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Video Game Fashions: DOA Part 1!

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So for all of DOA's shortcomings, it has a ton of outfits. And I like outfits. Some of them are terrible, some are adorable. So for now I will be talking about some of my fav Dead or Alive outfits!

NOTE that some of these are NSFW because... well it is DOA. I will be sure to spoiler those for you.

I will start this edition with the characters of Ayane, Helena, and Hitomi!

First up, Ayane!

One good thing about the PS4 version is you get to change hairstyles~ She looks much better with the little ponytail, I think. For some reason, I just like this outfit. Maybe the mesh sides. I don't like the boots though.

This second one is cute mostly because of the hat. It's also not overly sexy, it's a cute little white dress that people might actually wear. It feels a lot more casual and comfortable too.

This one is especially good with the pigtails because it's kind of rough-around-the-edges with the chain-mail sides and everything and then she has little pigtails. I like it!

And my favourite Ayane outfit!!!

This is just precious. Especially the little snowman hood. She's so super srs all the time, so it's cute seeing her in a little Christmas outfit. I like the hood, the skirt, and AND, a trend you'll begin to notice is that I love bows. And there's a nice big red one here!

Next up is Helena who has a lot of good outfits.

First we have her classic outfit in both red and blue. I like the blue one slightly better but I think they both suit her well.

A Halloween outfit. I like the stockings and I like slit dresses. The shoes are nice too. Good, but not her best.

My biggest problem with this one is the boots, but overall it looks good on her. It suits her style while being something a bit different.

She's like... sexy cop. I really like the footwear.

A nice, classy little dress that's sexy but not overly so. Another one I can actually see people wearing.

Kinda risque

A very pretty but obviously very sexy and revealing dress.

The bf calls this the cake dress but I like it. It's like some Marie Antoinette stuff going on and I like that she just went for it.

Also a bit risque

I think the pink colour really suits her and the gold accents match her hair well.

This is super pretty and I really like the whole look.

There is butt under this spoiler

Very revealing, but I think it suits her and it's sexy in a less vulgar way, in my personal opinion. I like the sheer fabric, it looks really pretty. It's actually my favourite outfit of hers!

And finally, for this edition, we will cover Hitomi!

Again, I LOOOVVEE that you can change hairstyles in the DOA5 PS4 version. I love the short hair on Hitomi. She also has a very casual pretty style, something real people wear, and I especially like the one without the jacket.

A Halloween one, obviously. I like the asymmetry and the little details like the stitching on her leg.

Another costume, pretty much sexy angel. It's cute but nothing special.

We also have Santa Hitomi. A lot of characters have this and she's one of the ones I think it suits well. Especially with the hat.

It's hard to see but Hitomi does karate and she has a karate bear on her shirt and it's great!

And my favourite Hitomi outfit! I love it. The shirt, the shorts, the footwear. Just... all of it!

Next time we will be covering Kasumi, Kokoro, and Leifang!
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