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SubaHibi set for late August release

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So this probably won't be relevant for most people here since non-PG and all, but SubaHibi, one of the most hyped visual novels in recent memory, is set to be released in English in late August.

The method of release is kind of strange, ngl. Apparently they offer the first chapter of the game in all ages on Steam for 30 bucks and then provide a *free* 18+ patch that includes all the remaining 9 chapters of the game. I mean, goes to show that it apparently really is a story that just can't be told without those elements (which means it's probably better than most eroge in that regard), but ... it's a bit of a weird way of going about things.

There'll also be a Kickstarter to support the creation of goodies and physical copies of the game it seems.

Either way, I'll probably be picking this up as soon as it's out. The fan translation was set to be out in 2015 sometime and then it never happened... before eventually word got out that an official localization is on its way. So this has been a long wait.

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