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Finally beat Fantasy IV

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Good news everyone!

I finally beat Final Fantasy IV. After about 20+ hours of frustration, I finally caved in and looked up guides on the augment mechanics and that helped immensely. Despite my frustrations, I think I've come to appreciate the remake's new mechanics that doesn't let you power level to beat bosses. Here are my take aways from Final Fantasy IV (remake):
  • I got a kick out of the impact status effect spells
  • Having to actually watch the patterns of boss fights and some tough monsters
  • Story
  • Augment system

I was so used to wiping the floor with my team in previous Final Fantasy titles that I never really explored what each spell does and its impact. Final Fantasy IV (remake) made me test out some stuff in battle to formulate some strategies for different mobs. It really made me pay attention to the mobs I was fighting and forced me to use my resources as efficiently as possible. I developed a few strategies to replenish my resources in battle so I can sustain myself in a dungeon longer because of it.

The other thing I really enjoyed was watching the boss patterns. It took me many wipes to figure out a boss pattern before I was able to develop a strategy to beat the boss. Much to my chagrin I cussed a lot and was malding at some of these fights because there didn't seem to be anyway to win. Eventually I beat them all up and that in itself was rewarding for me.

The story was really good - I enjoyed it a lot. I had a couple of theories going in because of the way some scenes played out. I had initially thought Golbez was Cecil's dad but when I learned his true identity I was like "WHOA" so that was a nice twist for me. I felt my heart strings pull at some of the sacrifices the characters made but that immediately went away at the end. The best way I could describe the experience is being thrust into an adventure and just reacting to everything as it happens. I think what I mean is I didn't really have time to process the story as it happened and it hit me towards the end as everything came to a conclusion.

The augment system was neat because at LV71, the augments a character has determines their stat growth from there on out. I think their innate class also determines their growth but I never leveled a character passed 71. I was around 69-70 when I beat the game. It was hard to power level your characters because the game didn't really seem generous with experience points. I think equipping the augment "Level Lust" helped towards the end to get my characters to LV70. Overall, this system made the game challenging, and despite my frustrations I appreciate the experience.

The next game is Final Fantasy V. I'm planning on playing through FF4 again but on PSP for my 2nd time through and this will include the two sequels.
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