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Just a small update

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Decided to tackle all the Final Fantasy main series and maybe some of the spin-offs. I've beaten FF1, FF2, FF7, FF7: Crisis Core, and am now working my way through FF3.

The plan is to play FF1-FF15 (excluding the MMO versions), plus spin-offs, and write down my thoughts on each title. Since I've already started I'll leave a few quick comments for FF1 & FF2.

FF1 - Once I got used to the game, it wasn't so bad. I think my final team ended up being Knight, Ninja, Black Wizard, and White Wizard. I played the PSP remake version.

FF2 - At first, the base system was a little weird to me, but over time I got used to it. In this run, I abused teleport, and was able to KO most bosses until the last dungeon. There were a lot of memorable moments for me in FF2 but I won't list them here just in case someone still wants to play it and hasn't yet. I played the PSP version of this one too.

FF3 - Steam version - The job system's pretty cool. Out of the first 3 Final Fantasy's, I think this one gave me a run for my money with some of the boss fights. It took me awhile to get the gist of what team composition I wanted, but I am still experimenting with a lot of the jobs. I'm towards the end where all the jobs are unlocked so I'm taking the time to experiment before I head into the last parts of the game.

My current team composition now: Geomancer, Devout, Dragoon, Ninja.

I was thinking of exchanging Geomancer for Summoner and Dragoon for Black Belt.

If I hit base LV99, I'll probably end up cheesing the game with Onion Knights.

After FF3, I'm looking at FF8 Remastered (one of my favorite FF titles) or continuing on with FF4.

FF1 [x]
FF2 [x]
FF3 now playing
FF4 After Years
FF7 [x]
FF13-Lightning Returns

FF Type Zero
FF Tactics
FF Tactics Advance
FF Tactics A2
World of FF
... whatever else I can find
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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Congrats on your travels through the NES era FFs and I'm happy to hear you're enjoying FFIII because it always seems like Evastio and I are the only members of the forum who really love that entry.
  2. Fynn's Avatar
    Never drop Geomancer. It can seriously carry you throughout the whole game.
  3. ham's Avatar
    I ended the game with Dark Knight, Geomancer, Devout, and Black Belt!

    I started FF4 but WOW Classic has taken up my time.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to it soon. I want to try to get through as much as I can before the FF7 remake comes out.
  4. Fynn's Avatar
    Which version of 4 are you playing? There's a big difference between the 2D and 3D versions.
  5. ham's Avatar
    I'm playing the 3D version on Steam right now. I'm not a fan but it's the only legit copy I have.