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So I'm writing a Final Fantasy IX fancomic...

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Ok, I'm really anxious about announcing/plugging this here, but here goes... I'm currently writing a webcomic set in the world of FFIX. It's not a sequel and not (quite) a prequel, but rather a side story (hence the 'Gaiden' in the title) that doesn't even follow any of the protagonists or antagonists. This is about a barely consequential NPC known as Alleyway Jack/Four-Armed Man/"Gilgamesh" and his little brother, Enkido.
I've been updating every Monday since I started, and I'm hoping to keep consistent with that.

Click the image below to go read the webcomic if you want:
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Be warned, I do take massive artistic liberties with the story. There is a lot of added non-canon lore, but I try my best to make everything tie in with the source material as smoothly as possible. So there will be some unfamiliar terms, places, and concepts-- but you can rest assured that most of these things stem from something canon to either FFIX or earlier titles.

It's also tonally different from the source material, but hopefully not to any jarring degree. This is, after all, Gaia seen from a different angle. Even the leading character is being seen from a different angle. I don't interpret him as the same guy you see in other Final Fantasies, and especially not in Dissidia. There might be some other connections, but... well, I'll hopefully be covering that (vaguely) in the comic.

It's also got a slow start, but... I'll be picking up the pace within the next page or so.

So yeah... I'm legitimately scared to tears, because who knows what people will say about it, but I'm going through with this anyway. I've been sitting on this idea for... way too long. Bottling up a story hurts more than bottling up feelings I guess

(lol it's taking a lot of strength to hit that Post Now button)


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    Ohhhh neat I"ll check it out!
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