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Finally beat Final Fantasy VI

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I'm pretty happy that I was able to finally beat Final Fantasy VI. Overall, I'm starting to see reoccurring themes throughout the series. I think FF7 borrowed heavily from FF6 and I'm actually at a crossroads between the two games. I can say that I enjoyed FF7 more but I think it was because of the time I played it. I think it has more to do with the fact that when I played FF7, it was just released.

So here are my thoughts of FF6:

Some things I liked:

  • I enjoyed the magicite system where you had to equip the summons to learn magic
  • There were a couple of boss battles that had very interesting mechanics (one of the 3 statues that casted zombie on the entire party)
  • Everyone's strengths and weaknesses as a character - each character had a unique ability that was specifically given to that character
    • Specifically Gau's abilities and the Veldt

  • Kefka's evolution and personality
  • The unique steam punk-ish setting, lore, and interactions with the world's inhabitants
    • Like the soldier who wrote letters and later the girl who still receives letters
    • The mansion with the collector
    • The opera house
    • The criminal town
    • The empire's capitol

  • The unique situations where you had to split the party to get through a dungeon

Some things I didn't like:
  • I'm not sure if this is exclusive to the Steam version but when I got Gau back, he was severely underleveled
  • There were some relics that didn't seem to have any description or noticeable status changes when equipped
  • The Steam versions interface was awful but this has more to do with the port than the actual game
  • After you get the airship back in the WOR, it was a bit daunting to figure out where to go or what to do -- but this part might be more because I'm used to the linear path the previous Final Fantasy titles had rather than the openness FF6 offered
  • The fish mini-game with Celes

Overall, I enjoyed the game a lot but I do think FF6 needs to be played a couple of times to fully enjoy the game. One play through is definitely not enough.

The next game is Final Fantasy 8 - one of my favorite entries in the series. I can now officially say I've beaten FF1-FF7 and I'm pretty proud of that.

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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Congrats on finishing the game! Gau is only underleveled if you happen to leave him on the Veldt and go level somewhere else. Characters only scale their level to the party when they leave for story purposes.
  2. ham's Avatar
    That makes sense and thanks!