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Feels fitting to share this

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20 flipping years after meeting here on the forum, TWENTY, C2K and I were finally in the same place, on the same side of the ocean. He now knows I was never exaggerating the number of hugs he would receive upon arrival in my presence. ��

There was a whole lot of life lived in those 20 years. Countless hours of emails and phone calls and big terrible things and big wonderful things. I'm grateful to still count him amongst my favorite humans... errr cactii... after all this time.

Tl;Dr two old people you probably don't remember met up and stayed out past their bedtimes.

P.S. We met up back in January and briefly logged into the forum at the same time. Afterwards he joked around that I should post about our meeting up on the forums, even though literally hundreds of other people will have met up first. So, 2 months later I'm finally doing so.

Cheers, bum.

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  1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
    Congrats on meeting a friend, and welcome back!
  2. Lone Wolf Leonhart's Avatar
    Really happy to see this. I joined in 2005 and have seen my fair share of members come and go. It's nice when people return to say they've met in real life, or gotten married to their EoFF sweetheart, or even had kids.

    I've met a few online friends, but haven't met any from here yet. Funnily enough at least one of them lives only an hour away from me.
  3. ham's Avatar