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Video Game Fashions: Omega Quintet

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So I did Omega Quintet a while ago but I have more to share! Some is repeats but I think we'll survive

Omega Quintet has some adorable and precious outfits and here are some of my faves

To start off, here are their default outfits, with some new hairdos!

Now then, here are the other optional outfits

I like the crown on that one. The pants are nice too. Overall a bit too much red for my tastes but it's still very cute!

This is like sexy marching band. I don't like the back very much but I like the stockings and the jacket from the front

I mean this is just adorable. The shirts and the hat are a huge yes

I like the colours and I adore the footwear on that one. The little ice cream hat is cute too

A very soft pretty. I like the bows on the skirt and those boots are amazing

This whole outfit is just presh and the hair suits it well, I think. The hair accessory, the deign, the flowers. Just very pretty

And finally, how precious is that outfit? Cute design, nice colours, flowers, a bow on the back AND an adorably precious hair bow!

So that's all for Omega Quintet, next we will do Senran Kagura!
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