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Discord had an epiphany.

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Well this weekend proved to be somewhat productive to me. Usually I go out to eat, maybe watch the hockey game at a bar or something (it so happens that the two or three bars I frequent, two are chicken wing joints, just because they are close to me I have a lot of chicken wings, I've learned to love the chicken wing).

But this week I wasn't too productive on my gym, only getting in three days of work, completely missing a muscle group. Yet I feel as if in all of my communication between the people at my gym, and the people on the EoFF discord really hit a break through. Whenever this happens, I ooze with warm feelings, I feel like the perfect Tetris block just completed a 4 row Tetris.

Well, that indeed was the highlight of my weekend. I also cleaned my room a bit and the Grammy's are on. I'll probably be trying to get in on the "buzz" as well as this weekend comes to a close. Video gamed wise, I recently revisited RE5 to know that I am still very afraid of the whole premise of Resident Evil. I also Loaded in BL3 (Borderlands), to pick up where I left off and I didn't get any further. and MW (Modern Warfare) is league weekend, I have no idea what that is about but I ended up not winning very man Gun Game matches, and I didn't lead very many scoreboards in my other matches.

MW Co-op won't download, and I really enjoyed being on a team where I can be useful. Mind you there was this one guy who smurfing abandoned his (our) team and just stayed on a roof. We lost and at the end of the match this guy sends a message to the whole team saying "Trash". It was very not helpful, when I assume the role of an "Overwatch", I do so because I am a medic, I snipe enemies, I revive them if there is more than one person down or no one can reach the guy. I also have a microphone, I talk to them while the mission is running.

I like being a medic, I like helping people, with my disability it's what I am best at.
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