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Video Game Fashions: Atelier Sophie!

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Before Firis came along with her nifty outfits, we had Atelier Sophie! Most of the outfits are for Plachta, her companion, but she has two cute outfits of her own.

Also, a lot of these outfits are very... leotardy, so Imma go ahead and just label this whole edition NSFW just to air on the safe side!

So let's start with Sophie:

I like this outfit from the back much more than the front, but it's pretty cute.

This is her default outfit. I like it better, especially the dress is very cute. I think they agreed with me because her outfit is very similar in Firis.

Now on to Plachta! Her outfits are actually determined by her stats, which is a super interesting idea.

Plachta's default outfit is... alright. Nothing super special, to me.

I'm not huge on the witchy outfit either except for the big pink bow in her hair!

I really like the asymmetry of the legs on this outfit, but the skirt looks kind of off to me from the front.

I really like the stockings and just the overall design of this one.

Cute white robes with a twist! I like how there's an exit for her ponytail out the back.

It's an adorable Christmas dress with ribbons, what else can you ask for?

My second favourite outfit, I really like the floral theme and the top. I think she looks very pretty!

And finally my favourite Plachta outfit! Very Valkyrie-esq and I really like the colours!
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