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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Firis!

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It's time to dive in to Atelier Firis, which has a nifty outfit system where the outfits actually grant you different enhancements in game! Ordered from least favourite to favourite

Note: I do not remember the actual names of each outfit but that's alright

First is the Wonderland outfit:

Ability: Reduce synthesis time

It was a pre-order bonus. While I do like it, it's my least favourite. I find it doesn't suit Firis the most.

Next is her default outfit:

Ability: None

This is her default outfit and it has no bonus abilities so you probably won't be seeing much of it for a while after the prologue. It's cute but overshadowed by her other outfits.

Next is the fox ears one:

Ability: Reduce time on the map

You get this one by meeting an old alchemist in the woods and returning later on to meet her after doing her tasks. Very useful in that it allows you to spend more time exploring. It's cute but I don't like the colours very much. I like her mushroom backpack though. If you notice, they even customized her backpack to each outfit!

Next is the fancy outfit:

Ability: Discount at shops

You evidently could use this outfit to get it because you buy it for a lot of money at a shop. I don't like the skirt but I think the rest is very pretty!

Then we have the winter outfit:

Ability: Lose less LP (stamina) in snowy areas

You get this one when you get to the snowy village. It's absolutely adorable, I love the whole thing, and a great example of changing outfits to suit the climate.

It was a tough call between the next two, but this is the beach outfit:

Ability: Raises chance of finding quality items

Another pre-order bonus outfit. The shirt, especially the sleeves, are pretty cute. The hat is really what makes the outfit so special though.

Next we have her alchemy dress:

Ability: Basically raises your ability to enhance your syntheses

You get this one from a camp event a little while after starting your journey. It was handmade by Firis' mother, which is so sweet. I love the diamond cutout sleeves and the big bow on her head!

And finally, my favourite of all, is her summer outfit!

Ability: Lose less LP (stamina) in the deserty areas. I think also extended breathe underwater time

You're given this outfit some time during your stay in the town where the ships aren't running. I love this outfit so much, it's adorable and precious. I love the hat and the shirt and the shorts and the bag. One of my fave video game outfits ever. EVER. It's a shame I get to use it most in the ugliest areas (I dun like desert areas)

And that's all for Atelier Firis!
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