegas wake, thatís why I rebelled.

Marcoe 35 - I was in training when all of a sudden I thought ĎI donít want to do this anymoreí. Thatís when I decided to run away. I ran from Team Omega just as I ran away from my parents before.

Marcoe 36 - When you turn on team omega, you are automatically called an enemy. They hunt traitors faster then anyone else cause of the information they hold. Me I knew all kinds of things. Stuff that could really shut them down for good. Did you know that all their computers are linked to each other.

Marcoe 37 - Their leaderÖ the one a lot of people in here fought, his name is Daemon. They say he has a power unmatched in the whole world. That if he wanted he could single handedly defeat any beast there isÖ even Omega. He wouldnít though. The guy is twisted with ideas to kill the world. I donít know if he does it in spirit or just rage.

Marcoe 38 - If I remember correctly every ten floors has a super monster. Its there to kill anything that tries to escape. They hold the beasts in cages when someone from team omega switches past them. Other then that they eat live and breed down here.

Marcoe 39 - This is the 39th floor up ahead is a monster. Remember now, these are the toughest of all the beasts in the world. Weíll have to work together to get through this. So Iíve told you everything I know. Iím an escapee and a rebel, but I promise you I am no team omega fighter.

Floor 40 details
Boss - Ogre and Troll

Marcoe - wow thereís two of themÖ

Gust - all right, lets finish them.

floor 41- 49 details
Nothing much just items and enemies

Floor 50 details
Boss fight Cactur
After the fight Daemon appears on a TV Screen.

Daemon - Fugitives, rebels, traitors! Our Omega will not pursue us, but only those who oppose. May I admit that I didnít think youíll get this far. You are right in the middle, and I intend it to be no picnic to those who try and escape.

Gust - Daemon! What canít you see that even in the new world Omega will make there will be an Omega for it too. So come on, are you just going to put an end to all existence?

Daemon - Silence traitor! I wish only to make my mark. I want to be the one millions die for. I want to watch all those that oppose me get wiped from space and time. If there is another Omega, I shall call, and if he doesnít come I shall spend the rest of my life to raise him.

Daemon - Harmony, may I tell you that there is a traitor?

Harmony pulls weapon out and faces everyone who was fighting by her side.

Daemon - and AffinityÖ may I point out that one of the people with you was in the little battle that killed your brother?

Affinity pulls weapon out and focuses on everyone. She even focuses on Harmony who questioned if she should attack Affinity or not.

Daemon - ha, ha, ha. If I may say, no one in your party can be trusted.

Gust - Shut up!

Gust - Everyone heís just trying to turn us against each other.

Daemon - Okay, well if thatís the case, I guess I better arrive just in time to see you reach the surface.

Daemon pulls out a Scythe and does a few stances, laughs and walks away as transmission ends.

Harmony and Affinity is still alert Harmony goes to attack the team with her staff when Affinity comes and stops the blow with her bow.

Affinity - Gust is right. We have to trust each other before we do anything. Daemon is twisted and evil. He can not ever be trusted.

Harmony - You donít understand, a spy is the reason Iím in here. If time comes I will not go down this time without a fight. If I have to Iíll steal all these quartz and fight you myself.

Gust - It doesnít have to come down to that. I trust everyone here. Weíve made it this far. Weíre half way out. We just got to continue working together and acting like a team. So are you with me.

The rest of the team yell ďyes!Ē while harmony just lowers her staff and slouches whispering ďyesĒ.

Floor 51 -55 is level grinding and item hunting with new enemies

Floor 56 you meet Pike, who is fighting a bunch of enemies with a spear.

Pike - I can tell by some of your clothes that your not team omega. Names Pike and I plan to get out of here.

Gust - Well we should get to know each other first.

Pike - No time, Iíve got a friend on the outside coming to get us. All you need to know is Iím Team Beta and really donít care what side you guys are on. I was only sent here for transporting fugitives. See my friend Cid has an Airship and heís been circling this prison waiting for me to break out, so come on!!!

Gust the follows Pike to the next floor.

Floor 57-59 details
Nothing happens on these floors. The next is a boss floor.

Floor 60
Boss - behemoth

Floor 61 - 68
Enemies -
Chests -
Nothing happens on these floors. Just enemies and items.

Floor 69 you meet two females who are being forced into a cell.

Guard - Now go on get in your cell. Donít make this difficult.

Guard 2 - You donít want us to use force.

Trinity - 1,000,000 gil says we can take it. 500 more says we can beat you.

Gust - Not if we do firstÖ

Guard 2 - Well what do you know, itís the fugitives.

Guard - Do you think we can take them.

Sesame smacks one guard across the head with her fist.

Guard 2 - I guess we have no choice.

Guard - okay ready or not here we come.

Battle against two enemies you use Gust Trinity and Sesame. After the battle the conversation begins.

Trinity - Thanks guys, we needed the help. They just caught us and well we didnít really want to live 10 years in that small cell.

Sesame - Yeah thanks, we probably get an extension to our sentence now, but thanks.

Trinity - You have to excuse her, sometimes sheís a bit aggressive.

Pike - Iím Pike, I was just sentenced here for 6 months but the faster I can get out the better.

Harmony - Iím Harmony, I was sentenced for 40 years for being a leader of Team Alpha. Iím trying hard to get out as fast as possible. Escaping is by far the quickest way.

Marcoe - The names Marcoe. Iím to spend 15 years in this place and if I get caughtÖ well thatís another 15 years probably.

Blithe - Hi, Iím the guy with the guns. Itís a little embarrassing but I tore down a Omega Factory after they killed my son.

Blithe looks at the team

Blithe - what do you really think I got in here just by them killing my son? I got some revenge and was too weak when Daemon came. So I got arrested.

Affinity - Well they killed my brother and I fought back and got charged with terrorism. I donít have much else to say. I donít even know how long I will be here.

Trinity - Well me and Sesame have been life long friends. Weíve traveled the world and we tried to start a war between the Teams.

Sesame - We wanted Team Alpha and Team Beta to unite and eliminate Team Omega. They caught us before we could get enough people.

Trinity - So thatís our story, now lets get out of here.

Floor 70 is another boss battle against a Malboro.

Floor 71-75 details
Enemies -
Chests -

Floor 76 -79 details
Enemies -
Chests -

Floor 80 is a boss fight with a Tonberry. Then another screen comes down from the ceiling and Daemon talks again.

Daemon - Can I tell you, without being too itchy, that one of your team mates has been a baby killer, a Team Omega spy, and a traitor all in one.

Gust - as long as he was an Omega traitor Iím ok with that. We all have to relies our wrongs and fix them.

Marcoe - Yeah I sided with Omega then turned cause I knew it was wrong. Not like you cared, your just pandemonium and bloodshed. Even if the people on this world followed your plan, according to you, youíll just seek to kill them again. Its never-ending.

Affinity - One way or another in this life or the next, someone has to stop you. Say everyone followed Omega and got picked to go to the new world. If you seek to kill it sooner or later you wonít have a world to kill.

Trinity - Youíll have a world that will kill you. Thereís a balance in everything. Iím learning that slowly but surely. I believe in both and have to say that pushing the forces you are that there will be some kind of consequence.

Gust - If I was Omega thereís no way I would choice you to join into the new world.

Daemon - Your so fast to speak Gust. Have you told them about yourself? I meanÖ I know how your always eager to learn about others. You rarely take time to talk about yourself.

Daemon - Heís Team Omega everyone. Heís the spy I was talking about. He does this to escapees for me. He gathers them to bring to me so I can send them to Omega. What are a few little casualties when all is sacrificed to Omega anyways. So Gust, old friend, how about you send them to our spot and weíll dispose of themÖ like usual.

Gust looks at all his team mates with sadness in his eyes. His Team mates look at him all differently. Affinity, who has been with him longer, looks at him with hope that it isnít true. While Pike, Trinity and Sesame look at him with anger, disgust and maybe even a little rage. Blithe pulls out his guns and aims at Gust. Then he reverses his aim and starts shooting the television screen that was projecting the image of Daemon. He fires his guns until the whole screen is destroyed and its glass falls everywhere.

Marcoe - Explain.

Gust notions as he has when telling a story and he spills the beans on how he got locked in the prison.

Gust - Affinity, Blithe, I know what it feels like to lose family over this war.

Gust - Marcoe, I know what its like being a Omega traitor and how they hunt you down faster then anything else. Look I got a lot in common with all of you. I am against Team Omega and have been sentenced here. Ever hear of Somgerja? Trinity, Sesame, I know you have. You said you both traveled the world together. Pike, I know youíve probably flew around it before.

Gust - Anyways I was once in league with Team Omega from a young age. Since I was born I trained myself for its cause. I think, Marcoe, me and you have the same rebelling issues. My parents and family were Team Alpha. I was accepted as a Omega General at a young age, 15 to be exact.

Gust - One day, I was sent to dispose of a village anonymously. To my surprise it was my home town. So I went and while everyone battled the village I took my friends and family to a safe place. I was trying to save them, until, Daemon showed up. He found out what I was doing and he was there to put a stop to it.

Gust - I yelled to him ĎIf you have any sense of morals you will let us pastí. We had to cross a train station and then to the woods where they could hide out. Daemon, however, didnít allow that. We drew our weapons and fought until I was no more.

[shows Gust and Daemon fighting]

Gust - In the end I was no match for him. He paralyzed me and I was forced to watch my friends and family get slaughtered by his Scythe. I closed my eyes from the murdering and cried. I then awoke here. Daemon came and visited one day but he just told me Somgerja was now a graveyard. I was an Omega traitor and since I did assault Daemon face to face I was giving a life sentence.

Marcoe - So you came close to beating Daemon? Then we stand a chance! Come on people, weíve lost too much already to lose our way. Weíre getting out of here and weíre doing it together.

Harmony - So you being a spy? Thatís a lie right?

Gust - Yeah, me and Daemon use to be friends but he always just tries to start anarchy.

Blithe - Well what about the baby killing? You know my story, have you done anything like that?

Gust - I use to terrorize towns and kill whoever was team Alpha. Although you can be raise a certain Team, you arenít allowed to be recruited until age 18. So no I usually spare children.

Sesame - Well I have no fight with you. Lets just get out of here. Team work is our only hope.

Gust - Thanks everyone.

81-89 is battles and item finding. This is where you get ultimate magic.

Floor 90 is a boss battle with a Tonberry.

91-97 is normal

98 has a computer station where you can search around.

Gust - If I pull this switch, Team Omega will be shut down.
{Pull Switch} or {Leave} [if you pull it Omega and Daemon are much more weaker then they would be if you leave it alone]

100 - Daemon

Scenario #1 - If you havenít fought Omega and not pulled the switch.

The team all come out the exit of the prison and get blinded by the light of day. The area is like a helicopter landing pad and all around the prison is desert. All of a sudden the clouds turn grey.

Marcoe - Look there he is, its Daemon.

Affinity - Iím surprised he showed.

Now the closer Daemon approaches the closer rain comes over the area.

Gust - This is going to get dirty. Ready everyone?

Daemon - If you wish to die, I see no reason for Omega to not.

Daemon pulls out his Scythe and shows several attack stances.

Daemon - Your turn.

Gust and party look at each other and then charge at Daemon together. Each giving a howl and war cry. This starts the battle.

After the battle

Daemon - Thatís okay. You can beat me in my flesh. Now I will show you what a true god can do. I will now fuse myself with Omega and you WILL die.

Daemon turns into a fusion with himself and the omega creature you can fight in Gusts cell back at floor 1.

After battle.

Daemon - I thought it was impossible. What is this? Omega will not come until you call. Together you will have the powers to end the world. I just fearÖ you wonítÖ

Daemon - Leave now. I will stay behind and die.

Gust and party walk out into the desert and Daemon walks into the prison.

The end.

Scenario #2 - If you havenít fought Omega and pulled the switch.

Gust and party walk out of the prison to find Daemon waiting for them. Altogether they pull out their weapons and get ready for a fight.

Daemon - You may have shut the company down, but you have not killed Omega. The leaders of Team Omega and the true at heart will rebuild the foundations. This is your last chance, surrender now and you will not be harmed.

Sesame - You think weíre going to surrender under those terms? I think your just a little afraid weíll beat you. Face it Daemon you are horribly out numbered.

Trinity - Thatís right and through all your lies and plots to break us up, weíre a team! Weíre going to stay a team forever! Do you hear us Daemon!?

Gust - I pity that I ever joined your cause. You killed my family and friends. You did it as I was paralyzed and forced to watch. I will never side with an army with that dark of a heart.

Daemon - but you did, and now its time for your doom. This is the end rebels, time to revoke you from life. Let me be the one to say, itís a pleasure to be the one to do so.

Pike - Lets get this mad man and show him life is greater then death. That we will not die without a fight!

Gust and friends run towards Daemon and Daemon runs to them and engage in battle.

After the battle

Daemon - Now its time to show you people what a half god can do. I will fuse myself with Omega and bring death to not only you, but the whole world. OMEGA HEAR MY CALL!!!

Daemon now turns into a fusion between him and the Omega monster you can fight in Gusts old cell.

Daemon - Now the power to end the world is mine! Get ready for the big end.

After the fight

The team yell in cheer, saying ďyippee and yeah!Ē Then an Airship hovers over the area and lands on the landing grid.

Pike - Ha, I bet thatís Cid. Come on guys weíve got a world to change.

Gust - Lets show them a world where we can live. Many people have died for that to happen. I think its only fair to give them their last wish.

The end.

Scenario #3 - If you fought Omega and not pulled the switch. Undone

Daemon - All that research on Omega, all our beliefs!! There nothing now.

Gust - So you know that we killed Omega?

Daemon - Yes. I felt the presence of Omega all my life, but nowÖ Nothing.

Harmony - So you know what weíre going to do now?

Daemon pulls out weapon - That I do.

After the battle

Daemon - Ugh, [heavy breathing] youíve defeated me. Half human, half god. I didnít think any less then those who could destroy Omega. I still wanted to see if I could try.

Pike - Its over, now its time for you to end it.

Daemon - In a world without end I have no place. I am going to die, now leave this place. Build a world that does not die.

Gust and party walk away from the prison when a airship comes flying down.

Daemon - I shall rest here forever. I decided to lay my remains with Omega. This is goodbye.

Gust - How could you have killed people for such a senseless cause? I feel no pity for you.

Daemon smiles - Well lets us not meet again.

Then gust and everybody take off in the airship and Daemon goes into the prison.

The end.

Scenario #4 - If you fought Omega and pulled the switch.

Daemon walks slowly towards the team with his scythe dragging the ground. Water pours down and a light beam comes down from the cloudy storm sky unto his face.

Daemon - You may have shut us down. You may even have destroyed our Omega. Let me tell you this though, I shall take his place and deliver death to all things. Then I will be the one who choices who lives and who dies. All the things I need lye deep within this prison. Within the Corpse of Omega Weapon is the answer. So I call upon his spirit. Let it aid me in destroying you all right here, right now.

Nothing happens.

Daemon - huh? What?

Gust - We destroyed Omega for good. The answer you seek is else where. It is yours Daemon, if you can get past us and retrieve it.

Daemon - okay well lets have the final battle already. Enough of this non-sense!!!

Boss Fight - Daemon

After the fightÖ

Daemon - I have been defeated. Now I know that the life I was giving on earth returns to the earth and is made something new. Thatís was the meaning of Team Omegas quest. We wanted people to see that.

Daemon crawls into the prison.

Daemon - Iím going to lock myself in the prison. It seems like a good place to die.

Harmony - what about the rest of the world Gust?

Trinity - what are we going to do upon our return?

Gust - Lets not just return to the world. Lets make a new one.

The end.

Other enemies :
Yin and Yang, Mad prisoner, Omega Knight, Omega leader, Omega general, Omega Caption, Sergeant, Daemon clones, The Ascended, Drake, White Mage, Black Mage, Warrior, Electric Chair, Judges, Fighters, Guard Dog, executioner, Omega Spawns, Aura Knights, Vicar of Incubus, Rector of Succubus, Crazed Prisoner, Soldier LV 27,
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