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Video Game Fashions: DOA Part 3!

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Today we are doing Marie Rose, Momiji, Naotora, and Nyotengu!

First for Marie Rose!

This is her classic outfit, which I mostly like for the boots. It's a cute enough dress, though.

One again, I am a fan of asymmetry, roses, and the colour pink and it's all combined here! Not the best, but I still like it.

A very pretty blue colour and I like the big shear bow in the back~

Reindeer Marie Rose is pretty cute!

And finally, witch Marie Rose is just precious!

Next up, Momiji!

I like the colour combos and the footwear in this one.

A pretty ninja outfit with the red that suits her.

And my fav Momiji outfit, especially with that hair. I like the completely useless tiny tie!

Next is Naotora!

I don't know why but I find this precious and adorable~

A very pretty and more modest dress.

And my fav outfit for her, it suits her very well and is very pretty!

Finally, Nyotengu!

Not the best but I still like it. The hair accessory is my favourite part.

Christmas lingerie

For some reason I just find that this suits her. I like the shoes and the hair accessory.

This one is a colour swap of her default outfit and I love the design and the colours. It's very pretty and even has a nice bow~

And finally, Snow White Nyotengu! Very pretty colours, and I like the hairstyle that goes with it!

Next up we will have a melange of characters. Stay tuned!
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