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FF4 Update

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Another quick update:

I've successfully beat FF3 and now am playing FF4.

Story-wise, I feel FF4 is more put together, and the story paces pretty quick. I don't want to reveal any spoilers (I doubt anyone here hasn't played the game but better safe than sorry). Unfortunately, I have to play the 3D versions on Steam since I am trying to stream the process. I probably could find another way but I found them to be less than ideal. I'm not a big fan of the 3D version at all. I'd much prefer the original format or the amped up PSP one.

Either way, I've begun my journey and I don't want to wimp out now. I'm thoroughly enjoying the game regardless of my preference. I find the story to make a lot more sense now than when I was a kid. I could definitely see why this is a personal favorite for a lot of Final Fantasy fans. I can't really talk about the mechanics because the 3D version seems to differ from its 2D counterpart.

After FF4, it'll be FF4 after years, FF5, FF6, and then FF8 since I already beat FF7 early on.

So far, the games I've beat are:

I'll try to think of something better to post next time.
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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Congrats on beating FFIII!

    FFIV is one of my absolute faves and I love the 3D translation. With that said, I still prefer the more traditional SNES graphics and lack of extra content of the original. Game doesn't feel right to me otherwise, though I know its more pure nostalgia because its not like I don't enjoy the new content of the 3D remake.
  2. ham's Avatar
    Thanks! I'll let you know what my thoughts are on FF4 but so far story-wise I am digging it!

    I did a small detour and beat Bioshock because grinding through JRPGs has taken a toll on me. Needed something filled with adrenaline, quick decision making, and twitch-like shooting to alleviate the steady pace of JRPGs.
  3. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    I understand that feeling. I go back and forth with certain genres myself to avoid the tedium.
  4. Fynn's Avatar
    I love the 3D remake of FFIV. Sure, the 2D sprites are classic (but not on the PSP version - seriously, those look really bad), but I have to appreciate the art direction. By using a more muted color palet, the world seems much more mystical, and I love that all the characters finally have consistent models both in battle and out, as well as portraits that actually match them - you'll see that this isn't the case in any of the 2D versions. Most people probably don't care, but it's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. And then there are the added cutscenes and voice acting which, coupled with the impeccable translation that is unique to this version, just helps to elevate some moments in this game to new heights.

    I've actaully recently started a replay of the DS version and as it's my 2nd playthrough on one save file, I got to keep some augments, including the incredibly useful Level Lust which basically lets you breeze through the game thanks to the added experience. I'm hoping to complete this and then do a third playthrough as well, so that I can finally try my hand at that super extra optional boss they added.

    Plus, I also just love the difficulty level, combined with the new AI scripts for the bosses. As the FF I've probably replayed the most, it felt very refreshing to finally get some variety in there. Overall, the 3D version is to me, no contest, the definitive version of FFIV. I definitely appreciate the original version a lot, but this new incarnation has just so much going for it that it really elevates FFIV to new heights in my eyes.
  5. Fynn's Avatar
    Oh, and pro tip: don't jump into After Years right afterwards. I'd honestly leave it for after you've had your fill of FF and had some room to breather, because After Years is long and a lot of it is a slog and a retread of story points from FFIV. You'll get burnt out very fast if you jump in right after - while if you wait, you might just get some nostalgia out of it.
  6. ham's Avatar
    Okay, thanks for the tip man. I honestly had the worse session today with "Final Fantasy IV" but I think its mainly because I'm not used to this level of difficulty in a Final Fantasy game. I'll write a quick update about it in a blog to explain in further detail where I'm having a problem at.

    I think your comment and love for Final Fantasy IV gives me more motivation to complete it. I might be too spoiled by modern JRPGs and the expectancy to breeze through fights has made me dull to new challenges. This might be the perfect opportunity to sharpen myself and keep going through all the Final Fantasy titles.