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Little Busters! English Edition is now available!

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As of today, Little Busters! English Edition is available for purchase on Steam!

Store Page:

The game is 20% off during its launch week, putting it at a respectable price of around half that of CLANNAD's, even though the two are quite similar in terms of sheer content value (though Little Busters contains more side stuff and secrets and will probably take you less time to clear overall).

Little Busters is my #2 favorite visual novel of all time, and that hasn't changed since I made my countdown in 2015. I'm very much looking forward to experiencing it all over again, which I will be doing over the course of the Little Busters! Bookclub over at Kazamatsuri. If you are interested in this VN yourself I strongly recommend taking part in it!

This version contains content that was never translated into English before, so I, too, have new stuff to look forward to. So yeah, get hype~
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