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Tekken Outfits!

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It's time to share the outfits it took me 2000 fights to unlock in Tekken 7! Unfortunately the customization options are somewhat lacking so I had to reuse clothes. Anywho, enjoy and prepare for a lot of pastel colours


This first one is just a pallet swap of her default outfit. I like these colours much better. Her hair is also blue and pink, my two fave colours (although not necessarily those shades)

A simple top with some shorts. Her hair matches the outfit well, I think. I love her two toned hair

I call this one the "Ode to KOS-MOS." She even has the visor

This one is just a more playful look

This look is the most different look. I went for the "I'm a real girl" angle and I love it. The hair bow and the shoe soles matching her dress especially!


This is her workout gear and some shorts made in to a more pastel look. I don't like her default hair but I kept it here

I really do love that different hairstyle on her so I use it a lot

I changed up her shirt colour, made it very pretty, and gave her some glasses just to be a bit different

And in this one I combined her more traditional look with her more casual one. I actually really like it!


Josie is another character whose default hair I do not like, so I gave her a new hairstyle here. This is the outfit my bf calls "The Yoga Instructor"

I did keep her default hair here though and gave her a kind of casual beach outfit

This one was more of a risk but in the end I ended up liking it

A casual workout hoodie. I love the colours

This is more of just a silly, fun one that I made

And finally, my favourite Josie outfit. It's also my bfs favourite outfit out of all of the ones I made! I took a pallet swap of her default top, changed her hair, and gave her some jeans


I find that she looks good in red especially so I did a red and black combo here. I love the skirt

A classy red dress

Christmas Kazumi. I gave her a little Snowman and everything :3

Here I went for the more traditional Japanese woman look based on the items she has access to exclusively

I went with a different colour scheme here, and I gave her a tiger shirt because she has a tiger

And this is my favourite Kazami outfit and one of my favourite outfits in the game. I love the little hat and the shirt combined with those pants.


I reaaallyyyy don't like Katarina's default look so in all of her looks I gave her darker hair and better glasses. I do like her default pants though so I kept them here and put a nicer top

She is supposed to be a sexy lady so I decided to show off her curvy lower half. I also much prefer the back of the shirt. The front looks off

Again, some nice shorts and a nice shirt

And this one I actually really like. I love how the bottoms of the pants match the shirt!

Lili (the character I main!)

This is a pallet swap of one of her classic outfits. Instead of grey though I made it a beautiful shade of pink that I am in love with. One of my absolute favourite colours. Also gave her a tiara because she's such a princess

This is a more casual Lili and I gave her some wings to be playful with it

Also a pallet swap of her default outfit and I gave her some princess curls

I call this one "Comrade Lili" and I just love it

And this is a very classy dress for her with a little hair accessory. I think it suits her well

Lucky Chloe

Yet another character whose hair I dislike, but I kept it here for a change. It's her default outfit but with the colours changed and without the jacket. I really like the red. Also gave her a tiara

I also kept her hair here so I could give her a giant bow. This is a more playful outfit and she has a little, flowy skirt

This is the second version of her default top, but with different pants that I think suit it well and a nicer, shorter haircut

A witchy outfit. I added some wings to be more playful

In addition to the witch stuff, I made her a special Halloween outfit. It's a special version of her default outfit but I added some pumpkins. She also has Halloween hit effects for her attacks

I definitely took a risk with this one and made her look much different, but I like it! She has a super pretty face when she's not tripping over her pigtails and I think the radically different hair helps bring that out

A more casual outfit but definitely one of my favourites

And here I took her default skirt and changed the top and added a hat to suit her more breakdance style. My favourite outfit for her


I took her wedding outfit but changed up the skirt

Here I just decided to have fun and do like an over-the-top secret agent look from a bad movie

And finally for this one, I took her wedding top and added some jeans to it. I really like the contrast and its my favourite outfit for her!


This is just a cute dress for her and I added a hair accessory to it

This is the blue and pink version, which I really like

I took two of her default looks and combined them! I really like the colour of the top

Another fun one. I took her traditional top and added shorts. Then I added the hat because it made it so she has the cute side ponytail now

A cute dress that I decided to make green for funsies. I think it's pretty!

This is when Xiaoyu is at home studying. I also had to show the back because PANDA SHORTS!!!

More cute casual wear. One of my favourite outfits

And finally, another cute pink top with some jeans! I love this outfit too!

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed the Tekken outfits~ There may be more if they come out with better options in the DLC
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  1. Rez09's Avatar
    Asuka's fourth outfit kind of reminds me of Hitomi from Dead or Alive.

    I also agree about Kazumi rocking the black and red well; especially love that gold on the skirt.

    Is Chloe a new character? I haven't played the series since, 5, maybe, and she isn't familiar to me. She seems to have some . . . interesting outfit options.
  2. Pumpkin's Avatar
    Yeah Chloe is new for this game!