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Final Fantasy IV

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Today's session was the roughest by far during my journey through all the Final Fantasy titles. This next bit might contain some spoilers.

Okay, my troubles began when fighting Golbez in Underworld. At first, I had no idea why some attacks were healing him while others were damage him. Once I figured that out, I had a hard time keeping enough MP on Rydia to keep summoning Eidolons to do real damage against him. While his attacks weren't super crazy, they were enough to keep my party on the defensive. The strategy that worked for me was using a Phoenix Down and a Hi-Potion to bring back Rosa and have her cast Slow on Golbez. I used Cecil's turn to keep everyone's health from succumbing to Golbez's relentless attacks. On Rosa's next turn I used Libra to identify Golbez's weakness and then chose the appropriate summon with Rydia. After 3 summoners, Golbez finally went down and I succeeded in winning this fight.

The next boss is Dr. Lugae and his reversal spell. I'm still not familiar with its effects but all I know is that it seems to cause the properties of White and black Magic to go reverse. If I heal while reversal is on then I'll take damage, and I think vice versa for any Black Magic spell. Dr. Lugae does one of two things depending on if he casts reversal a second time or the first time - the first time, he'll heal your entire party which does an insane amount of damage to my party, often KO'ing 2 of my weaker party members (Rydia & Rosa). If he recasts Reversal then he'll do this AOE flame attack that does less damage but its enough to keep me on the defensive.

I've attempted him at least 3 to 4 times and have not been able to nail his pattern or formulate an effective strategy against him. Final Fantasy IV is definitely getting a lot more tough.

However, despite all of that I'll try again in my next session. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    I honestly feel the redos on Golbez and Dr. Luage's fights were some of the most challenging in the IV Remake. Lugae especially since Reverse is a status that didn't debut until FFXII.