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Just beat Final Fantasy V

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Caution! Potential spoilers ahead if you have not played through Final Fantasy V yet.


I have just beat Final Fantasy V at 39 hours on 12-2-2019! There were some frustrating battles but I found that mastering the jobs made it easier. It seems like this game is more about the combinations of jobs you pick and what skills you mastered. It really reminded me a little bit of Final Fantasy VII except instead of materia, you get jobs and job skills. I wasn't able to max out all jobs but I was able to put a few jobs together to cheese Neo Exdeath near the end. I think my next play through I'll adhere to the "Four Job Fiesta" rules to see how I fair. There's definitely a lot of depth here that could be explored at a later date.

I found the story to be pretty great, it was unique in how it presented the problems this world was facing. What made it even better were the character's personalities - it seems FFV was more humorous and light-hearted compared to FFIV.

Some fights I had trouble with were the first encounter with Exdeath, some of the optional bosses (Omega & Shinryu), and Necrophobe and his barriers.

The last thing I will comment on is the music! The Final Fantasy V music was great, especially "Battle Across the Bridge" where you escape from Exdeath's castle after landing in Galuf's world.

Final notes:

I've been rushing through these early titles because I wanted to finish Final Fantasy I - VI before the year 2019 ends. I think I've made some pretty good progress with my completion times and what time I dedicate towards trying to beat all of the Final Fantasy games.

Starting with Final Fantasy VI, I will be taking my time and working towards getting a better schedule assigned so I can enjoy the game and not worry about beating it before the year ends. Setting that deadline sort of made me min-max the characters so I was the strongest and not take the challenge of pacing myself through the game. I do suppose there are a lot of different ways to approach the game.

Here's a quick recap of the FF main titles I have completed:
- FF I
- FF V
- FF VII (I am not sure if I will play this again to keep with continuity or skip to FFVIII)

The next game is Final Fantasy VI!
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  1. Fynn's Avatar
    Awesome! FFV is a tremendous game. If you liked the job system, check out Bravely Default and itís sequel - itís pretty much FFV remade for a modern audience that I canít recommend enough. Give the FFT series a go as well as they kinda evolve the job mechanics from here as well!
  2. ham's Avatar
    Yep, will do. Plan on playing through FFT as well. I own Bravely Second: End Layer and plan on picking up Bravely Second 2. I'll probably tackle those after I finish the Final Fantasy main titles.
  3. Fynn's Avatar
    It’s actually a bit confusing, but the first game is Bravely Default, then Bravely Second is it’s direct sequel, and then it looks like Bravely Default II isn’t going to be connected through story at all to the previous two.